Is Bernie Endorsing Hillary?


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

If Bernie has endorsed Hillary, I don’t blame him.  We’ve seen the endless interrogations and harassment he’s been going through.  I’m sure he and his family have been threatened as well.

Why?  My suspicion is that TPP has its ugly tentacles everywhere, including all over our government.

Bernie will NEVER willingly vote for or endorse a platform that supports TPP, continues to promote fracking, and rejects Medicare-for-all.

If there’s one thing Bernie Sanders is NOT, it’s stupid.  He knows how dangerous Hillary is, and he knows that Hillary and Trump are cut from the same cloth — egotistical, selfish, ruthless, and above the law.

He knows that Hillary is a criminal and a security risk of major proportions.  He knows that Hillary has escalated violence around the world in the name of American exceptionalism.  While innocent black people are gunned down in the streets, Bernie would NEVER willingly endorse someone who is above the law.

If he has indeed endorsed Hillary, he’s thrown the election (or the people who have coerced him have), because Berners like me are going to step up the anti-Hillary campaigning.  We will never vote to have scandals, deceit, and careless “mistakes” flow through the White House and send our already-broken country into a downward spiral.

Here’s another possibility, though.  What if Bernie WASN’T coerced?  What if he knows something we don’t?

So here are a couple of possibilities:

  • Bernie was coerced and the election is thrown (to whoever catches the ball).  I know from the comments of my followers that some may vote for Stein, some Trump, some Johnson, and some are going to give up and stay home.  Let’s be clear.  Few if any are going to vote for Hillary.
  • Bernie was not coerced, and we need to hang tight and stay the course, waiting for Hillary to get her comeuppance as a criminal.  I think this is a decent possibility.  Bernie can play their games and everyone will be peachy happy, until Hillary is finally nailed for the sleezebag she is.
  • Bernie is caught in a web of coercion, but is sending us a message to vote for Stein.  With Bernie in the senate as a Democrat, he’ll be a strong supporter of Stein, and can work with her as a team.  Perhaps if he outwardly endorses Stein, he will suffer consequences on the floor of the senate, so he needs to maintain his relationship with the Dems in order to maintain his senate credibility, who knows.

I’ve been tweeting Bernie articles and speeches for a long time, and I know he’s fully aware of what Hillary represents.  What I don’t know is what threats he is under.  Perhaps Jane is under danger, who knows.

Let’s see whether we still have a candidate after Tuesday’s announcement.  I feel pretty down right now, but one thing I know is that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House.  If Bernie concedes the race, my new mission will be to make sure every single person is aware of who Hillary Clinton is.  Our country is crying for leadership, not a whiny, cheating president who will do nothing but plot destruction with her 1% buddies while veteran suicides are at a record high, people are getting poisoned by their own water, and social unrest has us at the brink of a civil war.



Is Bernie Endorsing Hillary?

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