SPF: The Duckling

Photo Credit: A Mixed Bag 2014 Alistair Forbes

He waddled behind his family, “Wait up!” He went as fast as he could, but being the littlest duckling, he simply couldn’t go any faster.

His head hit something, “thud,” and then he tilted his head to looked up. “The Waterfront,” and some other gibberish.

Doing a little duckling shrug, he ran around the sign. His family was nowhere in sight. He began to spin in circles, squawking, he was so afraid.

Giggling soft hands wrapped themselves around him and carried him to the water, gently releasing him to his waiting family.

“Georgia May where have you gone to now! You come back here!” A woman charged up to the duckling’s 3-year-old savior, scolded her, and then dragged her off by her arm, screaming.

The little duckling didn’t notice, though. He was too busy quacking and splashing.

== 139 words ==

Join in the fun and submit your story for the writing challenge hosted by Alistair Forbes. He gives us a photo prompt and approximately 200 words with which to write our flash fiction story with. If you would like to participate, click here.


SPF: The Duckling

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