Cannabis-Induced Vertigo and World of Warcraft

I’ve been wandering around lost in my head all morning.  It must be related to the fact that I was in the hospital yesterday.  I ended up going to the ER (via ambulance) at 3 AM yesterday morning because of cannabis-induced vertigo.  It was a weird and very bad experience.  Every time I moved my head, I heaved.

The doctors called it “Marijuana Intoxication”, and one nurse thought it was “Marijuana Hyperemesis”.  They know so little about Marijuana that they couldn’t give me a printout on any of their diagnoses because it’s not even in the database.

I’m very open and honest with all of my doctors about my marijuana consumption, because I want them to be a part of a collective of medical practitioners that have experience with it.  If/when it becomes more available to people, I want to be part of the baseline older consumers that have experience with it.  In my shoes, it’s infinitely harder to dose and consume than it is for younger people who have peers to exchange information with.  Amongst the older generation, it hasn’t really taken off.  That’s because often they’re getting their pot trial from a younger person, handing them illegal (possibly tainted) cannabis without any thought about the best way to introduce someone to it.

The good news is, I talk about it freely with my doctors, and not a single doctor has lectured me against it.  So I think that most doctors, no matter what their religious beliefs (my personal physician is and has always been a very strong Christian) support MMJ, even though legally they can’t endorse it.

I’m convinced that I would not have ended up in the hospital if it weren’t for the vape pen.  Marijuana oil feels like it’s 100% THC as opposed to smoking the weed itself.  I don’t think it is, but it feels VERY different — stronger.  WHY THEY SELL MARIJUANA OIL AT A MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARY seems illogical to me.  The clerk told me that one hit was an 8-second inhale.  That’s crazy.  I’ve been taking small puffs, and still find it difficult to control the intense high that it gives me.  I usually take a few small hits from the vape pen as I smoke.  I’m trying to keep my high under control so I’m not too sleepy, but not too stoned.

I’m not one of those people who thinks that the more stoned the better, but I am someone who is looking for a cruising high that can sustain me through the day and help me stay on my feet.

Anyway, now I’ll be in the news for going to the ER after smoking marijuana, so whoever doesn’t know that I smoke in my town will now know it.  That’s ok, it’s not a secret, and in fact, I would like everyone to know that I smoke, so I can share all of the things I’m learning with someone who, like me, is older and thinking about it but doesn’t have any knowledge about the process or even what to expect.  Information to patients is very sparse.  Dispensaries and doctors are busy servicing patients, so there’s very little one-on-one mentoring for the specifics such as delivery methods and dosing.

As I walked Pup this morning, I contemplated my life.  The weather is stunningly perfect.  Cool, but not too cool, and zero mosquitoes and black flies.  I was able to admire spider webs, woven tree trunks, and wild fall flowers and it all calmed my mind.

After I got back home, I decided I will start my gaming again.  Not because I’m in the mood for hanging out with kids half my age and dealing with their petty drama, but because I’m in the mood for something that can make me smile again, and a world of fantasy that can help my imagination flow again.  In that vein, I fired up my WoW (my go-to game when I’m in the mood for roleplaying) subscription again.  Let’s see if this can kick start my brain out of its excessive-news-enhanced-writer’s funk and into more creativity.

Written in response to today’s WordPress Daily Prompt Out of Reach : Write about the one X that got away — a person, an experience, a place you wanted to visit. How much would you change about your life to have it within reach again?  Thanks for the thought-provoking prompt, Luckyest!

Cannabis-Induced Vertigo and World of Warcraft

9 thoughts on “Cannabis-Induced Vertigo and World of Warcraft

    1. Yes, my bong is my favorite because I have so much more control. It’s when I start adding in tokes from the vape pen where it gets really dangerous, I think. Just the bong is more-or-less self-dosing because the hits are so light if you pack it with just a teensy-weenie bit at a time, which I do.


          1. Don’t. I’ve heard more stories about people overdosing on brownies than any other method. It’s impossible to judge how much you are getting and hard to go slowly because, well, they are chocolate–right? And taste good. And as you already know, the means you use has as much to do with how you react as the amount. Some things just don’t mix. Drinking and driving, for instance, and marijuana and brownies. Just say no to this method.

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            1. Great to know, because they show up every once in a while at the dispensaries. I have tried capsules which I really like, because the dosage is precise. But they’re hard to find.


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