Sabal Trail Pipeline #NoSabalTrail #NoSTPL Articles



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12/14/16 #StopSabalTrail Pipeline Swells Across Florida


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#NoSTPL #NoSabalTrail
Interactive map of #SabalTrailPipeline and nearby existing springs and sinkholes

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Tell President Obama: Stop the Trans-Pecos pipeline

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Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

Pipeline Information

#NoOilPipelines Articles

#NoSabalTrail Articles
3/7/17 Sabal Trail Pipeline Will Be an Environmental and Economic Disaster, Critics Warn

3/3/17 #NoSabalTrailPipeline Protester Killed By Police

2/26/17 Shots fired at #NoSabalTrailPipeline site lead to suspect’s death in Citrus County

Sabal Trail Pipeline Resistance by Tabitha Milian

2/22/17 Not Just Standing Rock: Protesters Just Arrested for Blocking Pipeline in Florida

Levy County family laments Sabal Trail’s impact on their land

1/29/17 Florida gets its own pipeline

.@MSainat1 1/11/17
After #NoDAPL, Progressives Push for Dems to Oppose Florida Pipeline #NoSTPL
After NoDAPL, Progressives Push for Dems to Oppose Florida Pipeline

12/30/16 In St. Pete, activists give hard no to proposed #Florida pipeline

12/20/16 #SabalTrailPipeline is crossing through several states, affecting thousands

12/17/16 Methane bubbles coming up in Suwannee river after drilling begins

12/12/16 The #SabalTrailPipeline is being built under FL land KNOWN to have sinkholes. It will endanger the Suwannee River & Floridan aquifer #NoSTPL

12/10/16 US VETERAN arrested standing in solidarity with water protectors

12/10/16 US VETERAN ARRESTED at #NoSabalTrail #Pipeline protest in Live Oak, Florida

12/8/16 Thousands Demand Florida Stop Sabal Pipeline as #NativeAmerican Leader Speaks Out

12/8/16 #TheSabalTrailPipeline will endanger one of the worlds largest freshwater aquifers #WaterIsLife

12/7/16 Sabal Trail Transmission #Pipeline compressor station being built in Branford, #Florida

12/7/16 Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline setting up to DRILL UNDER THE SUWANNEE RIVER!

12/4/16 Critics Call $3 Billion Sabal Trail Pipeline Florida’s Dakota Access Pipeline

12/2/16 Florida Has Its Own Pipeline Scandal, and Protesters Are Asking for Supplies

12/1/16 ‘Water Protectors’ Look To Expand North Dakota Protest Into Florida

11/5/16 Protesters gather to try and block Sabal Trail pipeline project

Sabal Trail Pipeline #NoSabalTrail #NoSTPL Articles

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