Greetings from the Undead

Last night for the first time since my faceplant, I decided to take sleeping pills, and finally got a decent nights sleep (I’ve had to sleep sitting up so the blood from my nose doesn’t drip down my throat).  I’m beginning to get used to this smashed-face look.  I think it’s a very sexy look on me.

It’s funny about “sexy”.  I’ve struggled for so many years with my back and neck pain since my cancer treatments.  My torso is all twisted from the mastectomies and hysterectomy.  It’s easy to see when I look in the mirror how my body mechanics could be thrown so terribly off, I’ve had so much trauma to my musculoskeletal system.

Still, when I’m in really good shape and doing my yoga and meditating, I have days when I feel absolutely beautiful and sexy.  I had a good laugh when I told this to hubby once, and he replied “As long as you’re happy, that’s all that counts.”  I guess that’s his way of saying nicely, “Lady, you don’t look beautiful and sexy by any earthy standards.”  That’s ok, though.  I really do get a chuckle out of his replies.

Anyway, I’m fairly happy with my smashy face.  I think I look really sexy, in an undead sort of way.

I woke up this morning to the news that Russia is starting its air attacks in Syria.  Let’s all pray for the world.

Greetings from the Undead

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