What Happens When You Faceplant?

So, ok, here I am in front of my computer with a throbbing headache.  Why, you ask?  Welllll….

We went hiking yesterday, up the local ski mountain.  We took a different, longer route than we normally take, for a change of pace.  On the way back, I was walking really fast.  It was meandering, and downhill, so the walking was easy.  I stupidly tripped on a tree root in the path, and face-planted.  Hard.  Blood gushed from my mouth, of all places.  There was BLOOD EVERYWHERE!  Hubby had to take his tee shirt off so I had something to help the bleeding.

After waiting in the ER for 3 hours, bleeding and in pain, it turned out that I needed 10 stitches (4 internal, and 6 external), and I have a broken nose.

Yesterday was the second ER trip in a week.  What is it with me that I can’t stay away from the ER?

Anyway, I have a huge bandage above my eye, and my face looks like it was smashed by a baseball bat.  My lips are cut and bruised, and there is a strip of red, black, and blue running down the center of my face.

Other than that, my weekend was fabulous!  The temperature yesterday was in the 60’s, and the new trail wandered through a magical forest with twisted pines.  I think the magical forest did its magic on me.

Anyway, happy Monday from your blogging nut-case!  🙂

What Happens When You Faceplant?

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