11/8/16 The Real Cause of Hillary Clinton’s Concussion

12/30/12: Hillary Clinton’s concussion has always been attributed to a mere fall.  In actuality, it was caused by a tragic plane crash she was in on 12/30/12, where she was badly injured, and hospitalized. She was doing a secret mission in Iran when this happened.  What was she doing in Iran?  If you read the first article below, you’ll see that it had something to do with oil and Saudi Arabia. It appears that Iran is a competitor to the US/Saudi Arabia Oil love affair.  Does this explain Hillary’s eagerness to bomb Iran?

1/2/13: Get well notes appeared in #ClintonEmails.  I’m not sure, but I believe an article in this set explains her absence as a clot in the head.

1/4/13 A leak on 1/4/13 confirms that this incident (crash in Iran) really happened

2013 Clinton retired from the State Department in 2013. Is she in good enough health to be president? We need more info on the exact injuries she suffered.

12/30/12 Clinton injured, US navy seal killed in secret US Mission to Iran

Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran

1/2/13 #ClintonEmails Get well notes for Hillary

1/4/13 Wikileaks on Clinton confirms US Secret Mission to Iran

11/8/16 The Real Cause of Hillary Clinton’s Concussion

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