Please please please help a Bernie delegate

Brothers and Sisters:

Bernie Sanders is the only person in this country that can readily defeat Trump.  We’ve seen what Trump can do to establishment politicians.  Hillary doesn’t stand a chance against Trump.  Her scripted campaign makes her look lifeless and overly-dependent on her surrogates.  That’s a terrible visual and it reflects how weak she is as a candidate.  Even outspending Trump 40 times can only get her just about even with Trump in the polls.

Aside from the fact that the Clinton campaign is one big corporate power play for voters, Hillary is simply unqualified to be president in any one of 100 different ways, the primary reason being that she’s a traitor.  Nobody knows what was in the emails she deleted.  Nobody knows what’s in the TPP emails the President has delayed release of for 2 years, nobody knows what was in 4 years of Brian Pagliano’s deleted emails, and nobody knows who she shared what with or inadvertently gave secrets to.

The Democratic Party can choose to keep Hillary.  If that happens, the people will go to the Green Party and will rally against her like this world has never seen with or without Bernie.

Cornel West, Bernie’s closest campaign surrogate, has endorsed Jill, and I believe that through Dr. West, the Sanders and Stein campaigns are coordinating the next step for the progressive movement in the election should the DNC choose to keep Hillary or throw in some other establishment politician.

In the meantime, we MUST MUST MUST get Bernie to Philly with a living campaign.  Our ultimate goal is to get a Bernie-Jill ticket, but that will never happen if we drop the ball on Bernie now.  If anyone has some change to spare, please sponsor a delegate from (donate via

We must do all we can to keep Hillary from winning.  Even with what MSM calls a “progressive DemPlatform”, there’s not a prayer she’ll lift a finger to honor anything without a quid-pro-quo from someone to maximize her personal gain.  Make no mistake, Hillary will be working for the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, not the people of the United States of America.  She may talk about wealth inequality, but it’s only words.  She doesn’t understand or care about it, she only cares about creating a 1% free trade economy that oppresses and destroys the 99% and doesn’t let pesky considerations like global warming, clean drinking water, and social justice get in the way.

Please please please help a Bernie delegate

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