Today is, maybe the fourth day of cutting down on my Ativan.  I’m surprised that I’m actually getting a little bit of sleep at night on that 1/4 pill.  Thanks to Jack Reacher  and my Kindle, I have entertainment that also helps quiet my mind through the dark hours of sleeplessness.

I’m starting to wonder whether easy-reading books are the proper solution to insomnia.  God knows Netflix isn’t, neither is sitting at the computer all night reading the news.

Oh man, I have this book I’m reading on the toilet (doesn’t everyone have a toilet book?) that’s a girly romance novel.  Damn, I want so badly to get into romance novels because I hear they’re all the rage, but I have yet to finish one.  I might finish the one I’m reading, only because, well, a 365-page toilet book can be finished in 365 shits, theoretically.

About the prompt.  When I was a young adult and searching for a place for myself in the world, I decided that my life would go nowhere if I didn’t break out of the emotional rut my childhood had left me in. Some of the chances I’ve taken have almost gotten me killed, some have resulted in personal successes. I’m sure that given enough time I could find many stupid chances I’ve taken that I regretted, but I can’t think of one at the moment (probably because I’m not in the mood to search my life for regrets).

Taking chances is a good thing, if there’s some degree of common sense behind it. I don’t think there’s any other way to break out of generations of family dysfunction without taking a chance on yourself to be something different.

What’s the biggest chance I ever took?  To choose life instead of death.

Daily Prompt:  Take a Chance on Me


11 thoughts on “Life

  1. Reading before sleep is my sleeping tablet. Last thing at night is the only time I find to read, but it calms my mind so much, I rarely manage more than a few pages before the old eyes start to droop. I find paper books better than Kindle for helping me nod, simply because there’s no light to keep me awake. I’d stay awake all night reading on a computer screen. I’m so glad you chose life, Onchi. It might be a bummer sometimes, but we only get one chance at it, so throwing it away is such a waste.

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