FSP: Hope

Photo Credit: Copyright 2004 FreePhotosBank.com

He found himself on a simple dirt road which passed the tiny hamlet of Hope. No one knew the people who lived here, they were quite a closed society.

He had never noticed, but it looked like there was a cave on the hill that overlooked the hamlet. Deciding to explore, he started up the hillside. The ground was covered with thorny brush.

Before he knew what was happening, the thorny brush had him imprisoned.

“Well, Aaaall be! We cut us a hooman, Gladys!” A skinny, half-dressed man with no teeth was staring down at him.

“Well, go on and brang it daian, Jayajjjj. It ain’t ofern we git hooman fir dinger-dangger. Ail stort the faier peit.”

It was only when they started to truss him that he realized the recluses were cannibals.

== 135 words ==

Thanks to PlotMedics for hosting the Friday Story Prompt where they provide the photo, and ask us to provide a story.

FSP: Hope

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