MMLM: The Amulet

“She was graceful and artistic — always dreaming. She was also independent and an adventurous loner. I still have the amulet she wore around her neck in a medicine pouch. It was in her hands when they found her.”

Image Credits: TL: Yves TR and BL Free Google Wallpapers BR: Holunder

“Do you know where it is now?” The man held the old woman’s hands and spoke patiently.

“I threw it in a box of junk somewhere in the attic.”

“If you can find it, it will make all of your dreams come true.”

That night, the man felt the medicine pouch around his neck and his craving for the magical amulet inside. The old woman was dead. There was never a good ending for the Keepers of the Amulet.

== 117 words ==

Thanks to mindlovemisery for hosting Writing Prompt #116 “Collage 2″. This week we’re asked to write a piece based upon the given collage.

Please TAG your post: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Add your link to the MLMM image below. In case the tale weaver gremlins are at work, please link back to this post, as well.


MMLM: The Amulet

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