SPF: A New World

Photo Credit: A Mixed Bag 2009, Alistair Forbes

They stood there for thousands of years. Humanity built bridges connecting them, and used them for transportation.

One day they activated. Both rockets simultaneously exploded into the atmosphere. The fortresses that humanity had built around them fell off and the bridges crashed into the harbor.

The force of the takeoffs left nuclear-sized explosions that flattened the entire castle-city and its environs, eventually leaving the planet in ruins.

In the rockets were all of the greatest thinkers throughout history, their bodies preserved in special chambers. When they awoke, they knew what their mandate would be: Make peace and resettle.

== 100 words ==

Join in the fun and submit your story for the writing challenge hosted by Alistair Forbes. He gives us a photo prompt and approximately 200 words with which to write our flash fiction story with. If you would like to participate, click here.


SPF: A New World

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