Bernie Sanders is a Screaming Lunatic

Bernie Sanders is the ONLY candidate for President that’s running his campaign such that there is complete visibility into the sort of president he would be.

DNC Data Breach: The DNC data breach happened. His campaign IMMEDIATELY responded to the DNC’s public attacks. Hillary then went on the attack. Bernie filed the lawsuit and triggered the petition that resulted in 750,000 signatures to restore his data that very same day. The problem was resolved by the end of the day, and Bernie put the Bernie-Hillary bickering to rest for good in the debate.

Hillary’s Benghazi Emails: He had everything to gain and nothing to lose by letting Hillary suffer her email issues and get dragged through the dirt some more. Yet he sacrificed all of that political gain to come forward and defend her.

Trump: Trump attacked Hillary with the “schlonged” thing. Hillary started doing back and forth bickering with him. In the meantime, Bernie came out and said his thing about Trump’s curiously strange relationship with women and how he (Bernie) went to the bathroom too, nailing Trump (while continuing to help Hillary, his opponent, by the way).

Cannabis: Bernie filed the bill in Congress to take marijuana off of the dangerous substance list, freeing up research. Instead of talking about it, he just went and did it.  Now we all know where he stands. That’s freed up his stump speeches to concentrate on what he really wants to talk about which is the failure of the economy to support the middle class.

Health insurance for all and free college education for all.  Does Bernie know enough about government to get the money he needs to accomplish what he wants to accomplish?    Not even the critics know the answer because, yes, it’s ambitious.  As with every candidate, all you can do is research the things we CAN know for sure, analyze whether the candidate has the diplomatic and organizational skills to get done what he/she wants accomplished, and then decide whether you think his/her vision is a viable vision for America.

The biggest thing that makes Bernie stand out is that his passion fires people up. When citizens are engaged, government works much be​tter. When citizens are not engaged, shit happens and we end up where we’re at today.  Government and the people are 180 degrees out of sync.  Government is one big dysfunctional family of politicians that barely even speak to each other much less their constituents.  Partisanship leaves the government in gridlock over the very basic issues needed to run the country — for instance, congress has yet to give the president permission to use force in Syria (doh).  Republicans are working overtime to kill Obamacare, the program that has made healthcare available to millions.  In several places in the south, voting registration has been made intentionally complicated to reduce numbers.  Those are just several examples of the insanity.

Bernie Sanders has no problem whatsoever in showing the unkept, sleeves-rolled-up, crusty side of himself in public.  We don’t have to wonder what Bernie Sanders is like behind closed doors. We know. He’ll be a no-bullshit Commander in Chief who will demand excellence from the people around him, just like he’s injected a higher standard into the election, becoming a role model that has forced other candidates to concentrate more on issues. That’s the effect of a natural born leader.  Yes, he’s most definitely a screaming lunatic.  He’s a completely intelligent and rational screaming lunatic.

Bernie Sanders is a Screaming Lunatic

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