Ativan, Pot, and Donald Trump

Today is the third day of my Ativan reduction. It’s been surprisingly not too bad, considering I’ve pretty much been taking Ativan for the past year. I’m trying to keep it down to 1/4 tablet twice a day, and once I stabilize on that, I’ll decide whether I really need it or not.

I discovered using the vaporizer for my pot has does a great job at cutting down the THC content, which keeps my pot from filling me up with too much stoner stuff and increasing the CDB, the good stuff which doesn’t get you all stoned and weird-feeling. In the past I’d pop a 1/4 Ativan to keep down the THC effects, so this discovery is another step in possibly completely replacing the Ativan with CDB or low-THC pot to help with my anxiety.

I’m trying to help my brother sort through how medical marijuana works and realizing how amazingly sophisticated US pot is, both with the hundreds of different strains, and with the many many different delivery methods. With federal law making it impossible to research, I feel like we MMJ patients are living in a test tube.

Are we living in an age of chaos, or is it just my imagination at work (or Ativan withdrawal)? Dunno, maybe Donald Trump is getting to me too.

Ativan, Pot, and Donald Trump

7 thoughts on “Ativan, Pot, and Donald Trump

  1. Nice post. D. Trump is rubbing on my last raw nerve., now that you mention the man. In all of my long life I’ve never seen, read or heard of anyone as brazen, rude, crass and lacking in character as this wanna-be US President. God help us if he is elected. We’ll be in another war very soon if he’s elected.

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  2. Dhammic Writer says:

    Glad to hear it sounds like you’re going well. From my perspective over here it seems like Donal Trump is a running joke. I may be very naive about American politics, but I hope Trump wins the Republican vote to make it virtually a lock the Democrats (whether Hillary or someone else) will win the one that matters.

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