SPF: The Nursery

Photo Credit: A Mixed Bag 2012 by Alistair Forbes

He pointed at her crib, their latest edition. She was lovely, with a head of dark, thick hair that stuck out in all directions.

Now she was in the communal nursery, and they would no longer be allowed to see her.

The government mandated that, for consistency, each child needed to be raised on the exact same rules and standards. The nursery was brightly colored, and gave a false aura of happiness.

He wasn’t naive, though. They’d all been through it. The minute he was gone, the infants would go through Population Control culling.

== 94 words ==

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SPF: The Nursery

6 thoughts on “SPF: The Nursery

  1. Dhammic Writer says:

    Just what we need, more government control. Instead of the War on Drugs (my favourite topic at the moment), it’ll be the war on parenting. Admittedly there are some people who need some work on their parenting skills (I see it all the time as a teacher), but that’s no reason to think the government could do it better.

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