Why I’ve Climbed Aboard the Jill Train

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The Democrats have now killed the Democratic Party of our parents.  The right-shift of our government has turned the Democratic Party into the Republican party of old: Corporate-centered, voter suppression, and exertion of control over the media.

Unbelievably, due to this shift, the Democratic Party has now made the Republicans look like the party of the people through Donald Trump.

It’s the DNC corruption that will lose this election to Trump, not the voters.  Working-class people who feel that they must vote on the two-party system will now vote for Trump.

Bernie sacrificed himself to get the DNC platform to reflect our progressive values. I think he knew that the DNC would force their pathetic candidate on us, but he kept up the fight in the face of being attacked from all sides, including his own people (understandably).

I never could figure out why the Dem Platform was so damned important to him, since we all know Hillary Clinton is all about feeding into the Clinton Foundation coffers and nothing else. That’s no secret.  I’ll come back to the Dem Platform in a sec.

As a firm #BernieOrBust supporter, I’ve fought with everything I have to give for him, and when he finally conceded, I felt as though my entire year, money, and the money I solicited from others on his behalf had all instantly disappeared for nothing.

Now I’m on the Jill train.  As a Bernie devotee, the transition has been very hard.  I fully bought into the dream of this beloved man leading our country and the world towards positive change for once, and us millions and millions of devotees engaged daily in supporting President Sanders and the precious progressive agenda we’ve been wanting for so long.

I was loyal to Bernie to the very end. Even considering Jill felt like a betrayal to Bernie.  I accepted her followers’ presence in my timeline, but other than that pretty much ignored her in favor of supporting Bernie.  Today I went back to my #BernieOrBust blog post, and someone put one star on it.  Yes, I was with Bernie even while everyone else had hopped off Bernie’s train in disgust.

You see, I understood that this has never been about the man, but this is the man who had the charisma and the courage to bind the entire country around an agenda that for once recognized that it’s the people who are important, not the corporations.

Now Jill remains our only progressive, populace candidate.  If voting is suppressed, Hillary Clinton will win this election.  If we all get out and vote, Trump will win if we don’t GOTV for Jill and spread the word that Jill is campaigning on a platform without the restrictions Bernie had.  For instance, Jill is for reparations.  She may not win reparations, but at least we know we’ll have a president who recognizes our New Jim Crow era MUST STOP NOW.

Brothers and Sisters, we must work to undo all of the crap the DNC has fucked up. They’ve chased the working class to Trump.  We need to spread the word that Jill is the new progressive.  Her numbers are beginning to build up.  Jill gets the revolution.  She gets Fight for 15, she gets Wall Street Occupy.  She gets #NoTPP. She gets the importance of the Union movement, she gets #BlackLivesMatter.  She gets that we’re a country that is engaged in perpetual warfare which murders innocent POC around the world and then hides the sins behind media propaganda.

Losing Bernie broke my heart.  Big time.  I’m one of the people who was in tears that night.

But losing Bernie doesn’t change the fact that our country is in crisis.  Global warming is in crisis.  The global political climate is in crisis.

Now I’m back to the DemPlatform.  You may not think Jill has a chance as a president.  I didn’t.  But Bernie’s sacrifice has laid the groundwork for the Democratic Party to support a progressive agenda.  If Jill Stein wins the presidency, Bernie and the Progressive Democrats that we will elect into office will be able to point to the DemPlatform and say “We support President Stein on this bill because it’s a part of our party platform”.

Instead of charging in and blowing up the whole thing by screaming “YOU CHEAT! YOU COMMITTED ELECTION FRAUD” like his supporters were urging him to do, Bernie quietly fought against everyone to lay the groundwork for the Democrats to support the progressive agenda.  Imagine that.  #DemLeaks shows that the DNC views progressives as the enemy.  Yet Bernie used the people as leverage to convince them to accept a progressive platform.

That is why we owe Bernie Sanders a debt.

Our goal, Brothers and Sisters, is to capture the working class back from the Republicans by spreading Jill Stein’s platform, speeches, interviews, etc. and letting people know we still have a candidate in the race!  People who sit this election out will be helping Hillary Clinton.  Don’t do that, please, or we’ll be capitulating to a fascist government, and giving up our democracy.

Brothers and Sisters, we have only four months to bring cohesion around a new, honorable leader who will fight for the people, fight to get money out of our political system, stop TPP, aggressively fight climate change towards renewable energy, and fight to empower unions.  The foundation is there, thanks to Bernie.  We need to get a progressive leader into the presidency.  There is a way out of the mess we’re in, and that’s to put aside our heartbreak, celebrate what Bernie’s done for the movement, and now we must finish that picture and get a true progressive leader into the White House.

Why I’ve Climbed Aboard the Jill Train

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