Dear Brothers and Sisters:

For many years I wanted children.  I went through years of infertility treatments and failed pregnancies.

A month before receiving an adoption referral for a Guatemalan baby, I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. I asked Hubby if he was willing to be a single parent if I died and he said “no”, so we aborted the adoption proceedings.

Over the subsequent years, I’ve wondered, “is this the sort of world I’d like to bring up a child in?”  Climate change is visible around us through greater hunger and devastating disasters happening around the world. I watch mass shootings, police brutality, and the devaluing of the lives of the falling middle and lower class on a daily basis and part of me is thankful.  What sort of future would I have been able to offer a child?

Then Bernie came along and fired up the progressivism within me that had been squelched for so many years.  He was the first politician that said that things I needed to hear.  He addressed all of the problems that have been plaguing us as a country.  He was the first politician to address these issues face-on, courageously.

I fought for him like I have never fought for any politician.  I have said all along, Bernie Sanders is a once-in-a-century politician.  He rose through the corruption, clean.  He was our last chance.  He was the chance for me to help make a future for other people’s kids — a clean, healthy world, with love and compassion and tolerance for our diversity — he was the chance for me to die knowing my life had been worthwhile.

I don’t blame him for caving.  It’s easy to judge when all we have to do is sit in front of our computers.  Much harder when you’re the one getting hammered every day and night (the machinery is powerful, and people are dying mysteriously.  I’m positive threats were involved with his endorsement).

Hillary Clinton is not a leader. She’s hated by the people and the republicans.  She will continue to crush our freedoms.  We can expect our lives to get only worse.  Oh don’t worry, 1%, your lives will get better.  But at the point at which wealth inequality becomes unsustainable, the global economy will crumble, violence will escalate even more, climate change will accelerate, and we’ll all lose, yes, even you greedy 1% are going to lose.

You see, wealth inequality isn’t only about helping the poor.  It’s about having a future for our country and our planet.


One thought on “#NeverHillary

  1. Dhammic Writer says:

    As an Australian I’m sure I get a very filtered view of American politics, but from my side of the Pacific I (and just about every Aussie I know) is hoping and praying that Hillary does win the election. Because the alternative, Trump, seems completely incompetent to run any country, let alone one as powerful as the United States.


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