Could Bernie be Creating a Third Party?

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As you all have, I’ve been spending my time trying to figure out what to do and what Bernie’s true intentions are.  I have a theory that I want you to hear out:

Bernie is going to the convention with whatever delegates he can get to follow him.  He’s going to fight for the most progressive agenda the Dems can possibly gag up.

According to last night’s delegate call, a couple of weeks after that he’s going to create a new organization to promote progressive candidates.  What could that possibly mean other than a third party?  After all, Bernie’s HIGHEST intention is to make sure Trump loses.  He can’t do that with a defective candidate who’s under multiple investigations, I don’t care how many people endorse her (Note that he has not been allowed to pursue a third party option until after the DNC convention.).

What do you-all think about the possibility he’s creating a third party?

Could Bernie be Creating a Third Party?

3 thoughts on “Could Bernie be Creating a Third Party?

  1. Bernie has repeatedly said he will not run 3rd party & will change his affiliation to Dem at his next election in VT. He has given no indication he’s planning a 3rd party assault, so as much as I wish otherwise, I don’t see this happening.

    If it’s Hillz v Trumpty, I will have to vote Green because my conscience cannot tolerate either of the 2 front-runners. Iif Hillz loses, it’s on the DNC for propping her up. Am so done with the “lesser-of-two-weasels” choices the Oligarchy sets upon us.


  2. I live in Canada and your electoral process is a bit baffling to me – I don’t know if Bernie Sanders is creating a third party, but as your friendly neighbour, I HOPE he is. He is what the rest of the world needs from America now. Peace, Harlon


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