Ben Carson on Muslims

Susan looks up at Ben Carson as he sits politely, his hands in his lap, waiting for the first question. “Dr. Carson, how do you feel about electing, say, a Muslim for the presidential office?”

Ben smiles calmly. “I’m pretty sure that a Muslim terrorist in the White House is against the Constitution, Susan, so I wouldn’t support it.”

Susan raises a brow, “But… what about a non-terrorist Muslim — You DO know that most Muslims are not terrorists, don’t you?” She presses.

Ben shakes his world-famous-surgeon head, holding his hand up. “Let’s be clear here, this is a Christian country — created by and for the Christians.”

“Dr. Carson, can you be more specific? Where in the Constitution does it say that the official religion of the United States is Christianity?”

“Actually, I’d rather talk about what I believe, not the exact wording of the Constitution. For the safety of all America, let’s just assume the Constitution forbids anyone but Christians for the office of the President, shall we?”

Susan looks past Carson at the news crew behind him. She croaks, “Is that what your parents believed?”

“Well, Susan, yes as a matter of fact.  I come from a strong Christian family, and yes my parents did believe that. Of course, in some ways I used to disagree with that attitude, but only in some very minuscule, irrelevant ways — teen rebellion and all that, you know.”

He chuckles then continues, “I’m a busy world-class neurosurgeon and much smarter now, as I’m sure you can see.”  He gestures down to the surgical scrubs he’s wearing.  “I simply don’t have the time nor inclination to read the Constitution from cover to cover to validate or invalidate something which is a fundamental fact of life.  In my opinion, only a Christian would have the correct skills and attitude to guide this country safely through the 21st century.  If it’s not specifically stated as such in the Constitution, it ought to be.  We need to take back our inalienable right to make this country Christian again.”

“What about other religions?”

“What about them?”

“How does your world view take non-Christian Americans into account?”

“I wouldn’t know anything about non-Christian Americans, Susan, if such people even exist.”

Susan nods, “Yes, Dr. Carson, you’re really smart. An understated smart.”

Ben Carson nods.

“Dr. Carson, one last question. Do you believe Obama is Muslim or Christian?”

Ben brandishes a wide, I’ve-got-this-one grin. “I’m pretty sure he’s Christian,” he smirks.  “If he weren’t, none of us would be alive today.”

Written in response to today’s WordPress Daily Prompt I’ve Become My Parents : Do you ever find yourself doing something your parents used to do when you were a kid, despite the fact you hated it back then? Thanks for the fun prompt suggestion, Y!

Ben Carson on Muslims

7 thoughts on “Ben Carson on Muslims

  1. Since when American politicians have started addressing about religion and specifically muslims? They really have no plans for future of America but just to deviate from the main topics to make headlines- in a hateful manner. It’s a trend since Trump opened his mouth. Sorry, just kind of sick of all this nonsense, I thought America was a better place than what’s been going on

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  2. Big Erik says:

    In the UK the Queen is the monarch and head of the Church of England, yet politicians don’t have to belong to any particular religious community – they can be atheists or agnostics if they so wish – it’s a really secular arrangement. Yes, in the US, where I believe that the constitution is deliberately secular, it appears (from here in the UK) that politicians need to be avowedly God fearing Christian in order to succeed. You’d have thought it would be the other way around.
    Anyhow – I think we do learn a lot of our religious intolerance and bigotry from our parents and their friends and family. When I was 5 the version of Christianity I “believed” in (how can a 5 year old have a rational view) determined which bus I could catch to and from school. Just ridiculous…

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