Stay Unwaveringly #BernieOrBust

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
I hear some people asking, “Why is Bernie so quiet about Hillary’s scandals?”
I believe that Bernie needs to stay Bernie. He needs to keep his integrity and not stoop to the Hillary/Trump level of non-issue-based schoolyard-style attacks on each other.
Why? This is what I believe: Hillary and her campaign will implode. They’re already imploding. Hillary is and has always been a weak candidate. This has never ever been about beating Trump, it’s been all about the creation of a political candidate to give the 1% access to political power. The only problem is that their candidate cannot stand on her own. Even with constant propping up, she has no chance against Trump. No one in their right mind is going to vote to hand over state secrets to terrorist countries through the mistakes of a president whose intentions can’t be trusted.
Bernie is the greatest weapon this country has against the Trumps and the Hillary Clintons of the world. His integrity, his laser focus on the issues, and his intimate knowledge of how government works, along with his deep devotion to the people will unite us as a country.
We need to be patient. Hillary will implode on her own. If she doesn’t, the Democratic Party will implode for her and we and Bernie can go off and do what we’ve wanted to do for a while now: get back to making our country work for the people again.
Stay patient, and like Bernie, keep a laser focus on spreading Bernie’s message. Our country’s future, and our planet’s future are depending upon us, Brothers and Sisters.
Just as we are taking our direction from Bernie, he is taking his direction from us. We’re a team, we need each other to win this. We need him to be our voice, and he needs to know that we’re here, holding up our end of the bargain in keeping the movement going.
Stay strong.  Stay focused.  Stay positive.  Stay unwaveringly #BernieOrBust.
Stay Unwaveringly #BernieOrBust

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