Please Don’t Trash Bernie

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I just watched, like the 10th I’m-pissed-off-at-Bernie video.

Brothers and Sisters, those of you who have lost faith in Bernie: take a step back.  Instead of being inflamed that he did an about-face, take a deep breath and think about his motivations.

Those of us who have watched his speeches over and over and know him as a legislator know that Hillary represents every single ideology he abhors.

If  watching him endorse Hillary makes you gag, imagine the repulsion he must be feeling in endorsing her.

We know two things:

  1. the superdelegates are UNCOMMITTED until the moment they cast their vote at the DNC
  2. Hillary Clinton is a criminal of monumental proportions and cannot be near the White House.  She WILL find a way to pass along national secrets to her international 1% as president, private server or not.  Hillary gets what Hillary wants, and everyone quietly gives her permission. Bill Clinton, who is already showing signs of senility is who she has picked to do the national economy and be co-president with her.  Chelsea Clinton is running the Clinton Foundation and will tend to incoming money while Mom and Dad make weapons and trade deals around the world.  Clinton will have a mandatory draft, and require women to register as well.  Clinton will NOT end institutional racism (she doesn’t even believe it exists), she will NOT end deportations, she will NOT stop fracking, she will NOT stop the TPP, she will NOT end her penchant for violence to black and brown countries and she will NOT end the infusion of Wall Street and foreign money into politics.  The gridlock in Congress will continue.  The GOP hates Hillary even more than Obama, if that’s possible.

As a result of these things, we don’t KNOW what’s going to happen at the DNC. #BernieOrBust means we trust Bernie’s patriotism to show us the way.

This is the thing that you’re all missing.  See, Bernie Sanders is a patriot, he’s not a sell-out.  He’s trusting that we’ll understand this.

Let the man do what he thinks is the right thing to do and TRUST HIM.  He will not lead us to Hillary, he will lead us to Jill.  TRUST that.  Whether he doesn’t get the nom and goes to the Green party or gets the nom and brings Jill over to the Dems, both he and Jill know that they need each other.  Together Trump is history.  The polls show that Bernie maintains at least a 10 point lead over Trump every single day. Like everything else Hillary’s numbers flip-flop around Trump’s numbers.  They’re both screw-ups.  Without Bernie/Jill who knows which will win.

Bernie sent Cornel West, his closest surrogate, to pave the way to Jill.  This is where the movement continues.  Whether you jump to her now or choose to support Bernie through the DNC, Jill is our final goal.  I happen to be in the camp that says Jill needs Bernie.  If we merge the Jill with the #WriteInBernie movement, we’ll have enough numbers to demolish Trump.

Maybe none of you will understand what I’m trying to say, maybe you will.  My point is, trashing Bernie hurts the progressive cause.  WE NEED HILLARY AWAY FROM THE WHITE HOUSE and this is what Bernie is trying to achieve.  By trashing Bernie you’re helping Hillary.  Be inflamed, pissed off, unbelievably angry.  But take it out on Hillary the criminal, not Bernie, the person who is trying to lead our effort to get rid of her. (You don’t think he knew that a full endorsement of her would send us into a hate frenzy?)  This man is not new to the #FeelTheBern phenomenon. He knew exactly how we would respond. What he’s counting on is that the movement doesn’t go all anti-Bernie and gift the election to Hillary.  Hillary and the 1% need to be brought to heel and taught that it’s the people who own this country.  That’s what Bernie’s goal is.  If we give our country to the Clintons we will never get it back again.  Look at what we’ve gone through, watching Hillary steal, cheat, and lie her way through this past year.  She and her surrogates have done nothing but ridicule the progressive movement.  She can’t even hold a press conference, she’s so dependent upon her teleprompters.  Do you think Bernie is blind to this?  Brothers and Sisters, every attack on the 99% is an attack on all of us.  Currently Bernie is under attack.  He’s being forced to do this endorsement.  His only defense is us, the people.  We need to stand up and defend him and not abandon him.

In spite of how it looks, Bernie isn’t some privileged white guy.  His father lost his entire family in the Holocaust.  Bernie understands what it’s like to be marginalized and dehumanized.  It’s not a coincidence that he’s fought for and looked to the Black community as his family for 50 years.  He knows the Clinton history with mass incarceration.  TRUST HIM AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T TRASH HIM.  He’s doing what he must to bring Hillary down.  That’s what we need to concentrate on — making sure Hillary’s numbers tank so that Bernie is empowered at the DNC.  We need to force our agenda on the DNC.  If that fails, Bernie will make a public statement that the DNC does not represent the people.  That is going to help to drive the progressive movement away from the DNC.

Please Don’t Trash Bernie

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