Sanders/Stein A-OK with me

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I’m sure I haven’t been alone in trying to puzzle out Bernie’s intentions.  None of us die-hard #BernieOrBust followers ever actually believed his endorsements of Hillary, especially since Hillary represents everything Bernie has been fighting against for 40 years.

I had my eyes opened yesterday, though.  I watched this enlightening video (please give it a watch, it needs to go viral) and it gave me some clarity.

There was a huge surge of people who went to Jill Stein after Bernie’s endorsement, and I couldn’t understand why people were so eager to give up on Bernie.  For a year, I’ve watched as Bernie brought tears to the eyes of people who had given up all hope.  There’s never been any doubt in any of our minds that Bernie is the candidate the people have chosen.

Bernie has always said, “war must be fought with wisdom and forethought”.  I think he knew the impact his endorsement would have (it’s tanking Hillary’s poll numbers).  It’s possible the DNC, who has been pushing for his endorsement practically 24/7, truly thought Berners were just a bunch of stupid millennial sheep who would follow him.

If you think Bernie’s endorsement is a big “fuck you” to America, think again.  Bernie’s endorsement is, in reality, a big “fuck you” to the DNC.  He knew it would be.  Unlike Hillary, Bernie understands the 99%, he’s one of US, not THEM.

We need to get our #FuckYouDNC delegates to Philly so Bernie can make sure we leave the DemPlatform as progressive as possible.  Once he gets his final #FuckYouBernie from @TheDemocrats, he’s going to take his delegates and 12+million followers over to the Green Party, where we’ll join forces with Jill Stein.

I truly believe that this is going to happen.  Why?  Bernie has said two very important things in the past:  (1) I will do EVERYTHING I can to make sure Trump doesn’t become president  (2) I’m going to create a grassroots organization that will keep the progressive revolution energized and give progressives a home.  Those two statements are the message he’s given us, his followers.  Keep the faith, and keep supporting our delegates.  We (including Jill Stein) need Bernie’s campaign alive and kicking, and we NEED to send this huge fuck-you to the DNC so that they know that the people are the ones in control, not TPP, Saudi Arabia, and whoever else owns @TheDemocrats now.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, keep the faith, support our delegates, go to Philly, post to #NeverHillary, talk up Jill if you want.  Let’s all help Bernie bring the DNC to heel.

Sanders/Stein A-OK with me

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