Donald Trump Must Go

Is anybody else scared shitless?

I’m not talking about ISIS, I’m talking about Donald Trump.  I’ve often wondered how Hitler could have pulled the wool over an entire country’s eyes.  Of course back then there were no cell phones or Internet, so I can imagine it would be easy for people to  be brainwashed.

In this age of information, with fact checking literally a click away, why would anyone follow a ranting psychotic?

Most people I know don’t want to talk about Donald Trump because he’s so obviously unqualified to be a president.  He represents an extreme caricature of a Republican presidential candidate.  A joke.  He’s a cartoon of the Party.

Up until now the press has given him front and center on a near constant basis, picking apart his most egregious statements, but in general not bothering to expend a lot of energy on someone who is, well, not really newsworthy  …except for the fact that he’s a demented, attention-seeking, ego-maniacal nutcase who has the audacity to run for President of the United States, all the while spewing random fear-and-violence-based, bigoted, self-serving epiphanies that make no sense into the ears of gullible, news-challenged supporters.

For those with no imagination, here’s what a Donald Trump presidency would look like:

  • Presidential decisions and foreign policy will be dictated based upon Donald Trump’s whims — who’s pissed him off lately and who’s kissed his ass lately.
  • Trump properties, casinos, and brand name will go through the roof.  Governance will center around making him and his friends richer.
  • No Muslims will be allowed in the country, except the military.  In other words, you’re welcome if you’re here to die fighting for *our* country.  Otherwise, stay out.
  • Muslims that are here already are at risk for internment.  Trump doesn’t believe that internment is required just yet, but he doesn’t rule it out as a possibility.
  • A massive roundup of illegal immigrants will reroute all police and FBI activity, maybe even National Guard in order to do house to house searches.  The security vacuum left in law enforcement will empower gang warfare and/or organized crime.
  • The government will perform “unspeakable” things in order to track down terrorists (Trump’s words).
  • When a terrorist is caught, his or her entire family will be massacred (“taken out” is the word Trump euphemistically used).
  • The Internet will be shut down (yes he’s said that he doesn’t want to do it, but it *must* be done until we can get a handle on “what’s going on”).
  • Gun ownership will explode.  Trump says that if people in San Bernardino and Paris had had guns that they knew how to use, those tragedies never would have happened.
  • All business with Muslim countries will have to close.  That means businesses across the board will need to restructure themselves to accommodate this self-imposed embargo.  Sounds a lot like what Russia is going through right now — the punishment of citizens at the whim of a frivolous dictator.
  • We will lose diplomatic credibility around the world for our isolationist policies.
  • We will pull out of Syria, because Trump wants to let Russia bomb the hell out of Syria for us.  With Russia destroying all Assad opponents, the ISIS stronghold will explode into the void and they will gain an established land hold.  Trump wants to steal the oil, though.  Maybe that means sending troops in just long enough to figure out how to do that.  Or maybe that’s where his business acumen comes in, I dunno.  I hope his business acumen knows how to transport oil from a country that hates your guts with a passion through a region that hates your guts pretty much with the same passion.
  • The rest of the 5.6 million Syrians who are still there will be pushed out of the country to wander around starving, dying and homeless.  As tragic as that would seem, it would be “not our problem”, thanks to Donald Trump.  When Mark Zuckerberg announced donating Facebook shares to charity, Trump tweeted “suckers”.
  • Other “brown” religions will be at risk (Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist).
  • Under Trump, support for the lower and middle class will disappear.  Unrest will escalate, and those precious guns will begin to serve their purpose in completely eliminating the lower class.
  • Home-grown ISIS pockets will begin to appear, most likely amongst the impoverished lower class that will now have nothing to lose.
  • White supremacy will hit mainstream, now that Trump has given it validation.  Violence against minorities will escalate.  Who knows the effect this will have with the rest of the world.
  • The Trump administration’s big accomplishment will be the building of border walls bigger and better than the Wall of China.  He will throw his administration into spending a year haggling and threatening Mexico and Canada to fund these walls.  When it finally dawns on Trump that Mexico and Canada don’t have the funds and/or don’t give a shit even if they did, Trump will pull money from places like defense, infrastructure, and welfare to self-fund it.  That might not be too big of a problem, though, because by that time ISIS will have forged passports from all over the world (except Syria …and Mexico, of course), checked [Christian] on their Customs forms, and then wiped us all out with our own weaponry!
  • The Republican congress will push to pass every single proposal by Trump, whether it’s constitutional or not.  The Party’s push to piss off Democrats is INFINITELY stronger than any ethical sense of governing.  You beg to differ?  Read the news.  Marco Rubio just snuck in a bill that defunds funds needed to support Obamacare.  That means more insurance companies will raise premiums and pull out of their participation.   He has no reason to do this except for the sole purpose of helping to make Obamacare fail for his own political gain, railroading consumers in need of health insurance in the process.  In the Republican congress, only Lindsey Graham has publicly stated he will not support Trump.  Everyone else, even as they decry the challenge to our fundamental American values and rights — not to mention the unbelievable threat to the country this sort of rhetoric generates — will nonetheless honor their vow to support the Republican nominee, even if it happens to be Donald Trump.  The welfare of the GOP Party appears to be even more important to them than taking an absolute and immediate no-tolerance stand against threats to the basic tenets of our Constitution and demanding that he withdraw his candidacy.

When you hear people laugh at a hypothetical Trump presidency as though it’s all a big joke, think about how horribly unfunny and catastrophic the terror of this man in the Oval Office will be.  He’s a deranged despot waiting in the wings — an extremist right-wing cult figure roaring downhill amassing fervor among the disenfranchised fringe, dragging the entire country through the mud in the process.  That’s not funny at all.

Before more people have to suffer because of the hate @realDonaldTrump ‘s words incite, I add my voice to the list of people who call upon @realDonaldTrump to withdraw his candidacy as President of the United States.  #Trump2016 #TheRealDonaldTrumpMustGo


Donald Trump Must Go

16 thoughts on “Donald Trump Must Go

  1. great post. Here in England we just think Trump is an idiot who no sane American would vote for. Certainly the GOP would be finished for ever if it adopted him as its candidate. But there is one thing I hear more and more often nowadays in Europe. “If that man Trump get chosen to run for President he’l have suicide bombers queing up to run beside him and his campaign won’t last 24 hours.” Seriously most non Americans believe that. But Trump is too stupid and egotistical to see it. Cheers.

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  2. What concerns me more than Trump himself (there are always going to be egomaniacal nutjobs in the world) are the multitudes of people that support him. How out of touch with reality must one be to listen to his tripe and think “This man should be running the country”? The more outrageous his comments become, the more his supporters start salivating like Pavlovian dogs. He’s eliciting the very worst aspects of human behavior from people that don’t seem to have any internal mechanisms to discern how crazy he is. If it were a small handful of fellow nutjobs, I wouldn’t pay much attention, but his swelling numbers send chills down my spine. I don’t fear terrorists, Muslims, refugees… I fear Trump supporters.

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    1. Exactly!! He would have faded long ago if he didn’t have a following. He’s become the leader of a Jim Crow movement that’s fear-based. The most frightening thing about it is that the more he’s treated as a joke, the more bizarre his rhetoric becomes and the more bizarre his following becomes. That’s the point I’m trying to make. He’s putting the entire country at risk and he’s addicted to the power it gives him. That cartoon with Donald Trump holding the severed head of the USA is exactly what’s happening.

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  3. it’ll be new year in a couple of days and I wonder how many of us can name all the people running for their parties’ nominations. In the US maybe a lot of you, but over the pond here in the UK and Europe probably only Trump and Clinton. That really is worrying because usually by this time most informed Brits and Europeans can name at least three possible front runners from each party at the start of a year when a president has to stand down. I may be the exception because I follow US politics, but beware of world opinion at the moment . Most people neither know nor care who becomes president because Obama has shown that the job, hard though he tried, is one which carries very little meaningful influence and absolutely no personal power – unless you are a mentally unabalanced man like Trump. Current polls over here place Hilary on 70% and Donald on 30% in a head to head vote and can’t name anyone else. For those of us who can comment on the subject I personally expect the GOP to shoot itself in the foot and choose Trump only to watch a late surge for Kerry see the Secretary of State become the next president. he would be a good choice. Wouldn’t it be great if he re-wrote the first and second ammendments to the constitution!

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    1. Hi, Anton <3. Ok, here's the thing. There's a revolution afoot in the United States. People overseas would not know about it unless they read non-establishment literature. While establishment media and candidates go about their business of throwing barbs at each other, the Bernie Sanders campaign is going around the country building up grassroots steam. The energy behind Bernie Sanders is explosive and massive, and you're going to witness a change in the US political structure that has not happened in 80 years. Since FDR. The rest of the world is not going to read about it until the media is willing to stop pandering to ratings and pressures from wealthy corporations. This is not a fringe movement. Continue to keep your eyes open and read my blog. Bernie Sanders will become the greatest and most beloved president you and I will ever know in our lifetime. I know that he's the most courageous candidate we've had in our lifetimes.


  4. a fascinating comment, Onchi, but I do have access to everyday US political movements. I have first cousins in LA, Pittsburg, Bloomington and New York and I have heard of Bernie. It’ll be fun following his progress. Have a great 2016. Anton

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