CBD as a Percocet Substitute (oh, let’s throw in a DT rant too)

Greetings from the undead (now coming alive).  Starting today I’m going to stay off the percocet (I only have 4 left, but I want to stop it when I should, not when I must).  Yesterday I tried to go off of it but ended up having my broken nose throb.  But last night, in a fit of logic, I decided to try my pot.  Not the THC mind-zapping stuff, but the CBD medical stuff.

Turns out, the CBD does wonders as a percocet substitute.  I was trying to figure out how it works in my head, and I think the explanation is that it triggers a bunch of signals in my brain that “water down” the pain signals.  That’s the best way I can explain it.

I’m starting to love CBD.  It’s taken a year for me to figure this out, but I finally have enough experience with it to believe in its abilities to ease brain-related things such as pain signals.  It doesn’t work perfectly, like percocet, but for what it does, it’s a great compromise that has none of the other, unwanted side effects of percocet, not the least of which is nightmarish physical addiction.

My black and blue face is beginning to look normal, except for my eye which still looks a bit like it was punched.  I’m amazed that the gash on my forehead, which was really ugly looking last week, looks like a minor scrape today.  Kudos to that wonderful physician’s assistant that stitched me up (yes, after my three hour wait in the ER, I didn’t even get to see a real doctor, I was treated by a physician’s assistant who really did a great job!).  Not only can I not see any stitch marks, but the scar follows my brow.  And my nose doesn’t even look broken.  It’s still pretty tender.

Hey, what about that Trump, eh?  Let’s fix the US School Rampage issue by scratching our heads and wondering why we have so much mental illness in the country.  Could the problem be that we don’t have enough psychiatrists?  Hmm….  Donald Trump challenges me to think, he’s just so smart, and good looking and….  well, filthy rich.  He makes me want to trust him, doesn’t he do that to you?  We need a president who will fix the problems caused by too few psychiatrists in this country.  Maybe we can convert Harvard Medical School into a… oh, let’s say psychiatrist-only school, and then we can really crank them out.  Until then….  well, it’s really too bad that these things happen, isn’t it?  Oh hey, I’ve got a great idea!  Let’s fix the problem short-term by arming EVERYONE!

Excuse me while I pull what little hair I have out.

CBD as a Percocet Substitute (oh, let’s throw in a DT rant too)

5 thoughts on “CBD as a Percocet Substitute (oh, let’s throw in a DT rant too)

  1. Hey, firstly I think trump looks like a toad. He is rich because his daddy gave him 300 million dollars to get started. Give me that and 10 years and the planet will be covered in cannabis!!! I am very happy to hear of your results with CBD. Our bodies need natural healing instead of toxic pills. As for your scar, you don’t have access to cannabis cream do you? I have seen great results with the cream healing cuts so if you can get your hands on any, I would suggest you try it.

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    1. Nice advice! Thank you so much and sharing your cannabis info. Right now Massachusetts doesn’t have the variety of delivery methods that Colorado has. Even Maine (which is an alternative for us) selections are very sparse and often sold out. I’ve never seen cream at either place. I don’t think we’ll have many choices until more dispensaries become available (which can’t be too soon, it’s been 2 years for crying out loud!)

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