What #BernieOrBust Means To Me

Somehow when people see my #BernieOrBust they immediately begin begging me not to write Bernie in.

I consider going to Jill and the Green Party perfectly acceptable as an option.  I consider write-in-Bernie an acceptable option.  Staying at home is an acceptable option.  People should be doing what their heart tells them to do at this point.  I truly believe that once the anger wears off, people will become re-engaged.  That re-engagement movement to the Green Party has already begun.

Right now #BernieOrBust has a special meaning to me.  It means I’m in the group that trusts him and his intentions to be 100% pure and for the good of the 99%, meaning we completely trust that he knows what a ridiculously horrible candidate Hillary Clinton is.  Bernie’s a brilliant thinker and strategist, make no mistake about it.  Even an idiot can tell that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be devastating blow to the safety of our country and planet, so this bit of enlightenment isn’t lost on Bernie.

#BernieOrBust means that all of my energies are being put into what I believe my role at this moment in history is — to do everything in my power to help get this great leader nominated.  I don’t really care if he’s green party or purple party or blue party, I only care that we have a leader who is a (true) patriot and who unites the country.

Until I hear Bernie himself say “My campaign is ended”, my devotion is to him.

Will I write him in?  This isn’t the time for me to discuss that. The time to make that decision will be sometime after we get the results of the DNC.  Until then, all is speculation.  So begging me not to write him in is a little premature, since the election isn’t until November :P.

I support everyone’s decision at this point (I just don’t like people recruiting for other candidates or trolling on my threads, ie shoving themselves down my throat.).

In some ways millions of us are going through somewhat of an emotional crisis as we regroup ourselves.  I think some people are mentally unprepared to support Bernie through the DNC because they view him as being a sell-out.  I can understand that, although if you’ve watched him, you’ll see that he finds this whole endorsement business repugnant, and I’m pretty sure he’s suffering more than any of us can see on the surface.

Wherever you’re at, I’m asking you to be cool with each other.  If someone’s blocked you, get over it and move on.  People block for a lot of reasons, it’s not a personal attack on you.  As 99%ers, we’re all in this mess together, and we’re going to come out of it together.  Right now we’re taking different paths.  Unlike what some may believe, we are not sheep.  We think for ourselves and make our own decisions.

The underlying groundwork for our movement is being laid out, and I happen to believe that groundwork INCLUDES President Bernie Sanders.  He’s the leader the world needs (and our country is desperate for) right now.  THAT’S WHERE I’M AT, I’m not asking anyone else to think the same as I do, but I’m pretty immovable with how I feel about this.

If we all eventually end up under Jill Stein for whatever reason, I’m completely ok with hopping onto her ship which is why I support her 100% even though right now I’m not on her ship.

I think Bernie’s legislative experience paired with Jill’s progressive platform would be a killer combination, though, and it would provide the movement with a progressive flame that will propel the revolution towards transforming the country back to something resembling a democracy.  Plus that combination will simply make ashes out of Trump’s campaign.

I’m never ever supporting Hillary or Trump.  Ever.  We have a progressive movement that will drive the country towards healing.  There’s no way in hell I’m going to sell  out the progressive movement to someone that will escalate the social decay and wealth inequality until it becomes unsustainable.  You can bet both Hillary and Trump will do that, and the result of either of their presidencies will be catastrophic in unpredictable ways.


What #BernieOrBust Means To Me

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