MLMM: Forgiveness



Every time I see someone I feel the need to thank them for forgiving me.

Forgiving you for what?

Because I’m a loner and an introvert, and the world doesn’t understand me.

There is no world apart from you.  There is no love until you love yourself, and there is no knowing until you know yourself.  So, you see, it’s you who needs to forgive yourself for being a loner and an introvert.

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Thanks to Chèvrefeuille for hosting Fairy Tale Prompt July 3rd 2015, The Boy Who Drew Cats. He presents us with a photo and background story and asks us to write a tale based upon it. This week’s theme is Zen based.

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MLMM: Forgiveness

3 thoughts on “MLMM: Forgiveness

  1. I became a loner and an introvert, but I wasn’t always. I’m not sure why that would require forgiveness. The only guilt I feel is that I should work a little harder on getting outside and enjoying the good weather. Otherwise, I figure it’s my problem, if it’s a problem.

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