MLMM: The Flowers

She lived in a tiny town in Italy. Every day, very early in the morning, she put on a pair of tennis shoes, did a little work in the garden, and then made a fresh bouquet of flowers, taking care to arrange them and set them in the window of her mother’s room.

Bottom Right: Arno Rafael Minkkinen (all other images free Google wallpapers)

This is my only respite. Since Mom’s illness my days are very busy. I don’t mind making these daily bouquets at all, though. I feel like they’re leaving a piece of my heart always near Mom.

Funny thing is, whenever I do this, my own heart and the love in it feels like it multiplies in size. I can’t explain it. I guess I’m doing this for me as much as for Mom.

Her mother, in a coma, would never know about the flowers.

== 137 words ==

Thanks to mindlovemisery for hosting Writing Prompt #114 “Collage”. This week we’re asked to write a piece based upon the given collage.

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MLMM: The Flowers

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