PiaW: The Sunglasses

—Original image found on Pinterest

He picked up the sunglasses and put them on, “Hmm, nice glasses.”

Four bottles appeared on the table before him.

“Kerblam kerblam kerblam kerblam.” He shot them up one by one with his finger, and then blew the invisible smoke from his fingertip.

Chuckling, he picked up the first bottle, uncorked it, and took a chug out of it.

He uncrossed his feet and stood up as he looked beyond the bar to his yacht. The most beautiful bird was on his mast. It had a 3-foot-long body, and 3 feet of a majestic flowing tail, with red, yellow, and blue feathers, brilliantly colored.

He picked up the booze bottles and carried them to the yacht and the beautiful bird. Inspired, he pulled up the anchor and fired the engines up. In the process, his sunglasses fell off and shattered. The yacht, booze, and bird were gone, and he was floundering in the water.

“You have to cut down on your drinking, buddy,” said the harbormaster as he helped him back onto the dock.

== 176 words ==

Thank you to Ermiliablog for hosting Picture it & Write. We are given a photo prompt and asked to write a story or poem. Everyone is welcome to participate by writing your story and connecting it with the Picture it & Write button below.Photobucket

PiaW: The Sunglasses

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