“That’s Gay!”

I have a personal aversion to the usage of the phrase “That’s gay!”.  I frequently have to tell people how offensive I consider it.  I’ve had several discussions with people, and they claim that the context in which they use the word “gay” clears them from being a gay basher and that they’re not gay bashing at all.  Most people look at me and say “What’s your problem?”.

I guess my longstanding dislike of gay bashing language originates from long ago when I worked as an engineer in the defense industry.  There was a transsexual in my company, and he became a pariah in an environment that was clearly anti-gay.  I felt that it took a lot of courage for him to come out.  This was in 1982 when sexual openness was uncool.

That was one out of many reasons I moved across the country and out of the defense contractor work.

To this day, gay bashing is a very sensitive issue to me.  Why?  I suppose I’ve always considered myself an underdog in society and feel more compassion towards my fellow underdogs.

So, yeh, if I had my druthers, society would make up a better phrase than “That’s gay!” for describing something or someone that they don’t like.

No, Thank You

“That’s Gay!”

6 thoughts on ““That’s Gay!”

  1. Around here, it’s sometimes a statement simply meaning “feminine.” My husband has often been described as “the gayest straight guy” ever. My son, who IS gay, is not especially gay in any way anyone would notice. He’s just a guy.

    Like it or not — and make no mistake, I DON’T like it — we categorize people. Sometimes without malice, often with thinly disguised ill will. I don’t think it will ever end. People are that way. We need to put things in a slot.

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  2. Dhammic Writer says:

    This is one of the favourite insults by a lot of kids at the high school where I teach. Whenever I hear it I always pull the kid in question up: “Are you homophobic?” “No! I’m not homophobic!” (We have a few openly gay kids at our school, both male and female, and they’re all well accepted by the student body) “Then why are you using gay like it’s an insult?” “I don’t know sir, I’ll stop.”

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    1. That’s really great that you call kids out on using it. I think most people quietly allow it. I always speak up when I hear it because I feel like being quiet and festering is being dishonest to myself.


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