Coffee (yak yak yak)

I really really need that first cup of coffee — drowned in soy creamer, with a hint of Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss — enough caffeine to wake me up, but diluted with the creamers so that it’s really yummy without making me shake too badly.

I absolutely love mornings. They’re much less accessible to me now than they were when I was younger (pre-cancer days), since I have such issues with insomnia. But when I was healthy, my preferred pattern was to go to bed at 8 in the evening and wake up as early as I possibly could. The brain is fresh, the world is yawning, the birds are waking up, the sun is thinking about peeking over the horizon — mornings are simply one of the loveliest things in life.

Last week, Hubby was in NYC visiting his mother, and I was home alone with Pup. Pup would get me up at all hours of the morning to take him out, and I had a taste of morning on the trail. It was serene and beautiful, even though it left me with very little sleep by the time Hubby came back home.

Writing is also a motivator in my mornings. When I’m in WordPress-Daily-Prompt mode, waking up and wondering what the day’s prompt is is fun. When I’m in my (preferred) photo prompt flash fiction mode, it’s the time of the day that I become editor for the stories I wrote the night before and post them.

Oh god, I miss writing photo prompt flash fiction. I keep track of all of the photo prompts that are coming out and do a little bit of writing now, but I find it much harder to post them now that I’m out of practice. I should just post what I have and force myself back into the process, but, dunno, there’s a certain minimum standard I have for my flash fiction stories, and they’re not meeting that minimum standard yet.

In the meantime, my goal is to work on getting my body back into shape by doing more exercising and yoga, my creative mind back into shape by bringing back my meditative mind (better known as my writing muse), and my writing in shape by, well, doing WordPress Daily Prompts.  Wordpress Daily Prompts are nice for starting back at the beginning.  They may not seem like much, but I’m grateful to Wordpress for supplying them as another tool to help bloggers.

I don’t know why, but I keep writing and writing and writing this morning.  This is, like, the third draft I’ve written.  Why am I so gabby?  Is it because I’m delaying the inevitable, which is packing up my hiking gear and climbing the local ski mountain today?  It’s funny at how something somewhat mundane can become so interesting when you’re procrastinating on doing more important things.

Written in response to Forward Drive : What is the one thing that drives you to wake up in the morning and do whatever it is you do? Is it writing, family, friends, or something else entirely? Thanks for the prompt suggestion, Yingiex!

Coffee (yak yak yak)

9 thoughts on “Coffee (yak yak yak)

  1. Cancer is a game changer. I was beginning to recover from the cancer, but then there was all the heart surgery and I said to life, “Fine. BE that way.” I do what I can without making myself crazy. I know I’m not going to get into shape. There’s too much wrong this this old carcass, but my brain works, so I use it as much as I can. And enjoy what is available … surprisingly, more than I would have expected.

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  2. Dhammic Writer says:

    I’m much more of a morning person too. I’m looking forward to daylight savings starting because at the moment the sun is rising before I do. I love waking up in the dark and then finishing my morning meditation right on sunrise. I also love my morning coffee (mine is a lot more conventional then yours, a flat white with one sugar) and am trying to get a bit more toned physically as well.

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