US Economic Coup of Venezuela

.@blkagendareport ‏5/16/17
@AjamuBaraka: UNAC and Black Alliance for Peace Blast U.S. Subversion of #Venezuela

.@KitOConnell 9/20/16
What’s Behind The Surge In US Pipeline Construction?

7/12/16 US-Led Economic War, Not Socialism, Is Tearing #Venezuela Apart

12/5/16 Are Claims The US Is Sabotaging Venezuela’s Economy Far Fetched?

9/20/16 US Coast Guard Violated Venezuela Airspace: Defense Minister

1/20/17 US-Backed #Venezuela Opposition Leader Calls for 1950s-Style Military Coup

1/19/17 Lynchings Jump 650% in #Venezuela in 2016

1/22/17 Rex Tillerson Already Talking Regime Change in #Venezuela

1/29/17 The Struggle of the #Venezuelan People against U.S. Interventionism

2/10/17 US Calls for #Venezuela Sanctions Could Impact Organized Crime

Maduro Kicks @CNN Out Of @Venezuela, Accuses It Of Spreading #FakeNews

.@HighTimes 2/14/17
Trump sanctions #Venezuela’s vice president as “drug trafficking kingpin”

2/14/17 #Venezuelan Vice President Calls US Sanctions ‘Vile Aggression’

2/15/17 Drug Trafficking Accusations Against #Venezuela VP Don’t Add Up: Foreign Minister

2/27/17 #Venezuela’s Caracazo: How Neoliberal Failure Led to State Repression

3/5/17 #Venezuela, Bolivia Blast Hypocritical US Narcotics Report After Years of Failed War on Drugs

3/6/17 The Noose Tightens: #Venezuela Cash Reserves Dwindle Amid “External” Sabotage of Its Economy

3/8/17 #Venezuela Cash Reserves Reach New Low Amid U.S.- Led Sabotage

.@telesurenglish 3/13/17
40M #Venezuelan Bolivars Seized From Drug Traffickers in Rio

.@telesurenglish 2/13/17
Trump Turns Screws on #Venezuela by Sanctioning Vice President

.@Subversive_Pen 3/16/17
#Venezuelan President Says CIA is Using Its Drug War to Frame and Jail Venezuelan Officials

3/24/17 Regional powers to meet over #Venezuela crisis: Mexico

4/4/17 Thousands of #Venezuelans March Against Imperialism, OAS Interference

4/6/17 Chaos in #Venezuela

4/15/17 #Venezuela Opposition Has No Vision Beyond Violence: Pollster (sound familiar?)

.@activistpost 4/19/17
Is #Venezuela Finally Going Over The Edge? Massive Protests Erupt; Dozens Dead, Injured, Or Arrested

EliteNWOAgenda 4/22/17
Crisis in #Venezuela – Venezuelans Have Reverted To Survival Mode

.@AntiMedia 4/22/17
#Venezuela on the Verge of Revolution: A Quick Overview

.@telesurenglish 11/18/15
US Espionage: Alive and Well in Latin America

.@AbbyMartin Comments On The Attempts Of The US Government Against #Venezuela

Yahoo 5/1/17
#Venezuela congress head calls on Venezuelans to rebel

.@telesurenglish 4/23/17
#Venezuela’s Opposition Openly Calls for Economic War

.@activistpost 4/23/17
#Venezuela On The Verge Of Revolution: A Quick Overview

.@CRG_CRM 4/24/17
#Venezuela Calls for Expanding Armed Civilian Militias To Counter U.S.-Backed Opposition

.@telesurenglish 4/22/17
Here’s Your Guide to Understanding Protest Deaths in #Venezuela

.@CRG_CRM 4/24/17
Destabilization Plots Against #Syria and #Venezuela

.@telesurenglish 11/18/15
US Espionage: Alive and Well in Latin America

.@telesurenglish 4/20/17
US Has Given Green Light For Coup In #Venezuela: Maduro

.@telesurenglish 4/28/17
#Venezuela Delivers Letter Formalizing Exit from ‘Coercive’ OAS

.@FifthColumnNews 4/28/17
#Venezuela Unrest Caused by US Hybrid Warfare – Defense Minister

.@telesurenglish 4/27/17
Who Is Behind the State Department’s Coup Plot in #Venezuela?

Reuters (State media) 5/3/17
U.S. senators seek sanctions, other ways to address #Venezuela crisis

.@telesurenglish 5/4/17
Maduro – Indestructible Loyalty

EliteNWOAgenda 5/7/17
#Venezuela Chaos – Mass Looting & Supermarkets Empty

.@AntiMedia 5/9/17
Tensions Rise As US Announces Military Drills Near Embattled #Venezuela

.@CRG_CRM 5/10/17
US Sponsored “Regime Change” in #Venezuela is Now Official. US National Security Advisor McMaster Calls for a “Quick, Peaceful Solution”

.@dahboo7 5/3/17
Chaos Continues In #Venezuela As Protesters Storm Armored Vehicles

.@telesurenglish 5/17/17
US Has Budgeted $49M for Venezuelan Right-Wing Since 2009

.@telesurenglish 7/26/16
Clinton Emails Reveal Direct US Sabotage of Venezuela

US Economic Coup of Venezuela

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