US Economic Coup of Venezuela

.@blkagendareport ‏5/16/17
@AjamuBaraka: UNAC and Black Alliance for Peace Blast U.S. Subversion of #Venezuela

.@KitOConnell 9/20/16
What’s Behind The Surge In US Pipeline Construction?

7/12/16 US-Led Economic War, Not Socialism, Is Tearing #Venezuela Apart

12/5/16 Are Claims The US Is Sabotaging Venezuela’s Economy Far Fetched?

9/20/16 US Coast Guard Violated Venezuela Airspace: Defense Minister

1/20/17 US-Backed #Venezuela Opposition Leader Calls for 1950s-Style Military Coup

1/19/17 Lynchings Jump 650% in #Venezuela in 2016

1/22/17 Rex Tillerson Already Talking Regime Change in #Venezuela

1/29/17 The Struggle of the #Venezuelan People against U.S. Interventionism

2/10/17 US Calls for #Venezuela Sanctions Could Impact Organized Crime

Maduro Kicks @CNN Out Of @Venezuela, Accuses It Of Spreading #FakeNews

.@HighTimes 2/14/17
Trump sanctions #Venezuela’s vice president as “drug trafficking kingpin”

2/14/17 #Venezuelan Vice President Calls US Sanctions ‘Vile Aggression’

2/15/17 Drug Trafficking Accusations Against #Venezuela VP Don’t Add Up: Foreign Minister

2/27/17 #Venezuela’s Caracazo: How Neoliberal Failure Led to State Repression

3/5/17 #Venezuela, Bolivia Blast Hypocritical US Narcotics Report After Years of Failed War on Drugs

3/6/17 The Noose Tightens: #Venezuela Cash Reserves Dwindle Amid “External” Sabotage of Its Economy

3/8/17 #Venezuela Cash Reserves Reach New Low Amid U.S.- Led Sabotage

.@telesurenglish 3/13/17
40M #Venezuelan Bolivars Seized From Drug Traffickers in Rio

.@telesurenglish 2/13/17
Trump Turns Screws on #Venezuela by Sanctioning Vice President

.@Subversive_Pen 3/16/17
#Venezuelan President Says CIA is Using Its Drug War to Frame and Jail Venezuelan Officials

3/24/17 Regional powers to meet over #Venezuela crisis: Mexico

4/4/17 Thousands of #Venezuelans March Against Imperialism, OAS Interference

4/6/17 Chaos in #Venezuela

4/15/17 #Venezuela Opposition Has No Vision Beyond Violence: Pollster (sound familiar?)

.@activistpost 4/19/17
Is #Venezuela Finally Going Over The Edge? Massive Protests Erupt; Dozens Dead, Injured, Or Arrested

EliteNWOAgenda 4/22/17
Crisis in #Venezuela – Venezuelans Have Reverted To Survival Mode

.@AntiMedia 4/22/17
#Venezuela on the Verge of Revolution: A Quick Overview

.@telesurenglish 11/18/15
US Espionage: Alive and Well in Latin America

.@AbbyMartin Comments On The Attempts Of The US Government Against #Venezuela

Yahoo 5/1/17
#Venezuela congress head calls on Venezuelans to rebel

.@telesurenglish 4/23/17
#Venezuela’s Opposition Openly Calls for Economic War

.@activistpost 4/23/17
#Venezuela On The Verge Of Revolution: A Quick Overview

.@CRG_CRM 4/24/17
#Venezuela Calls for Expanding Armed Civilian Militias To Counter U.S.-Backed Opposition

.@telesurenglish 4/22/17
Here’s Your Guide to Understanding Protest Deaths in #Venezuela

.@CRG_CRM 4/24/17
Destabilization Plots Against #Syria and #Venezuela

.@telesurenglish 11/18/15
US Espionage: Alive and Well in Latin America

.@telesurenglish 4/20/17
US Has Given Green Light For Coup In #Venezuela: Maduro

.@telesurenglish 4/28/17
#Venezuela Delivers Letter Formalizing Exit from ‘Coercive’ OAS

.@FifthColumnNews 4/28/17
#Venezuela Unrest Caused by US Hybrid Warfare – Defense Minister

.@telesurenglish 4/27/17
Who Is Behind the State Department’s Coup Plot in #Venezuela?

Reuters (State media) 5/3/17
U.S. senators seek sanctions, other ways to address #Venezuela crisis

.@telesurenglish 5/4/17
Maduro – Indestructible Loyalty

EliteNWOAgenda 5/7/17
#Venezuela Chaos – Mass Looting & Supermarkets Empty

.@AntiMedia 5/9/17
Tensions Rise As US Announces Military Drills Near Embattled #Venezuela

.@CRG_CRM 5/10/17
US Sponsored “Regime Change” in #Venezuela is Now Official. US National Security Advisor McMaster Calls for a “Quick, Peaceful Solution”

.@dahboo7 5/3/17
Chaos Continues In #Venezuela As Protesters Storm Armored Vehicles

.@telesurenglish 5/17/17
US Has Budgeted $49M for Venezuelan Right-Wing Since 2009

.@telesurenglish 7/26/16
Clinton Emails Reveal Direct US Sabotage of Venezuela

US Economic Coup of Venezuela

#Fukushima Articles


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The Fukushima nuclear accident occurred on 3/11/11 in Fukushima, Japan.  In spite of some news reports, it IS NOT CONTAINED.  Four of Fukushima’s six reactors have melted into the environment.  Reactor 3 contained MOX fuel (dirty bomb material).

In December of 2013, Japan criminalized investigative journalism, essentially putting a gag order on the Japanese people. Japanese doctors were ordered to diagnose radiation-related diseases “stress”.  Last year, the EPA raised the allowable radiation levels in our drinking water by 3000% to keep the American public in the dark. Radiation sensors in the major US cities were turned off by the EPA.

In February of 2017, a mistake in the nuclear radioactive emissions reporting was discovered, bringing the real emissions to 530 sieverts per hour (Chernobyl emissions are 34 sieverts per hour. Five sieverts is enough to kill a human.) for the past six years.  The Fukushima nuclear radiation signature has reached Europe and the West Coast of the United States as well as water supplies in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.  The food chain in the Pacific Ocean has collapsed.  Irradiated salmon and bluefin tuna have appeared on the west coast. Seals and whales are starving to death.  Cancer, heart attacks, and autoimmune diseases in the US are rising.

The US imports irradiated produce from Japan (approved by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State right after 3/11/11), and this produce is not recognizable by the consumer. The EPA’s increase in acceptable radiation levels in drinking water provides the justification for continued Japanese food imports.   The Japan2020 Olympics, if it continues, will expose the attendees to unknown quantities of nuclear radiation.

Fukushima is sending out airborne manmade ionizing *NUCLEAR* radiation in addition to ((4500+ tons/min 24-hours a day) x (3 meltdowns))  of manmade ionizing *NUCLEAR* irradiated waste into the Pacific Ocean DAILY.  Don’t let MSM confuse you by comparing radiation that occurs naturally in the world to manmade *NUCLEAR* radiation, which can cause any one of 1800 different diseases ending in cancers in the human body.  THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL OF MANMADE NUCLEAR RADIATION. Children are affected the most.   Fukushima is not alone in contributing to runaway planetary pollution, but it is the greatest catastrophic environmental disaster threatening all of humanity today.

GE, the company that designed Fukushima, knew at the time that the Fukushima design was devastatingly flawed, yet continued with construction.  23 nuclear power plants in the United States were built using GE’s flawed design.  Now is the time to decommission them.

How #Fukushima is destroying the planet


.@DrDurnford 7/26/17
2020 Olympic Payday For Fukushima food producers shut out of overseas markets

.@DrDurnford 7/25/17
#Fukushima : Tepco Hoodwinks Entire World With Fake Reactor 3 Robot Video

.@DrDurnford 7/24/17
Strong Evidence Pro Nuke Is Insatiable Death Cult

.@DrDurnford 7/21/17
#Fukushima Meltdown Special – Ask A Nuclear Expert Q&A

.@DrDurnford 7/20/17
#Fukushima Meltdown Reactors 1,2,3, and 4 News

Straitstimes 7/19/17
#Fukushima 5.8 quake, epicenter 21 mi under the sea


Earthquake 7-19-17 5.6 Fukushima Earthquake

7/20/17 #Fukushima
4.3 magnitude 35k depth earthquake 52 km from Namie, Fukushima, Japan

NHK 7/19/17
Scaffolding at #Fukushima MOX Reactor No.3 missing

.@MailOnline 7/19/17
Robot: #Fukushima Reactor 3 Melted MOX Fuel

.@DrDurnford 7/19/17
PR & #Fukushima Behind The Pacific Extinction Event

Heavy rain lashes Fukushima, Niigata, hail seen in Tokyo

#GeoEngineering .@DrDurnford 7/18/17
After #Fukushima Meltdowns MSM, U’s, Govt Etc Worked To Deceive Everyone

Japan issues evacuation orders as torrential rain batters northern regions

h.thomas ackermann 7/17/17
#FUKUSHIMA – How They’re Getting Away With It

.@DrDurnford 7/17/17
#Fukushima :Tepco Celebrates Death Of Pacific Ocean With Brutal Radiation Releases

.@ENENews 7/16/17
Fury at Fukushima: Over 1 Billion pounds of nuclear waste “will be dumped into sea” — Top Official: “The decision has already been made” — “The solution is to pour the radioactive liquid into the ocean” — Toxic radioactive water to cause devastation

.@OrganicSlant 7/16/17
What In The World Is Happening At #Fukushima

NYTimes 7/14/17
Protected Wolves in Alaska Face Peril From Beyond Their Preserve


.@DrDurnford 7/14/17
#Fukushima : Tepco Calls Plutonium Contaminated Water Tritium Now Wants To Dump in Ocean

CBS 7/13/17
Former Rocky Flats Neighbors Share Health Horror Stories

.@JapanToday 7/13/17
Japan flood death toll rises to 30 #Kyushu

.@DrDurnford 7/13/17
Net Neutrality Where Everyone Is Left The Fuck Alone!! Naw, that wouldn’t work

.@DrDurnford 7/12/17
#Fukushima Nuclear Accident Shows Scientist Are Vicious Thugs & Liars

.@EcoWatch 7/11/17
Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Already Underway

.@JapanToday 7/11/17
Nuclear authority chief raps TEPCO’s attitude toward Fukushima

.@DrDurnford 7/11/17
#Fukushima Meltdown: Is Australia Worlds Evilest Country?

.@DrDurnford 7/10/17
Odd – European Commission (EC) Wants Japans Radiation Food Bans Lifted

JapanAlert 7/9/17
Earthquake: #Fukushima-ken Oki

.@DrDurnford 7/7/17
#Fukushima – Yes Nuclear Scientist Kids Should Be Given To Tepco

JoeyBellmore 7/6/17
ALERT: Record Radiation Detected at Fukushima Nuclear Plant!!!

ABC 7/6/17
Dead fish wash up on the shores of Lake Erie; a case experts haven’t seen in more than a decade

.@DrDurnford 7/6/17
Crazy !! Is This Fake CNN News Clip Criminal ??

.@DrDurnford 7/5/17
Shocking Betrayal !! James Corbett #Fukushima Update – The Traitor Among Us

.@JapanToday 7/5/17
Sixth MOX nuclear shipment leaves France for Japan

.@zerohedge 7/5/17
Demographic Shock Ground Zero: Japan’s Population Drops At Fastest Pace On Record


Reuters 7/5/17
Heavy rain in Japan forces almost 400,000 from their homes

.@DrDurnford 7/4/17
#Fukushima Meltdown Caused Sutherland Institute To Turn Demonic

.@AJWasahi 7/4/17
Tectonic shifts off Mie’s coast a harbinger of a massive quake?

.@DrDurnford 7/3/17
#Fukushima Meltdowns Shows No One In Nuclear Business Are Human

JapanAlert 7/3/17
Earthquake, #Fukushima Daini

.@ENENews 7/3/17
Record radiation detected at Fukushima nuclear plant — Multiple locations register highest levels ever measured — “Radioactive materials in groundwater toward the ocean”

IndependentUK 7/1/17
Fire breaks out in #Chernobyl’s exclusion zone forests

.@kyodo_english 7/1/17
Serious delays in breast cancer diagnosis in #Fukushima: study

.@DrDurnford 6/30/17
Fukushima Reactors Caused Council on Foreign Relations To Meltdown

VICE 6/29/17
Unprecedented Die-off of Whales, Scientists Worried

.@DrDurnford 6/29/17
Understanding #Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns & Death Of Pacific Ocean

Nuclear Hotseat #314 6/28/17
#Fukushima Radiation-Hit USS Reagan Sailors Win Right to Sue TEPCO in USA

6/28/17 HUGE fire #Fukushima!?! (2 cams capture footage)

.@DrDurnford 6/28/17
After Wrecking a Planet #Fukushima Ex-bosses Faces $9000 Fine in Trial

6/28/17 @WikiLeaks #Fukushima Full Breach Radiation Wide Spread News Told Not to Say MELTDOWN

.@RT_com 6/27/17
Ukraine cyberattacks disrupt some Chernobyl radiation checks

.@DrDurnford 6/27/17
#Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown & 50,000 Join Hands To Protest Belgian Nuclear Reactors

Reuters 6/27/17
Jellied sea creatures confound scientists, fishermen on West Coast

.@DrDurnford 6/26/17
#Fukushima : The Man Who Saved Japan

h.thomas ackermann 6/25/17
Questioning Reality is our obligation ! Ball or Flat Earth etc…..

–Killer Whales attacking boats
#GeoEngineering #SixthMassExtinction
Gabor Zolna 6/25/17
Might #Fukushima Be The Reason?

.@kevindblanch 6/25/17
#Fukushima news; the litigation that will BREAK the NUCLEAR Energy Crime syndicates BACK

.@DrDurnford 6/24/17
Australia Only Sells Nuclear Fuel & Refuses To Use Nuclear Fuel 🤔

.@hervecourtois1 6/24/17
65th financial payment for Tepco: #1,46 billion

.@DrDurnford 6/23/17
Remember Without Activist Assassination Becomes The Only Viable Option

.@TFTProject 6/23/17
Media Continues to Deny #Fukushima Threat as Dying Navy Sailors Sue for $1 Billion Over Radiation

.@AJWasahi 6/23/17
Court: US Sailors can sue in US over 3/11 #Fukushima

TheTelegraphUK 6/23/17
Navy who ‘fell sick from #Fukushima radiation allowed to sue Tepco

.@NatCounterPunch 6/22/17
#Fukushima’s Radiation Will Poison Food “for Decades,” Study Finds


.@kevindblanch 6/22/17
#Fukushima News; long time OREGON SALMON guide “We’ve never seen anything even close to this bad.”

.@DrDurnford 6/21/17
IAEA & Reality Of Radiation Hormesis & The linear no-threshold model (LNT)

HuffPo 6/21/17
Rocky Flats #CO Made Nukes. Then It Made A Mess. Now It’s About To Become A Public Park.

.@kevindblanch 6/21/17
#Fukushima news; Small Glowing SEA creators ALL OVER OREGON COAST, SMR$ NUSCALE SCAM

Nuclear Hotseat #313 6/21/17
Marshall Islands Nuclear Atrocities & UN Bomb Ban Treaty

StrontiumMilks 6/20/17
Why Eating Fish Near #Fukushima Is Stupid Cesium 134 Indicates Fission

CNN 6/20/17
How hot is it in the West? Let us count the ways

.@kevindblanch 6/19/17
#Fukushima news; Cooper River Salmon running @ 30 %

.@RenseRadio 6/19/17
Fish #Fukushima Contaminated Marine Bioligists Won’t Say Radiation

.@kevindblanch 6/19/17
#Fukushima news; #AK 16 year old track STAR KILLED BY STARVING BEAR NO chinook SALMON

.@DrDurnford 6/19/17
Disney Sphero’s Spider-Man Would Die At Fukushima Melted Reactors Site

StrontiumMilks 6/18/17
Huge Radiation Spikes Europe ☢ Something Major Happen?

h.thomas ackermann 6/18/17
The World Is Not What It Appears To Be

BlacklistedNews 6/18/17
Radioactive Waste Flowing Freely into Columbia River Bec. no Money to Stop it

RealThingTV 6/17/17
Thousands of Dead Fish Mysteriously Wash up in Coastal Texas Town

StrontiumMilks 6/16/17
Hawaii Coral Reefs Dying Sunscreen Blamed Fukushima Not Considered

.@kevindblanch 6/16/17
#Fukushima news OREGON, Washington, SALMON officials LIE, POST FAKE Projections 2 FACED CRIMINALS

.@DrDurnford 6/16/17
#Fukushima: Companies That Make Nuclear Plants Can Not Fix Them lmfao

.@DrDurnford 6/15/17
Finland The Land Of Nuclear Monsters Will Bury Nuclear Fuel ?? WTF !!

.@OrganicSlant 6/14/17
The #Fukushima 50 Thousand Nuclear Martyrs

.@kevindblanch 6/14/17
#Fukushima news; OREGON O.D.F.W. CRIMES CA. Sen. Harris, Feinstein, OR. Merkley, Wyden PLAY DUMB

.@DrDurnford 6/14/17
#Fukushima Vs Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS)

.@kevindblanch 6/14/17
#Fukushima news; Pacific Salmon Spring run Ends with an EPIC COLLAPSE catastrophe,

.@RT_com 6/14/17
‘World’s first’: 2-headed porpoise caught off coast of the Netherlands (PHOTOS)

Georgina Hines 6/14/17
Two-headed porpoise caught in fishing net is first ever found

.@OrganicSlant 6/14/17
TEPCO #Fukushima Fool Moon

Nancy Foust 6/13/17
A #Fukushima Update June 2017

.@kevindblanch 6/13/17
#Fukushima news; #IndianPoint NUKE PLANT leaking radiation into N.Y.C. DRINKING WATER AGAIN

.@DrDurnford 6/13/17
The Nuclear Exodus Stalled By Dark Evilness

#Fukushima #GeoEngineering
NatGeo 6/13/17
Bizarre, Glowing Sea Creatures Bloom in the Pacific

.@ENENews 6/13/17
Huge number of sea creatures washing up dead along SoCal

Alex Pietrowski 6/12/17
Has the 40-year Plan to Stop the Leakage at #Fukushima already failed?


Strontium Milks 6/12/17
ALERT: Radioactive Leak #IndianPoint New York High Radiation North East 6/12/17

.@DrDurnford 6/12/17
#Fukushima Meltdown : How Washington University in St. Louis Scored

.@Grist 6/11/17
West Coast shores are bathed in ocean acidification “hot spots”

.@RenseRadio 6/10/17
How Many Have to Die From #Fukushima Before World Leaders Care?

h.thomas ackermann 6/10/17
I can Predict the PAST & #Fukushima is the PRESENT – forever

Toxic Algae Causing Brain Damage in Sea Lions along California Coast

.@RealGeoEngWatch 6/8/17
The Toxic Health Threats We Face: Q & A

WGME 6/8/17
Mysterious toxin appears to be threatening seabirds along Maine coast

Guardian 6/7/17
Japan nuclear workers inhale plutonium after bag breaks

.@DrDurnford 6/7/17
Jim Stone : Was #Fukushima Man Made & The Kobe Vs Fukushima Quake Debate

ABC 6/6/17
Dead dolphin mystery explained by Scripps Insitution of Oceanography

.@DrDurnford 6/6/17
Fake #Fukushima Activist Like OMG WeepingWillow24u A Dangerous Betrayal

.@The_Insurgent_  6/6/17
🎶#Fukushima (Global Contamination) – Hypnotized

#Fukushima Watch 6/5/17
Three Mile Island nuclear accident: significant thyroid cancer in surrounding counties

.@DrDurnford 6/4/17
#Bilderberg 2017 – Humanity On The Brink With Dana Durnford

.@kevindblanch 6/4/17

.@kevindblanch 6/2/17
#Fukushima news; I am NOT mystified, puzzled, stumped, or baffled, the Great Pacific Genocide

.@DrDurnford 6/2/17
Shocking !! Exploring With Josh & Cody Tricked into Exploring Radiated #Fukushima

MyDailyInformer 6/1/17
Michio KaKu: #Fukushima The end of Humanity


AntiNewsNetwork 6/1/17
The Media can no Longer Hide the Truth about #Fukushima; The Entire World is in Danger


.@DrDurnford 6/1/17
#Fukushima Facts Vs Fiction Pictures Videos Headlines Oh My

.@DrDurnford 5/31/17

.@DrDurnford 5/31/17
#Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Outs Berkeley Nuclear Demon Robert J. Butnitz

.@ENENews 5/31/17
Alarm: Massive die-off on California beaches — “Extremely high” number of sick and dead animals — Seabirds, sea lions, dolphins affected — Experts: Never seen this many sick birds — “How many have to die before somebody cares?” (VIDEOS)

#Fukushima #GeoEngineering #SixthMassExtinction
CBS 5/30/17
What’s killing seabirds and seals in #California?

.@RenseRadio, @DrDurnford 5/30/17
CATASTROPHE – #Fukushima Can End Most Life On Earth In Next 9 Years

.@DrDurnford 5/30/17
#Fukushima & Mass Killers at the University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering

#Fukushima #GeoEngineering #SixthMassExtinction
CBS 5/29/17
Hundreds Of Sick, Dying Seabirds, Seals Found On Shores Of Ventura, Santa Barbara Counties

.@kevindblanch 5/29/17
#Fukushima news;Epic Salmon Collapse 2016-17, #Hanford contractor rewarded

.@DrDurnford 5/29/17
#Japan : How Bad Did Berkeley Nuclear Scientist Score During #Fukushima Facts Vs Fiction

Summary of the nuclear science behind #Fukushima

Spike in radiation and infant deaths in #Philadelphia after #Fukushima

Dana Durnford on himself (@DrDurnford) #Fukushima

.@OrganicSlant 5/28/17
#Fukushima Is Like Driving In The Fog (Poem 👍)

.@Subversive_Pen 5/27/17
Nuclear Energy Is Perfectly Safe — If You Ignore That Pesky Data Omitted by the NRC

.@kevindblanch 5/26/17
#Fukushima news; #Oregon Declares SALMON DISASTER; weak Cooper river RUN

.@DrDurnford 5/26/17
#Fukushima Meltdowns Causing Extinction Events BUT Scientist Say Its Like Banana

.@ENENews 5/26/17
TV: Millions of dead sea creatures wash ashore in Hawaii — Carcasses found along miles of beach — “That should trigger some alarm” — “I don’t know what’s going on over there… I’ve never seen anything like this” (VIDEOS)

.@kevindblanch 5/25/17

.@DrDurnford 5/25/17
Gloating Singapore Media Rag Encourages Pregnant Women Go to #Fukushima

Nuclear Hotseat #309 5/24/17
#HANFORD Accident #2 in 10 Days! + Yucca Mt. Nuclear Desecration of Western Shoshone Land

.@hervecourtois1 5/24/17
Ex-Officials of #Fukushima NPP Operator to Face Trial for 2011 Disaster in June

5/23/17 Jeff Rense and Regis Tremblay – ‘Thirty Seconds To Midnight’ How Close Are We To The END?

David Hodges 5/23/17
#Fukushima Comes to America-The #Hanford Disaster

.@DrDurnford 5/23/17
#Fukushima Meltdowns & Why A Sea Lion Snatched A Kid off BC Warf

Nuclear fission can’t be turned off

h.thomas ackermann 5/22/17
The Jig is Up – #Fukushima is an EXTERMINATION

.@ENENews 5/22/17
Emergency at #Hanford #WA: TV: “Major event… Sign the plant is falling apart” (VIDEOS)

.@ENENews 5/22/17
Emergency at US Nuclear Site: “Unusually high” radiation levels reported — Worker: “Everybody’s freaked, shocked, surprised” — Governor: “Alarming incident” — TV: “Major event… Sign the plant is falling apart” (VIDEOS)

.@DrDurnford 5/18/17
#Fukushima : Fake Radiation Scanner Custom Built To Scam Children Legal In #Japan

.@joshua__frank ‏5/18/17
#Hanford is Ripe for a Radioactive Explosion

.@kevindblanch 5/17/17
#Fukushima news; Oregon cuts Salmon projections by half, Alaska cuts Cooper River 80%

.@DrDurnford 5/17/17
#Fukushima Nuclear Fallout Vs Bizarre University of Montana School of Journalism

.@DrDurnford 5/16/17
Ffabbergasted ! Tepco new incinerator to dispose of radioactive logs

.@kevindblanch 5/16/17
#Fukushima news; The Great Pacific Genocide U.S. Gov. Bows to Monarch killers

.@DrDurnford 5/15/17
#Fukushima : Black Magic Camera & University of Montana Fake Professor Denise Dowling

.@kevindblanch 5/15/17
#Fukushima news; N.R.C. Celebrates the death of the Pacific Ocean by the Nuke energy SCUM

.@DrDurnford 5/12/17
#Fukushima – Are Nuke Scientist Proof Monsters Really Exist ??

.@dahboo7 5/12/17
#Hanford Cover-Up: Tunnel Collapse Unnoticed for Days, Releasing Radiation Into Open Air

.@Mainichi 5/11/17
#Fukushima mulls criminal complaint over fake forest decontamination work

#Fukushima #Hanford
h.thomas ackermann 5/11/17
The New #Art Movement is defined by THE AGE OF FISSION

.@DrDurnford 5/11/17
#Hanford – How Nuclear Fallout Harms You & Solutions

[Nuclear regulatory exposure] standards were based upon false information and reckless deception, not the isotopes

.@DrDurnford’s response to Juliana Rose Pignatro’s RawStory “X-Ray” Article

.@DrDurnford: #Fukushima Rice (don’t eat it)

.@DrDurnford: The Nuclear Assoc. #Fukushima Propaganda

Cole Miller and KOIN 6 News Staff 5/10/17
Former #Hanford Site operator: ‘It’s a mess’


#Nevada #NoNukes #Fukushima
Is #YuccaMountain Back From the Dead?

.@NuclearHotseat #307 5/10/17
#HANFORD EMERGENCY SPECIAL: Tunnel Collapse, Site Lockdown, Radiation Spike, Health Protection

.@DrDurnford 5/10/17
SHOCK !! Hanford Emergency Based On Nuclear Waste Not Banana’s Potato Chips Airplanes Sunshine Lies

If you clean #Hanford up, you’ll bankrupt the country

.@ENENews 5/9/17
BREAKING: Emergency at US nuclear site after collapse — TV: “Fears of radioactive contamination” — Expert: “Could lead to considerable radiological release” — Multiple states activating Emergency Operations Center — Pilots told to avoid flying over area (VIDEOS)

.@NewsBud_ 5/9/17
Breaking: Tunnel Collapses At #Hanford Nuclear Site – Emergency Declared

.@EcoWatch 5/9/17
Emergency Declared at Nuclear Waste Site in #Washington State

.@ZeroHedge 5/9/17
“Emergency Alert” Declared At Nuclear Facility In #Washington; Evacuation Ordered, No-Fly Zone In Place

.@ENENews 5/9/17
New fear of explosions in Fukushima — Nuclear waste threatens to “spontaneously combust” — Millions of tons of radioactive material could be released — Nuclear Expert: Japanese government is “terrified” (AUDIO)

#WA #NuclearWaste #Fukushima
.@RT_com 5/9/17
Emergency declared at US #Hanford nuclear waste site after tunnel collapse

.@kevindblanch 5/8/17
#Fukushima news; Pacific Ocean Collapse O.D.F.W. army corp play games with count

.@CRG_CRM 5/8/17
Fukushima: Japanese Government Guilty of Destroying Pacific Ocean

.@DrDurnford 5/8/17
#Fukushima Deadly Radioactive Forest Fires & Norwegian Institute for Air Research

“We’ve lost the planet […] We’re way up the food chain, so we’ll be the last to go.”
–Dana Durnford (@DrDurnford)

.@joinwakeupworld 5/8/17
Nuclear Experimentation Year 72 – Collectivism Over Common Sense



.@CCN_Updates 5/7/17
#Fukushima: Japanese Government Guilty Of Destroying #Pacific Ocean


.@Claudia_Stauber 5/7/17
Armageddon is heading our way

.@OrganicSlant 5/7/17
Nuclear Particles Caught On Fukushima Live Camera 5-6 2017

#Chernobyl vs #Fukushima

5/6/17 Dane Wigington on #Fukushima

ALARM: Record die-off of marine life along West Coast — Huge numbers washing up on shore… “This is just the tip of the iceberg” — Several types of animals found dead — Hemorrhaging from brain infection (VIDEOS)

.@DrHCaldicott 5/5/17
#Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Continues Unabated. Radioactive Waste into the #Pacific


.@Greenpeace 5/5/17
Nuclear power and the collapse of society


Charles Digges 5/5/17
Wildfires near #Fukushima reignite Chernobyl-like fears of contamination

.@DrDurnford 5/5/17
#Fukushima Collapse Of #Japan & Nuclear Industry & Academic’s Is Imminent

.@SFGate 5/4/17
For 7 weeks straight, hundreds of sharks have been washing up dead on the shores of the #SFBay #CA

.@achitchcock (334) 5/4/17
@DrDurnford – #Fukushima: Past, Present, And Future

.@DrDurnford 5/4/17
#Fukushima MAY 5TH 2017 Radioactive Forest Fires Plumes Hitting #NorthAmerica

.@hervecourtois1 5/3/17
Mount Juman Forest Fire in Namie

.@GreenPeace 4/15/16
Radioactive #Chernobyl forest fires: a ticking time bomb

#Fukushima #Missouri
Nuclear Hotseat #306 5/3/17
Ongoing St. Louis Nuclear Nightmare: West Lake Landfill Fire – Dawn Chapman, Jan Huber

Strontium Milks 5/3/17
National Forests Now Nuclear Waste Sites In Path of Fire

.@ENENews 5/3/17
Peak of #Fukushima radiation now moving to West Coast — Levels much higher than predicted — Huge red blob of nuclear waste near shore — San Francisco area being hit hardest — Concern over Iodine-129 with 15 million year half-life (MAPS)

.@DrDurnford 5/3/17
Staggering #Pacific Species Die Off Accelerating Along West Coast #USA & #Canada

.@hervecourtois1 5/2/17
Wildfires in Namie

.@OrganicSlant 5/2/17
Fukusheeple: TEPCO Is The Shepherd

Radioactive Waste Kept in National Forest Near Fukushima Fires

.@ENENews 5/2/17
Brain-rotting toxin killing huge numbers of marine animals on California coast — Die-offs skyrocket over past week — Expert: “It’s worst year we’ve ever seen” — Mass deaths of sea lions, dolphins, birds — Officials warn outbreak is spreading (VIDEOS)

.@DrDurnford 5/2/17
How #Fukushima Radioactive Forest Fires & Harvey Mudd College Are Killers

.@EcoWatch 5/1/17
Wildfire Burns in #Fukushima ‘No-Go Zone,’ Sparking Fears of Airborne Radiation


.@SimplyInfoOrg 5/1/17
Forest Fires In #Fukushima Pose New Risk


.@CommonDreams 5/1/17
Sparking Fears of Airborne Radiation, Wildfire Burns in #Fukushima ‘No-Go Zone’

.@ENENews 5/1/17
Fukushima a “ticking time bomb” — Fires now “raging” near nuclear plant — Blaze doubles in size; “Smoke rising from wide areas” — Concern over fallout of highly radioactive material; Officials closely watching radiation levels (VIDEO)

.@EcoWatch 5/1/17
Wildfire Burns in #Fukushima ‘No-Go Zone,’ Sparking Fears of Airborne Radiation

Strontium Milks 5/1/17
WikiLeaks #Fukushima Full Breach Radiation Wide Spread News Told Not to Say MELTDOWN

Lauren McCauley 5/1/17
Contaminated forests such as those outside fallout sites like #Fukushima and #Chernobyl ‘are ticking time bombs’

.@DrDurnford 5/1/17
Forest Fires Raging By #Fukushima Sends Radioactive Plumes To USA & Canada

.@ENENews 4/30/17
Fires burning near #Fukushima plant — Officials ask Japan gov’t to send in troops to help fight blaze — Strong winds hindering firefighters (VIDEO)

.@RT_com 4/30/17
#Fukushima authorities ask troops to help deal with forest fires near crippled nuclear power plant

.@kevindblanch 4/29/17
#Fukushima news; 4-29-17 STARVING KILLER WHALES KILLING eating GREY WHALES & Pups Monterey bay

.@RealGeoEngWatch ( 4/29/17
#Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News

.@starsandstripes 4/28/17
There’s been a spike in the number of dead humpback whales along the East Coast

.@TheWatchers_ 4/28/17
Very strong M6.8 earthquake hits #Philippines, tsunami warnings issued

.@kevindblanch 4/28/17
#Fukushima news; Pacific Salmon Collapse, Army Corps Bonn Cam Corruption, R.T. PUTIN !

Heal #Fukushima 4/28/17
Propaganda and the “March for Science”

.@DrDurnford 4/28/17
Nuclear Shithead Putin To Fake #Fukushima Clean Up For Japans Incompetent Nuclear Scientist

.@kevindblanch 4/27/17

.@DrDurnford 4/27/17
#Fukushima Nuke Apologist TRT World Gets Owned !

“You can’t dilute [#Fukushima radiation]”
— Dana Durnford (@DrDurnford)

“Our job is to be the stewards … of our planet”
— Dana Durnford (@DrDurnford)

.@dahboo7 4/27/17
Mysterious Spike In Humpback Whale Deaths On #Atlantic Coast

.@WatchingHawks 4/26/17
[467] Haunted Nuclear Past and Fining Free Speech

.@kevindblanch 4/26/17
#Fukushima news; 2016-17 #Pacific Salmon COLLAPSE CHERNOBYL 31;; OPEN HEART SURGERY PACIFIC OCEAN;;

.@Claudia_Stauber 4/26/17
#Fukushima – the level of denial is mind-boggling!

.@ENENews 4/26/17
Experts: Japan “wants to just drop tanks” of Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean — Americans worried over plumes hitting West Coast — “Reactors are now leaking really high levels of radiation into sea… The world does need to help” — Official says Japan lying about catastrophe (VIDEO)

.@DrDurnford 4/26/17
#Fukushima Solutions Mitigations & Japan Much Bigger Threat Than #NorthKorea !

Drinking #NuclearWaste In #Albuquerque: They Hope You’ll Stay Silent


.@NuclearHotseat 4/25/17
UN’s #Chernobyl Health Cover-Up Exposed: Alison Katz, Independent WHO – #305

.@Claudia_Stauber 4/25/17
Our planet is dying while we fight! Stop the political party BS and unite!

.@hervecourtois1 4/25/17
Mothers who fled #Fukushima fallout raise voices against Genkai plant restart in Saga

.@DrDurnford 4/25/17
Did #Fukushima Radiate #Pacific Sea Food ? Results From Fukushima Expeditions

.@ENENews 4/24/17
#Fukushima Radiation Alert — Concern ‘nuclear chain reaction’ could occur at plant

.@ENENews 4/24/17
Mass die-off ongoing along US West Coast

.@DrDurnford 4/24/17
#Fukushima Children Return @nytimes Gloats With Malignant Pleasure

Bob Nichols 4/22/17
Total Gamma and Beta Radiation 2008 Highs No 14X

.@kevindblanch 4/22/17
#Fukushima news; Poisoned 97% Epic Acute Pacific Salmon Collapse, Healthcare of We the Sea;; Denied

.@CRG_CRM 4/21/17
Uranium Contamination Across America

.@hervecourtois1 4/21/17
The Children of #Fukushima Return, Six Years After the Nuclear Disaster


.@DrDurnford 4/21/17
Meet Worlds Scariest Nuclear Apologist

.@kevindblanch 4/20/17
#Fukushima news; FUrplegate I STILL SAY PRINCE HAD CANCER Prince King Salmon THE SEA

.@AJWasahi 4/20/17
Where to put all the radioactive waste is now the burning issue


Jayson Veley 4/19/17
A Single Asteroid Hit In The Atlantic Ocean Could Generate A Fukushima-Sized Tsunami Wave Causing Nuclear Meltdowns In 13 Nuclear Facilities Along The East Coast

.@kevindblanch 4/19/17
#Fukushima news; HotWatergate #SanOnofre #CA meltdowns coverup Earth day hijacking

.@AJWasahi 4/18/17
Crowds absent as #Fukushima town’s blossoms reach their peak

.@NuclearHotseat 4/18/17
#SanOnofre #CA Radwaste Insanity vs. Google Earth: Ray Lutz, Gary Headrick + The Trauma of #Fukushima Kids

Banned pollutant detected in water running under Marine base on Okinawa (plus #Fukushima which we won’t mention)

.@DrDurnford 4/18/17
#Fukushima: #Japans Nuclear Death Spiral is Taking Down The Planet With It

.@kevindblanch 4/18/17
#Fukushima news; April 18 2017 AS THE Pacific Salmon 97 % COLLAPSE the PACIFIC OCEAN DIES

Tepco, Toshiba to manage power grids in Cambodia

.@DrHCaldicott 4/17/17
Steven Starr, Bruce Gagnon and William Hartung at the Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction symposium

.@AJWasahi 4/17/17
EDITORIAL: Children must learn respect for #Fukushima evacuees


JD Heyes 4/17/17
Grid-Down Scenario Would Obliterate The Entire E Coast Of The US (Except Maine)

Two Nuclear Leaks in the UNITED STATES. One is Likely Worse Than #Fukushima

.@kevindblanch 4/17/17
#Fukushima news; #Oregon Spring Salmon Run @ 97 % COLLAPSE,FUKUSHIMA SMOKING GUN

.@DrDurnford 4/17/17
#WWIII MOAB – Mother Of All Bombs & #Fukushima Kids Bullied Like #Japan Journalists

#Nevada Says Not In My Back Yard on Trump Revival of Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump


#Korea #WWIII #NoMoreWar #NotInMyName
ScryingBiotech 4/16/17
Kim Jong Un Eyes #Fukushima Building 4

.@hervecourtois1 4/15/17
#Fukushima the silent voices (Trailer)

33 Nuclear Reactors Across The US Have Elevated Spent Fuel Pools Like #Fukushima (#Philadelphia The Worst)


h.thomas ackermann 4/14/17
How to become a Brilliant & Original ARTIST

.@garryg2000 4/14/17
Mad Men, #Fukushima and More Mad Men!


The #Fukushima Evacuees Future

‘The Ocean is broken and dead’; the sad story of a sailor and the aftermath of #Fukushima


.@DrDurnford 4/14/17
How Do We Fix #Fukushima ? Crowd Source it ? Ignore it ? Entomb it ? Bomb it ?

.@kevindblanch 4/13/17
#Fukushima news; Dairy farmer NUKE energy welfare Queens kill the Earth as you kiss their feet

Robert Hunziker 4/12/17
#Fukushima’s Upcoming Olympics


4/12/17 Back-to-back bleaching has now hit two-thirds of the #GreatBarrierReef

4/11/17 28 nuclear reactors in the United States could suddenly fail due to earthquakes… most are located along the East Coast


.@NatCounterPunch 4/12/17
#Fukushima’s Upcoming Olympics


4/12/17 False promise: nuclear power: past, present and (no) future

.@NuclearHotseat 4/12/17
UN Nuke Bomb Ban + Don’t Bank on the Bomb – Alice Slater, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation – NH #303

.@kevindblanch 4/12/17

.@DrDurnford 4/12/17
#Japan Already Nuked North #Korea Just Ask Toshiba

4/11/17 Troubled Toshiba reports unaudited results after 2 delays

.@ENENews 4/11/17
Officials: Melted fuel still leaking out of #Fukushima reactor — Likely escaping from opening at bottom of containment vessel

.@kevindblanch 4/11/17
#Fukushima news; THE GREAT PACIFIC Genocide is VERY REAL 90 % collapse of #Pacific Ocean

.@DrDurnford 4/11/17
#Fukushima : #Japan’s Meltdowns Triggers An Extinction Level Event

h.thomas ackermann 4/10/17
The #SyriaAttack – What Next??

“There has been a default switch implanted in us that is seeking total and utter annihilation of all life on this planet”

GNN Steiger-Olson 4/10/17
MORE Mass Animal Death – JAN, FEB, MAR, APR 2017 is HORRIBLE

4/10/17 SHOCKING: Deadly #Fukushima Soil To Be Used In #Japan’s Public Parks


.@EcoWatch 4/10/17
Sardine Population Down 95% Since 2006, Fishery Shut Down for Third Consecutive Year

4/11/17 Director killed by terrorist lives on through 3/11 victims’ film

4/10/17 #Fukushima Evacuees Future Laid Bare


.@DrDurnford 4/10/17
#Fukushima: Heartless #Japanese Minister Berates Radiation Victims

.@hervecourtois1 4/9/17
Nuclear Reactor Design Chosen – Not Because It Was Safe – But Because It Worked On Navy Submarines


38 Years & 5 Nuclear Meltdowns Later: The REAL Lessons from #ThreeMileIsland

.@BLKahn 4/6/17
Icebergs Are Swarming Shipping Lanes in the #Arctic


4/6/17 #Fukushima Unit 2 Confirmation Of Damage Found

4/5/17 #Fukushima reconstruction minister slammed by opposition lawmakers

#Fukushima contaminated Entire #Pacific Ocean! And NOW There’s HELL TO PAY:


.@hervecourtois1 4/5/17
#Fukushima Reconstruction Minister Says Government Has No Responsibility to 3/11 Voluntary Evacuees


.@hervecourtois1 4/5/17
The fallout of a damaged reactor versus the fallout of an atomic bomb

4/5/17 #Fukushima black bags being moved-Fukushima Reactor students Say it’s Safe Don’t See Radiation

.@kevindblanch 4/5/17
#Fukushima news; 2017 SPRING CHINOCK KING SALMON RUN 99 % collapse NATIVES file SUIT @ N.O.A.A.

Nuclear Hotseat #302 4/5/17
West Lake Nuke Waste Protests Erupt + Radiation in 2020 Olympics Food?

.@DrDurnford 4/5/17
#Fukushima @WikiLeaks Files & dutchsinse Fukushima betrayal explained

4/5/17 1 in 10 Zika-infected (or nuclear radiation?) US moms have babies with birth defects, CDC reports

Massive Academic Cover-Up Concealing A Near-Total Collapse Of Ocean Food Chains … Mass Death To Humans Will Follow


StrontiumMilks 4/4/17
@WikiLeaks #Fukushima Cesium 1480000 Bq Per Meter French Study 20 Times Tepco Estimate–d1hs

#Fukushima #ClimateChange #Pollution
4/4/17 Massive Government Coverup: “Near-Total Collapse Of Ocean Food Chains… Mass Death To Humans Will Follow”


.@CRG_CRM 4/4/17
Reconstruction Disaster: The Human Implications of Japan’s Forced Return Policy in #Fukushima

.@DrDurnford 4/4/17
#Fukushima @WikiLeaks Files & dutchsinse viciously attacks me

4/4/17 #Fukushima: The Extinction-Level Event That No One Is Talking About

.@kevindblanch 4/4/17
#Fukushima news; W.I.P.P. Reopened #NewMexico #Idaho have consented

4/4/17 #Fukushima disaster reconstruction minister apologizes over outburst at journalist


.@kevindblanch 4/3/17
Fukushima news; Cooper River Salmon Emergency closed 90% collapse

#Fukushima Report: Life of rads contaminated food in USA & Japan

4/3/17 @SimplyInfoOrg 2017 Food & Radiation Report

.@DrDurnford 4/3/17
#Fukushima @WikiLeaks Iodine Files & How dutchsinse Sucker Punched Hope

#Fukushima is just SW of Kamchatka
.@RT_com 4/3/17
2 volcanos spew ash in Russia’s Kamchatka rattled by quakes

.@TruthOut 4/2/17
Neoliberalism Is Killing Us: Economic Stress as a Driver of Global Depression and Suicide

4/2/17 After #Fukushima, battling Tepco and leukemia


4/2/17 #Fukushima: Long Awaited Announcement BS

.@kevindblanch 4/2/17
#Fukushima news; ALASKA KING SALMON fishing emergency CLOSED 90 % COLLAPSE

4/2/17 Ace Hoffman Warn #Fukushima USA

.@RenseRadio, @DrDurnford 4/2/17
#Fukushima Can End Most Life On Earth In Next 9 Years

4/1/17 As I See It: Flawed gov’t policies betraying #Fukushima disaster victims


4/1/17 EDITORIAL: Toshiba debacle highlights huge risks in nuclear power business


3/31/17 US Thyroid Cancer Rates Triple, and Scientists Look for Cause

3/31/17 #NewMexico Nuclear radioactive waste project put to regulators


.@FifthColumnNews 3/31/17
Protesters Outcry Against Live-Fire Depleted Uranium Bombing in #Hawaii

#MI #Fukushima
Protesters Block Entrances to #WestLakeLandfill In St. Louis

Ruptly 3/31/17
#Japan: #Fukushima residents hold candlelit vigil as evacuation ban is lifted

#WA #Fukushima
.@RT_America 3/31/17
Hanford Site STILL crippling & poisoning workers

3/31/17 #Japan condemned after more than 300 #whales slaughtered in annual Antarctic hunt


3/31/17 #Japan Lifts Evacuation Orders for 3 #Fukushima Areas


3/31/17 333 Minke Whales Killed by Japanese Fleet


#MI #Fukushima
3/30/17 Dozen people in police custody after protest blocking two entrances to #WestLakelandfill

#Fukushima #WA #Hanaford
.@TruthOut 3/30/17
Nuclear Waste Smolders into the environment in Sites Across the US


3/30/17 Former Japan prime minister discusses nuclear plant disaster

3/31/17 #French companies knew of #Creusot forge flaws in 2005 but installed them in French and U.S. reactors anyway


3/31/17 Tepco’s #Fukushima: the most expensive industrial accident in history

3/31/17 #Fukushima 4-year-old missing in #Japan thyroid-cancer records\


.@LiveScience 3/31/17
Thyroid Cancer Rates Triple, and Scientists Look for Cause

3/31/17 Fukushima Bill

3/31/17 Most #Fukushima evacuation orders end save for no-go zones

3/30/17 Evacuation zone around #Fukushima nuclear power plant reduced


.@DrDurnford 3/30/17
SHOCKING BETRAYAL !! dutchsinse cooks his own goose (how ignorant commentators report on #Fukushima)

3/30/17 #Fukushima: 300 tons of radioactive water are leaking daily into the Pacific


3/30/17 #Fukushima 4-year-old missing in #Japan thyroid-cancer records

BBC lies about #Fukushima – Thyroid cover-up lady becomes radiation expert & gets it all wrong

.@kevindblanch 3/30/17
#Fukushima news; THE GREAT #PACIFIC GENOCIDE PhD, 222 DAYS the Endanger Spices Act BY LAW

.@EcoWatch 3/29/17
Mystery of Arctic Green Ice Solved by Harvard Scientists

3/30/17 #Fukushima The Timebomb & Ending of Humanity ? 530 Sievert per Minute

.@DrDurnford 3/30/17
@Wikileaks #Fukushima Meltdown Files – Stratfor Behavior Unspeakably Awful

3/30/17 The #Arctic Is Warm Again Because Of Course It Is


3/30/17 [VIDEO]“Most catastrophic fisheries collapse in history” expected along West Coast

3/28/17 Residents furious over high court decision to revoke Takahama nuclear plant injunction


#Fukushima #EUIodine131?
3/28/17 #Ukraine Explosions — A Radiation Dirty Bomb “Cooking Off” — Clear Drone Video

GlobalIssues 3/30/17
#FUKUSHIMA DISASTER – The Aftermath And The Solutions.

3/30/17 District court rejects request to temporarily halt Ikata nuke plant

3/30/17 Dana Durnford (@DrDurnford):”#Fukushima Radiation & NOT #ClimateChange Is Responsible For Extreme Weather.”

3/29/17 #Peru Fire Rainbow – Could the atmosphere ignite?

3/29/17 Westinghouse files for US bankruptcy protection

3/29/17 Westinghouse Bankruptcy Puts Fate Of Four U.S. Nuclear Reactors In Limbo

.@zerohedge 3/29/17
Foreign Investors Are Dumping Japanese Bonds & Stocks At Almost Record Pace

3/28/17 #Japan considering killing its children with #Fukushima soil


#Fukushima #EUIodine131?
3/28/17 #Ukraine Explosions — A Radiation Dirty Bomb “Cooking Off” — Clear Drone Video

NuclearHotseat #301 3/29/17
#ThreeMileIsland Will NEVER Be Over – TMI Anniversary SPECIAL

3/29/17 Lonnie Clark is Corrrect, #Fukushima is Raising Ocean Temps!

3/29/17 #Fukushima News: Nuclear Disaster Evacuees Welcomed Home By Cherry Blossoms

3/29/17 #Fukushima the new “F” word!

Kevin Blanch 3/29/17
#Fukushima NEWS; PACIFIC SALMON SPRING RUN 20% in, has NO SALMON, Trump Adm. opening YUCCA MT.

.@DrDurnford 3/29/17
@WikiLeaks #Fukushima Files 1st Look Ummm Terrifying Radiation Cover-up Confirmed

#Fukushima #Halden
3/29/17 New radiation spikes continuing in multiple countries — Mystery deepens


311Watchdogs 3/29/17
TEPCO fails to pinpoint melted fuel at #Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant


311Watchdogs 3/29/17
New video from #Fukushima Daiichi

.@hervecourtois1 3/29/17
11,000 Wikileaks documents related to #Fukushima

#Fukushima #EUIodine131?
3/28/17 #Ukraine Explosions — A Radiation Dirty Bomb “Cooking Off” — Clear Drone Video

3/28/17 #Japanese court rules for utility and lets #nuclear reactors restart

.@DrDurnford 3/28/17
#ThreeMileIsland Anniversary & #Fukushima Nuclear #Event

3/28/17 Abe’s #Japan Is a Racist, Patriarchal Dream

.@danielhurstbne 3/28/17
Victory for #Japanese #nuclear industry as high court quashes injunction

3/28/17 #Japan ponders recycling #Fukushima soil for public parks & green areas

Strontium Milks 3/27/17
EPA Shuts Off Rad Net As Radiation in Japan Rises Beta Gamma DOWN!

3/27/17 US Media’s Global Warming Denialism


3/27/17 #Florida: Explosion and fire at Turkey Point nuclear plant [VIDEO]

.@JohnUpton 3/27/17
Communities Retreat as Oceans Swell, Coasts Erode

3/27/17 EPA Shuts Off Rad Net As #Radiation in #Japan Rises Beta Gamma DOWN! 3/27/2017

3/27/17 Study Links Extreme Weather Events to #ClimateChange

.@PaulCraigRobert 3/27/17
A View We Don’t Often Hear


#ClimateChange #Fukushima
3/27/17 Klamath fall Chinook salmon forecast: “lowest on record, unprecedented, exceptionally difficult”

#Fukushima #AcceleratedClimateChange
3/27/17 The #GreatBarrierReef is Dying as Ocean Temperatures Rise

.@ha_nah_nah 3/27/17
Study finds human ‘fingerprint’ on extreme weather

.@DrDurnford 3/27/17
Crazy #Japan Media Claims #Fukushima Decontamination Complete is Truly Murder

3/27/17 Court Finds Japanese Government Guilty – #Fukushima ‘Could Kill Millions’


3/27/17 Some #Fukushima municipalities lack nuclear evacuation plans as no-entry orders lifted

3/27/17 Director tells how 3/11 disaster influenced film ‘Survival Family’

#Norway #NuclearAccident
3/26/17 #Halden a European nuclear hazard? An International coverup?

3/26/17 #ClimateChange Pushes World Into ‘Uncharted Territory’


3/26/17 #Japan, #France confirm #nuclear and security cooperation


.thomas ackermann 3/26/17
#Fukushima FOIA PROOF! Fuel Pool 4 fuel rods have sunk into the environment

3/26/17 America in Serious Danger if #Fukushima not stopped

3/26/17 #Fukushima news; Pacific Salmon in historic Epic Collapse, ecological catastrophe

3/25/17 Nuclear Engineer: #Fukushima Meltdown Could Last 250,000+ Years (VIDEO)


3/25/17 The #Fukushima to Cause Unprecedented Disaster in The World Says NASA

h.thomas ackermann 3/25/17
People have lost HOPE – Establishing HOPE again

3/25/17 SYMPOSIUM: Locals, experts discuss radiation risks, solutions, future in Iitate

Anonymous 3/25/17
#Fukushima 2017

#ClimateChange #Fukushima
3/24/17 #California: Sardine fishing could be banned for 3rd year in a row

3/24/17 Cod fishing catches plummet in waters off New England

Dr. Ian Fairlie 3/24/17
Tritium: Comments on Annex C of UNSCEAR 2016 Report (childhood leukemia)

3/24/17 #Fukushima Disaster & Scientists to March Washington 6 Years On

.@DrDurnford 3/24/17
#Fukushima Meltdown : 2020 Olympics Baseball In Fukushima Is Plain Murder

3/24/17 Nuke watchdog critical as robot failures mount at #Fukushima plant


.@FukushimaExposd 3/23/17
#Fukushima: No Remorse, No Regrets.

3/23/17 #Fukushima Unit 1 More Questions Than Answers From New Inspection


3/23/17 What Is The Solution If TEPCO Can Not Handle #Fukushima-Akio Matsumura

3/23/17 Photos: See #Japan’s nuclear legacy — from #Fukushima to #Hiroshima

3/23/17 We are on a WILD Magnetic Ride Folks #EarthMagnetism

3/23/17 #Fukushima Nuclear Warning – A Warning to the Entire World

.@DrDurnford 3/23/17
#Fukushima Contaminated All #Pacific Ocean Sea Food – Killing Most

3/23/17 TV: Explosion hits US nuclear plant — Officials declare emergency alert

3/23/17 #Fukushima Unit 1 More Questions Than Answers From New Inspection

March 2017
#Fukushima Report: All Forms of Ocean Life Dying in Stunning Numbers Across Pacific

3/23/17 Yakuza hide IDs to secretly thrive in Tohoku’s disaster zones

3/23/17 The #Fukushima Scary Nuclear Cover-up in U.S.A and Japan Says Gundersen

3/22/17 U.S. reactors at risk: French regulator says Creusot Forge “ill-equipped” to make nuke components where safety-related “errors are made”

3/22/17 What Make #Fukushima So Disastrous

3/22/17 #Fukushima Worker on Verge of Breakdown “The Earth Around Me Distorting Like Jell-O”

.@kevindblanch 3/22/17
#Fukushima NEWS; unit 1 water PROB says KILL HUMAN in 40 Mins. U.S. SEN. TO GIVE French GOV. BILLIONS

3/22/17 Senate panel passes bill to license advanced nuclear plants #Fukushima #AreTheyCrazy

.@DrDurnford 3/22/17
#Fukushima: How Do We Stop Killer Scientist Like Thunderf00t & Uk Gerry Thomas

.@kevindblanch 3/22/17
#Fukushima news; PACIFIC SALMON IN EPIC COLLAPSE, FU Fuktonium killing FROM Utah to Kazakhstan

StrontiumMilks 3/21/17
Radiation ( Alert Virginia, DC, IL, Indiana, Ohio Radcon 5 Weather

3/21/17 #Fukushima Nightmare is Far From Over — Radiation Levels Have Just Hit a Record High

.@NuclearHotseat Episode #300 3/21/17
Nukes in Space Eat Entitlement Programs! – Global Network’s Bruce Gagnon

3/21/17 Scientists Says We Are Truly Screwed About #Fukushima

3/21/17 Massive Ocean DIE OFF Foreshadows The Era Of Global Human Population Collapse


#India #Fukushima #NuclearAccidents
3/21/17 Nuclear Contagion

3/21/17 Tests Prove #Fukushima Viral Video a Clueless Moronic Roundup

Michio Kaku 3/21/17
Current News & #Fukushima Updates – #Chernobyl

.@kevindblanch 3/21/17
#Fukushima news; NUKE ENERGY giant to file BANKRUPTCY, the house of cards TO FALL

.@DrDurnford 3/21/17
#Fukushima Pro Nuke Troll Thunderf00t Claims Fission Isotopes Like Bananas & Flying in Airplanes

3/21/17 The Great News is #Fukushima Has Only Two Problems Left Update

3/21/17 “Massive leak” at nuclear plant after reactors contract “small pox”

#LegalizeIt #SpreadTheSeeds
3/21/17 How Marijuana Destroys Cancer Cells While Leaving Healthy Cells Alone

3/20/17 Nuclear Engineer Says #Fukushima Is “As Close To Hell As I Can Imagine,” Contamination Will Linger For Decades

.@the_ecologist 3/20/17
Killer ‘hot particle’: Sellafield coast ‘like #Chernobyl and #Fukushima exclusion zones’

.@ENENews 3/20/17
Nuclear Investigator: Worry over underground explosions at #Fukushima — Molten fuel is “dropping lower into ground each day”

.@DrDurnford 3/20/17
#Fukushima Meltdowns Death Of 100s Of Millions of Salmon Can’t Be Ignored

JustinForTheTruth 3/20/17
The Extinction Level Disaster has already happened-#Fukushima

TheBigPictureRT 3/20/17
The Oceans Are Heating Faster

3/20/17 Nuclear Investigator: Worry over underground explosions at #Fukushima

3/20/17 Scientist speaks on #Fukushima and decreasing fertility rates

3/19/17 Collapse of #Pacific Salmon run

3/19/17 All forms of ocean life dying in stunning numbers across #Pacific

.@CRG_CRM 3/18/17
Radiation Spikes at #Fukishima, Worldwide Impacts, “Longest Running, Continuous Industrial Disaster in History”


3/18/17 #Fukushima Is Now Labeled an Extinction Level Event

3/7/17 #Fukushima Nightmare is Far From Over — Radiation Levels Have Just Hit a Record High

3/17/17 Post #Fukushima Meltdowns & Massive Die-offs Reported in #PacificOcean

3/17/17 Japan companies found duping foreign refugees into decontamination work in #Fukushima

3/17/17 #Fukushima: “Worst Industrial Cataclysm in World History”, Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen


‘#Fukushima, The End Game!’

3/17/17 Gov’t, TEPCO found liable for #Fukushima nuclear disaster for 1st time

3/17/17 Nuclear Engineer: My biggest concern is #Fukushima plant will collapse

3/17/17 #Fukushima to host baseball and softball ties at Tokyo 2020

3/16/17 Cancer on the Rise in Post-#Fukushima #Japan

3/16/17 Massive die-offs reported in #PacificOcean

3/16/17 Power transmission firm set up in 3-way joint venture in #Fukushima operated by wild irradiated boars

3/16/17 Massive Die-Offs in the #PacificOcean

3/16/17 Nuclear Engineer Says #Fukushima Contamination Will Go On For Thousands Of Years

3/16/17 The Study Shows of 14,000 U.S Deaths From #Fukushima

3/16/17 #Texas’ Lawsuit Over Radioactive Waste Could Bring That Same Waste to Texas

3/16/17 Alarming die-offs reported in Pacific Ocean (VIDEO)

3/16/17 Weapons Physicist Posts Declassified Nuclear Test Videos to YouTube

3/15/17 Mystery European Radiation Spikes – Sources, Causes & Coverups + #Fukushima Facts w/SimplyInfo’s Nancy Foust

3/15/17 Anonymous – Biggest Threat to Humanity and Earth… (#Fukushima LEAK 2017-2018)

3/15/17 What you need to know about #FUKUSHIMA and #NuclearFallout

3/15/17 Baverstok, Shimizu & Asanuma Brice The Dangers of Low Dose Radiation in #Fukushima

3/15/17 #Fukushima, ibtimes Monsters Want Japan Ban On Fish Exports Over !!

.@kevindblanch 3/15/17
#Fukushima news; #Oregon SALMON COLLAPSE #California COAST REPORT

3/15/17 Fukushima, Japan Ban On Fish Exports Over? After Nuclear Radiation Disaster, Countries Could Lift Embargo

3/14/17 Humans face a shocking, chemical-induced reproductive crisis

3/14/17 After Years Of Media Coverups, The Truth About #Fukushima’s Radiation Catastrophe Is Starting To Get Coverage

3/14/17 #Fukushima Daiichi Meltdowns – Explained By Goto & Tanaka Two Nuclear Scientist

3/14/17 A #Fukushima Survivor’s Story – Setsuko Kida

3/14/17 Sojourner Truth Radio: Six Years Later, the #Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster’s Impact Continues

3/14/17 Fate Of #Fukushima No. 2 Nuclear Plant Remains Unknown 🤔


Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima is “worst industrial cataclysm in history of world… As close to hell as I can imagine” — Melted fuel ‘disappeared’ — Contamination will go on for hundreds of thousands of years… “No one knows when it’ll end” — Gov’t perpetrating ongoing cover-up (VIDEO)

Dr. Ian Fairlie 3/14/17
Tritium: Comments on Annex C of UNSCEAR 2016 Report

.@Claudia_Stauber 3/14/17
Dane Wigington on the state of our oceans. They are in trouble to say the least!

3/14/17 #Fukushima Cancers Just the Tip of the iceberg (Gundersen)

Nuclear Engineer: #Fukushima is “… As close to hell as I can imagine”

3/14/17 Resort CEO: To beat #Fukushima’s image problem, change the name: Hotelier 🤔

3/13/17 #Fukushima 6 Years On: Rads Kill Everything

3/13/17 Kevin Kamps talks to RT International

.@ENENews 3/13/17
Fish leaking pus, covered in lesions, deformed along US West Coast — Fisherman: Nearly all fish caught affected; “I’ve never seen this… Some had pus all over body” — Official: So many are showing illness, environmental conditions could be a factor (PHOTOS)

3/13/17 Expert: Corium likely melted into earth… Will pour highly radioactive waste into ocean “for rest of time”

3/13/17 Losing faith: the #Fukushima cleanup at six years

3/13/17 #Fukushima Pref. governor criticizes Abe’s 3/11 memorial speech

3/13/17 #Fukushima, #Fracking and #Nuclear in the Uk

.@Claudia_Stauber 3/13/17
The fucking mainstream media are a bunch of order following robots who are killing our planet.

3/13/17 The Heartbreaking Legacy of #Fukushima Daiichi: Radiation Continues to Bleed into the Pacific Ocean

3/12/17 #Fukushima Contamination: Children Suffer Nuclear Impact Worldwide p. 2/2

3/12/17 #Fukushima Ice Wall Plan Melting & more update

3/12/17 Six years after #Fukushima, anti-nuclear activists protest in #France

3/12/17 #Fukushima Radiation, What Prospects for Humanity


RadChick 3/11/17
#Fukushima 6 Year We Are Power (Ft. John Trudell)

3/11/17 The illusion of normality at #Fukushima

3/11/17 #Fukushima Radiation causes Bees And Trees Dying in Halifax

3/11/17 Does Trump Have The Business Sense To Pull The Financial Plug On Nuclear Power?

3/11/17 28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From #Fukushima

.@RealGeoEngWatch ( 3/11/17
Dane Wigington: #Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News

RadChick 3/10/17
#Fukushima 6 Year: Rads Kill Everything

3/10/17 #Fukushima catastrophe unfolds … key facts and figures for an unhappy sixth anniversary

3/10/17 Expert warns of collapse at Fukushima reactor: “It would be the end of Japan”… New photos show serious structural damage at Unit 2… “It’s a fantasy” that they can decommission plant — AP: Melted fuel has broken pieces of structure in containment vessel (VIDEO)

.@zerohedge 3/10/17
Caught On Video: Radioactive Wild Boar Roam Fukushima

3/10/17 #Fukushima Radiation: Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over, Or Worse……

3/10/17 Wanted: Kamikaze robots

.@msmilkytheclown 3/10/17
#Fukushima & Radioactive Food: Obama’s Killer Gift Before Leaving WH

Thom Hartmann 3/10/17
Kevin Kamps: Is Japan’s Rejected Radioactive Food Ending Up at Your Grocery Store?

.@Claudia_Stauber 3/10/16
Planet Hospice. #Fukushima. Arctic.

3/10/17 The Semi-Secret Plan To Tunnel Under #Fukushima Daiichi

TheBigPicture 3/10/17
#Fukushima TEPCO LIES, Meltdown Mayham

.@SheilaRParks 3/10/17
Remembering the 6th Anniversary of #Fukushima – MARCH.11.2017 “Silence Deafening” by Kimberly Roberson

3/10/17 Statement: National Policies Corner Victims —Six Years after the #Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

3/10/17 Survival and Rescue Work Continues at #Fukushima

3/10/17 Expert warns of collapse at #Fukushima reactor (PODCAST)

3/10/17 6 Years Later … #Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Far From Over

3/10/17 Caught On Video: Radioactive Wild Boar Roam #Fukushima

3/9/17 Robots Keep “Dying” From Radiation In #Fukushima, Making The Nuclear Fallout Investigation Impossible

3/9/17 Officials: #Fukushima Has Now Contaminated 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans

3/9/17 Large Radiation Leak Near #Norway’s Capitol

.@EuroNews 3/9/17
Fukushima towns cleared of wild boars

3/9/17 Cancer cases in #Fukushima ‘cannot be linked to radiation’

3/9/17 Radioactive boars slowing return to deserted #Fukushima towns

.@Mainichi  3/9/17 Fukushima laden with piles of radioactive soil that can’t be moved into storage

3/8/17 #ClimateChange #Fukushima
Solar Update/Comet Johnson/Radiation Report.

3/8/17 Six years after #Fukushima began, “normalizing” radiation exposure risks the health of women and children

.@ShaolinTom 3/8/17
Fukushima News: Radioactive Hoax? Refugees Forced To Clean Nuclear Material For Japan Visas

3/8/17 BREAKING! EURO Radiation Found/#Halden #Norway/Could be in Meltdown

3/7/17 Radiation Road Signs, Nuclear Refugees, Government Cover-Ups – VOICES FROM JAPAN: #Fukushima Nuclear Disaster turns Six

3/7/17 #Fukushima Nightmare is Far From Over — Radiation Levels Have Just Hit a Record High

3/7/17 Alarm at nuclear plant: Dangerous neutron flux in core reported (VIDEO)

3/7/17 Mayor suggests officials living in #Fukushima town get promotion priority

3/7/17 Star Interview with Richard Blackledge: How Sheffield expert is tackling the legacy of world’s worst nuclear disaster

3/7/17 2 TEPCO affiliates get tax exemption approval under disaster aid system

Greenpeace 3/7/17 #Fukushima resettlement policy violates international human rights commitments & Japanese law

.@NatCounterPunch 3/6/17 #Fukushima Catastrophe at 6: Normalizing Radiation Exposure Demeans Women and Kids and Risks Their Health

3/6/17 #Fukushima Cleanup Efforts Still Failing

3/6/17 #Japan goes to highest alert level after #NorthKorea fires four missiles

3/6/17 U.S. Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force begin MultiSail exercise

BPEarthWatch 3/6/17
Tremendous Response to New Nuclear Radiation Map.

3/6/17 #Fukushima Fears In Death Of Pacific Ocean

3/6/17 #Fukushima: Dead in Less Than an Hour Radiation update

Styxhexenhammer666 3/6/17
#Fukushima Still Fucked, So Radioactive It Kills Robots

3/6/17 #Fukushima Is Turning Into A Robot Graveyard After Multiple Probe Failures

3/6/17 Political News vs. Environmental Awareness

.@niamh_mcintyre 3/5/17
Experts baffled as robots sent to clean up #Fukushima nuclear site keep dying

3/5/17 News Navigator: How will melted fuel at #Fukushima plant be removed?

3/5/17 The island of the post-#Fukushima children

3/4/17 EDITORIAL: TEPCO blunders raise doubts on ability as nuke plant operator

3/4/17 Fukushima Update: 14,002.95 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow

3/3/17 #Norway’s Halden Reactor: A poor safety culture and a history of near misses

3/3/17 Key Figures for the #Fukushima 6th Anniversary


“Radiation Omnicide” Leuren Moret interviewed by Alfred Webre

3/3/17 Robot hell: #Fukushima disaster site ‘needs smarter bots’ for clean-up

3/3/17 Many at Fukushima “now have brain damage” — Worker develops 3 types of cancer in a year — Secret hospital used to treat those sickened by radiation exposure — Doctor: “People cried… Can we survive?”

3/3/17 Gov’t employee arrested on suspicion of taking #Fukushima cleanup bribe

3/2/17 As evacuees move back, #Fukushima cleanup faces daunting obstacles

3/2/17 #Fukushima cleanup chief urges better use of probe robot

.@TheDailySheeple 3/2/17
What Caused the Mysterious #Radioactive Plume in Europe?

2017-03-02 @ 3:00pm, Avg Background Radiation levels | CA 12.9 | NV 15.9 | UT 11.8 uR/hr #Fukushima #Japan #Meltdown

3/2/17 Better robots needed to probe #Fukushima site


3/1/17 5 Years After #Fukushima – Cornell University panel with Charles Perrow Part 1

.@DrDurnford 3/1/17
#Fukushima Nuke Plant Rocked By 8.0 Earthquake

3/2/17 5 years after #Fukushima Charles Perrow Part 2

TheBigPicture 3/1/17
#Fukushima Japan TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!!!

3/1/17 “Mysterious cancer” killing sea lions along US West Coast

3/1/17 #Fukushima News: Amid Nuclear Reactor Radiation Fears, #SouthKorea Abandons #Japan Airport Flights

.@ENENews 2/27/17
“Emergency measures” taken at Fukushima plant after “unexpected dents” found on reactor building floor — Situation “much worse than expected” — Experts: It’s like a “burning house”… “I was shocked” by outcome… “Streaming of radiation” may be underway

2/20/17 #Fukushima Robot Fried Again, But Confirms Astronomical Radiation, Cleanup Impossible for Decades


.@ENENews 2/17/16
West Coast hit with 220,000,000 atoms/liter Iodine-129 in rain after #Fukushima

Published 2/15/17 “My Nuclear Nightmare: Leading Japan Through the Fukushima Disaster to a Nuclear-Free Future” by fmr Japan PM Naoto Kan

2/11/17 Why Is No One Talking About Fukushima Reactor 2 That Is Collapsing Into the Pacific?

.@DavidIcke 2/8/17
#Japan Is Over – #Fukushima, How & Why It Happened – David Icke in 2012

Garry Greenwood Feb 2017
Fukushima 2017 – our sixth year of the apocalypse


Feb 2017
The long-term plight of people displaced by the 2011 #Fukushima Accident

2/28/17 WATCH: Professor links die-offs on US West Coast to Fukushima radiation — “Nobody has any idea what to do about the continuing contamination” — River flowing under plant with “molten fuel on the bottom” and it’s going into ocean (VIDEO)


2/28/17 Weird cloud hovers near Belgrade following explosions at #Serbian military facility (PHOTO, VIDEO)

2/28/17 M5.6 earthquake hits northeast Japan, no tsunami warning issued

2/27/17 Proud workers at #Fukushima No. 1 nuke plant risk deadly #radiation danger

2/27/17 “Emergency measures” taken at #Fukushima plant … “Streaming of radiation” may be underway

3/26/17 Erdogan’s War of Words Inciting Terror in Europe

2/26/17 #Fukushima nuclear plant still plagued by tainted water 6 years after meltdowns

.@NatalieSMcGill 2/26/17
Breaking News On #Fukushima That No One Wants To Talk About

Anonymous 2/25/17
#Fukushima still leaking. Biggest threat to humanity and life on Earth

2/25/17 Nuclear Hotseat #296: Dr. Caldicott on #Fukushima: “Decommission or Cleaning Up?

.@TruthOut 2/25/17
Community Power Offers #Fukushima a Brighter, Cleaner Future

2/24/17 Alert: Cancer-Causing Radioactive Particles Have Been Detected Across #Europe

2/24/17 #Fukushima Residents Being Forced To Move Back To Radioactive Wasteland

2/24/17 #Fukushima Radiation Is Still So Bad It Crippled Two Robots That Went near It

2/23/17 ESSAY: The Ongoing #Fukushima Disaster


.@MintPressNews 2/23/17
2 Robots Crippled By Record Levels Of Radiation Leaking At #Fukushima Daiichi

2/22/17 Detoxing Nuclear Radiation: Surviving #Fukushima

2/22/17 Dr. Caldicott on #Fukushima: “Decommission or Cleaning Up? It’s Fantasy!”

2/22/17 #Fukushima – EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT. ALERT iodine-131

#SanDiego #CA
2/22/17 Local servicemen may have radiation poisoning from #Fukushima

Jeff Rense & Dana Durnford 2/21/17
CATASTROPHE – #Fukushima Can End Most Life On Earth In Next 9 Years

.@ENENews 2/21/17
TV: Scientists fear Fukushima radiation hitting US to worsen… “A lot of people are very concerned” — Experts: Billions are being exposed… Reactors “will continue to pour water into Pacific for the rest of time” (VIDEO)

Greenpeace 2/21/17
#Fukushima: Land of Contamination. No Returning To Normal.

2/20/17 The presence of Iodine-131 is evidence of a rather recent release


2/20/17 French #Nuclear Watchdog Gives An Update On Mysterious #Radioactive Iodine Blanketing #Europe

2/20/17 #Fukushima: a Lurking Global Catastrophe?

.@ChrisLynnHedges et al. 2/20/17
VIDEO The Cliff of Nuclear Annihilation: Humanity is on the Brink of Extinction! Thirty Seconds to Midnight

2/19/17 Mystery #Nuclear ‘Incident’ Detected Across #Europe?

2/19/17 #Fukushima Aborts Latest Robot Mission Inside Reactor; Radiation At “Unimaginable” Levels



Fukushima Exposed 2/18/17
#Fukushima: A Short Documentary.

2/18/17 Anonymous – Fukushima Still Leaking [RED ALERT – APOCALYPSE]

#Hawaii Dr. Dulai Makes #Radioactive Fish Chart To Measure #Fukushima Radiation In Ocean

@FrediTeres 2/17/17
#FUKUSHIMA essential INFO everybody should already know:

2/18/17 Radiation levels in one #Fukushima reactor high enough to kill a human in two minutes

.@ENENews 2/17/16
West Coast hit with 220,000,000 atoms/liter Iodine-129 in rain after #Fukushima

2/17/17 #Fukushima Third of Sea Life DEAD! FEB, 6, 2017

2/17/17 The Media Can No Longer Hide The Truth About #Fukushima; The Entire World Is In Danger

2/17/17 Reporters Face 10 Years In Jail If They Mention Fukushima ‘Conspiracies’

.@activistpost 2/17/17
On The Trail Of Missing #Fukushima Fuel

2/16/17 #Fukushima Catastrophe Continues To Worsen After Six Years Of Ongoing Meltdowns

2/16/17 #Fukushima: Radiation Now Reported In West Coast Tuna

2/15/17 Nuclear Disaster Imminent – #Fukushima Radiation Containment Levels Fail

2/15/17 #Fukushima Catastrophe Continues To Worsen After Six Years Of Ongoing Meltdowns

The Big Picture 2/14/17
‘#Fukushima Is Still Melting Down.’ Kevin Kamps.

2/14/17 Nuke Experts: #Fukushima plant “Humanly impossible” to clean up due to shockingly high radiation levels

2/14/17 #Fukushima Out of Control: Radiation Levels Significantly Higher than “Unimaginable”

2/14/17 Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

2/14/17 The #Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Continues Unabated

Rense 2/13/17
#China Says #Japan Irresponsible With #Fukushima Issues Safety Alert

Fukushima Exposed 2/13/17
Radiation levels at Fukushima now 650sv/h. Fukushima Exposed

2/13/17 #Fukushima: Beyond Urgent

2/13/17 Fukushima: Beyond Urgent (when will we start seeing increased cancer?)

2/13/17 HELEN CALDICOTT: The #Fukushima nuclear meltdown continues unabated,10019

2/11/17 Red Seaweed: The #Radiation Protection Superfood You’re Not Getting Enough Of

.@RT_com 2/11/17
Extremely high radiation breaks down Fukushima clean-up robot at damaged nuclear reactor

.@veteranstoday 2/11/17

.@Claudia_Stauber 2/11/17
#Fukushima, I’m not gonna let go of this subject

.@Claudia_Stauber 2/11/17
What’s going on with #Fukushima

.@FifthColumnNews 2/11/17
Tepco’s Toughest Robot Fails Inside #Fukushima Reactor

TheBigPictureRT 2/10/17
#Fukushima Is Still Melting Down…

2/10/17 What’s happening at #Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan?

2/10/17 #Fukushima News Blackout: Plutonium Melts Through Reactor Floor… Half Life of 24,000 Years!

2/9/17 COVER-UP: GE handled Fukushima’s nuclear reactor design, knew it was faulty … “so flawed it could lead to a devastating accident”

2/9/17 #Fukushima: First Images Emerge Of Radioactive Salmon In #Canada

.@ENENews 2/8/17
FOX: “New fuel leaks discovered” at #Fukushima—Experts believe melted fuel leaking—”Wow, this is a crazy story” -VID

2/8/17 #Fukushima contamination of the world

2/6/17 New Radiation Readings in #Fukushima Reactor 2 Are ‘Unimaginable,’ Lethal in 1 Min.

2/6/17 ‘Unimaginable’ – Understanding Radiation Levels Inside #Fukushima Reactor

.@Claudia_Stauber 2/6/17
#Fukushima and our oceans! We are so fucked!

.@RT_America 2/6/17
Radiation at #Fukushima at highest level since meltdown

.@Subversive_Pen 2/5/17
As Media Labels #Fukushima A “Conspiracy Theory,” Radiation Soars To Record Level

.@ENENews 2/5/17
TV: Record # of dead whales in Hawaii—Carcasses scattered throughout islands—Possible health effects from #Fukushima

.@EcoWatch 2/5/17
#Radiation at #Fukushima Spikes to Highest Levels Since 2011

2/5/17 ‘Unimaginable’ – Understanding #Radiation Levels Inside #Fukushima Reactor

2/5/17 Breaking: #Fukushima Reactor #2 Pressure Vessel Breached, Rising To “Unimaginable” Levels Of Radiation

2/4/17 Record High Fatal Radiation Levels At Damaged #Fukushima Nuclear Plant

2/4/17 Understanding #Fukushima ☢ Documentary Feb 3, 2017 Update

2/4/17 High radiation levels at Fukushima reactor is bad, bad news

2/3/17 ALERT: Collapse imminent at Fukushima — TV: Officials find large section under reactor is “unstable… about to collapse” — “Bad, bad news… Time to reconsider that trip to the east coast of Japan” (VIDEOS)

2/3/17 Highest radiation reading since 3/11 detected at #Fukushima No. 1 reactor

2/3/17 Highest Radition Levels Since Meltdown Recorded at #Fukushima

.@ENENews 2/2/17
Record high radiation levels at #Fukushima plant—“Gaping hole” found under containment vessel (PICS & VIDEO)

.@dahboo7 2/2/17
Record High Fatal Radiation Levels, Hole In Reactor Detected at #Fukushima Nuclear Facility

2/2/17 Radiation level at Fukushima reactor highest since 2011 disaster; grating hole found

.@ENENews 1/31/17
“Unprecedented”: #Fukushima “far worse than previously thought” —Molten fuel appears spread over extensive area -VID

.@ENENews 1/30/17
Breaking: Nuclear fuel found “beneath containment vessel” at #Fukushima?—Parts inside reactor “no longer there” -VID

Gundersen 1/30/17

1/25/17 #Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

1/29/17 US Gov’t declares disaster over diseased and dying fish on West Coast.

1/27/17 Full DOCUMENTARY 2017 The Radioactive Forest of #Fukushima

.@AJWasahi 1/24/17
First raw milk since 3/11 ships out from former evacuation zone


#NuclearPower #Fukushima
.@ChrisLynnHedges et al. 1/23/17
Thirty Seconds To Midnight – The Final Wake Up Call

.@ENENews 1/23/17
US hit with sudden spikes of rare radioactive material from #Fukushima

1/16/17 Japanese Tapeworms Found in #NorthAmerican Fish

1/13/17 Federal Regulator Halts Move to Toughen Radiation Exposure Limits

CNN 1/12/17 (clip from 2011)
Arnie Gundersen Gamma Ray Field At #Fukushima Nuclear

1/11/17 Ocean Contamination Time Lapse: #Fukushima Exposed

.@ENENews 1/10/17
#Fukushima radiation contaminates West Coast fish—“Fears the country’s food chain is polluted… terrifying discovery”

1/10/17 Obama’s EPA Approves Dramatic Radiation Exposure Limit Increase Allowable In Drinking Water

1/10/17 All Fish from Pacific Tested Positive for #Fukushima.

1/10/17 Are the EPA’s Emergency Radiation Limits a Cover for Fukushima Fumbles?


#Fukushima Five Years After

Fukushima Exposed 1/5/17
Inside #Fukushima’s Time Bomb

1/2/17 #Fukushima radiation has contaminated the entire Pacific Ocean and it’s going to get worse

1/1/17 ☢Warning☢ #Fukushima Still A Major Threat In 2017

1/1/17 @DrHCaldicott interview: The Horrible Truth About Fukushima Helen Caldicott, MD

1/1/17 EPA hid planned radiation exposure 1,000s of times Safe Drinking Water Act limits

12/27/16 #Hawaii Hammered with Mutations Months After #Fukushima Update Rense & Shimatsu

12/22/16 Radical Drinking Water Radiation Rise Confirmed in EPA Plan

12/20/16 #Fukushima Radiation Makes Landfall On US West Coast – And It’s Only The Beginning

12/20/16 #ClimateEngineering Cataclysm: A Live Presentation By Dane Wigington ( )

We live in the post-fish-is-good-for-you era. Avoid fish.

12/17/16 Seaborne #Fukushima Radiation Plume Hits West Coast — How the Media Reported it Dangerously Wrong

Devvy Kidd 12/13/16
The Horror of #Fukushima Can No Longer Be Called A Conspiracy Theory

.@DrDurnford 12/13/16
#Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown dangerously out of control and #Japan helpless

.@DrDurnford 12/13/16
#Japan has lost the #Fukushima Battle – Meltdowns Now Out of Control

#Fukushima. The terrible nuclear disaster. New facts are appalling. Documentary HD 2016

12/12/16 It’s Finally Here: Radioactive Plume From #Fukushima Makes Landfall on America’s West Coast

.@SaneProgressive 12/10/16
On Counter-Propaganda Bill Senate, Legislation to Destroy SS, & Declassifed Fukushima Report

12/9/16 Amazing Earthquake Video Animation Shows Total Stupidity Of Building Nuclear Power Plants Near Known Fault Lines

.@RT_America 12/9/16
Fukushima fallout reaches America’s shores

.@WashingtonPost 12/8/16
U.S. life expectancy declines for the first time since 1993


12/1/16 Nova Scotians Puzzled By Thousands Of Dead Fish Washing Up On Shore

#Washington #Hanford
‘America’s Chernobyl’: Inside the most toxic place in the nation

11/2/16 We Are All Radioactive: Pt-1 “Autumn” Lisa Katayama.

11/23/16 Aftershocks occurred over 85 times by 11am of 23rd Nov after M7.4

11/22/16 Marine radiation monitoring post down after M7.4

.@ENENews 11/21/16
URGENT: Emergency at Fukushima after major M7.4 quake — Workers evacuated as tsunami hits nuke plants — Public told “Please Flee Immediately” — “Cooling systems at reactor FAILED… Fears nuclear waste may leak” — Prime Minister: We must grasp extent of damage — Officials warn of more powerful quakes (VIDEOS)

.@Subversive_Pen 11/21/16
Not Again: Tsunami Strikes #Fukushima, Knocking Nuclear Reactor’s Cooling System Temporarily Offline

11/21/16 Major Quake Hits Near Fukushima, Japan, Site of 2011 Tsunami, Meltdown

11/21/16 Footage of Fukushima, Japan Mag 7.3 Earthquake

11/21/16 7.3 Fukushima quake & tsunami (reactor cooling system fails)

11/21/16 Fukushima reactor cooling system stops following quake & tsunami

.@RenseRadio 11/20/16
#Fukushima: Trump Faces Undeclared Nuclear War Against the United States

StrontiumMilks 11/19/16
Bees Dying on Flowers #Fukushima #Glyphosate in Pollen

11/7/16 Visions Of The Future Voices from the past. #Fukushima Exposed.

10/31/16 #Fukushima Cover Up


.@Hatrick_Penry ‏Nov 2016
Cancer to be No.1 Killer in U.S. by 2030

10/26/16 Fukushima Fallout? Anti-Nuclear Japanese Politician Wins Election

.@DrDurnford 10/13/16
Yes #ClimateChange is Real, But it’s not what you’re told


10/6/16 #Fukushima: Fake Vs Real Reactor 4

10/3/16 Fake Vs Real #Fukushima #PacificOcean Radiation Fallout Maps

.@zerohedge 10/2/16
#Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire #Pacific Ocean (And It’s Going To Get Worse)

Sep 2016
Radiation from #Fukushima Now Causes 100% Infant Mortality Rate in West Coast Orcas

9/30/16 Fukushima: Living a Disaster (documentary)

9/29/16 #Fukushima Nuclear Fallout TheNuclearProctologist Arrested Again

9/27/16 How Nuclear Power Causes Global Warming

9/7/16 Former Japan PM accuses Abe of lying over #Fukushima pledge


.@ENENews 9/6/16
Alert: Typhoons cause failure of ‘ice wall’ around Fukushima reactors — Highly radioactive water flowing into ocean — Structure “critically affected” — Fears over multiple sections of barrier that have thawed — Expert: “The plan to block groundwater is failing” (VIDEO)

CNN 9/14/16
Meranti: Strongest super typhoon of the year barrels toward China, Taiwan


9/3/16 “Ice Wall” Around #Fukushima Nuclear Plant Melts in 2 places following powerful Typhoons

.@RT_America 8/31/16
US lakes increasingly overcome by toxic algae

Nuclear Hotseat #271 8/31/16
How Radiation in Oceans Contaminates Our Food Supply – Tim Deere-Jones

8/29/16 Shocking News: #Fukushima and the Expanding Circle of Death [VIDEO]

8/22/16 TV: “Astronomical amounts of radiation” found in downtown Tokyo… Directly outside gov’t building — ‘Horrific’ readings where kids playing in Fukushima, ‘extreme’ levels found where food is grown for elementary school lunches — Nuclear expert shocked, upset by discovery (VIDEO)

8/14/16 #Fukushima government objects against building sarcophagus on Fukushima plant because it looks bad 🤔

.@DrDurnford 8/2/16
WOW !!! A Banana Is *NOTHING LIKE* Man Made Nuclear

#NuclearWar #Fukushima
8/2/16 Helen Caldicott (@DrHCaldicott) Special Feature

.@DrHCaldicott 8/2/16
Hillary Clinton signed an agreement right after #Fukushima to continue #Japanese imports

7/22/16 Greenpeace says radiation in Fukushima’s rivers and coasts ‘hundreds of times above’ safe levels

7/21/16 Greenpeace reports jump in radioactive contamination in #Fukushima waterways

.@ENENews 7/15/16
Photographer Sneaks into Fukushima: “I can feel a burning sensation in my eyes and thick chemical smell”… We drove straight out — An “almost entirely lifeless” post-apocalyptic world… “IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!” — “Radiation leakage is damaging environment and life in Pacific” (PICS & VIDEO)


7/5/16 #Radiation from #Fukushima has tainted US #milk, #water supplies

.@DrDurnford 7/25/16
#Fukushima Reactors Damage Vs #Greenpeace Version Of Damage

.@ENENews 6/28/16
Highly radioactive ‘glass’ rained on Tokyo — Fukushima nuclear fuel with 500 Trillion Bq/kg found — “Significant consequences for human health” — Scientists: This changes understanding of disaster… Extreme importance… Our ideas of health implications should change… Do not discuss on social media

.@ENENews 6/22/16
AP: Officials admit deadly #Fukushima meltdown coverup—TEPCO: We lied…It’s a cover-up—”About as bad as it gets” -VID

6/21/16 TEPCO admits cover-up of #Fukushima meltdown

Fairewinds 4/29/16 #Fukushima Contamination: Children Suffer Nuclear Impact Worldwide

.@DrDurnford 6/11/16
#Hawaii Attempts To Hide #FUKUSHIMA Radioactive Fallout Henrietta Dulai

7/1/16 Critics warn of ‘another tragedy’ as Japan re-embraces nuclear power

.@ENENews 6/28/16
Highly radioactive ‘glass’ rained on #Tokyo — #Fukushima nuclear fuel with 500 Trillion Bq/kg found

#Fukushima #AcceleratingClimateChange
6/9/16 Signs Of Change 2016 (4) | Something Is Seriously Wrong

TheBigPicture 6/9/16
600 Tons Of Nuclear Waste Is Missing!

Linda Pentz Gunter 5/27/16
Beyond Nuclear Conference Introduction

5/24/16 #Fukushima Nuclear Waste Annihilates Pacific Ecosystem

5/14/16 All of a Sudden, Fish Are Dying by the MILLIONS All Over the Planet


5/12/16 Many experts now believe #Fukushima’s melted fuel is in groundwater

Anomalies in wildlife and the ecosystem around #Chernobyl and #Fukushima

LATimes 4/20/16
How Japan came to rank worse than Tanzania on press freedom

4/13/16 Over 60 million Japanese irradiated by #Fukushima

4/13/16 Is it safe to dump #Fukushima waste into the sea?

.@ENENews 4/12/16
Top Official: Over 60 million Japanese irradiated by Fukushima — Nuclear Expert: 50,000 sq. miles of Japan highly contaminated… Many millions need to be evacuated… Gov’t has decided to sacrifice them, it’s a serious crime — TV: More than 70% of country contaminated by radiation (VIDEOS)

4/12/16 Japan prepares for release of tritium from #Fukushima plant

Nuclear Expert in Fukushima: People’s feet turned black for years because radiation so high — Every time I turned around I saw someone who had radiation damage — Hair falling out, caughing up blood, bodies covered with boils… Officials keeping doctors from telling truth… Public being brainwashed (VIDEO)

RadChick 4/8/16 (Wigner)
#Fukushima Kill List 2016

.@ENENews 4/5/16
#Nuclear Expert: “There’s a huge spike in death rates in #Fukushima children” — Officials are covering it up (AUDIO)

3/25/16 The Wigner Effect *Full Interview*

#Fukushima #AcceleratingClimateChange
3/24/16 Signs Of Change 2016 (2) March | Apocalyptic-like Landscapes

TeamRadEye 3/21/16
The Wigner Effect – (Full Length Interview With Enhanced Audio)

.@ENENews 3/15/16
Reuters: Fukushima fuel melted through containment vessels and is “spewing radiation” — Nuke Expert: Fuel has “scattered all over the place” — Gov’t: Fuel may have burned out into environment — Tepco Official: Fuel could have flowed out “like lava in a volcano” (VIDEOS)

3/12/16 #Fukushima Five Years Later: “The Fuel Rods Melted Through Containment And Nobody Knows Where They Are Now”


3/11/16 Radioactive Floods Recontaminate Japan

RadChick 3/11/16
Hillary warned her employees about impending #Fukushima fallout

3/11/16 Japan marks fifth anniversary of tsunami and nuclear disaster

#Fukushima #USNuclearLeaking
.@o_rips 3/10/16
Miami #Florida Nuclear Plant Is Pumping Polluted Water Into Biscayne Bay

3/10/16 #Fukushima: Living with a Disaster

3/9/16 5 years later, #Fukushima radiation continues to seep into the #PacificOcean

3/8/16 Remember #Fukushima – Message from Japanese Senator Taro Yamamoto

3/4/16 Mystery cancers are cropping up in children in aftermath of #Fukushima

2/29/16 BUSTED: Former TEPCO Bosses Indicted For Deadly Negligence in #Fukushima Meltdowns

2/26/16 Editorial: 5 Yrs. Later, TEPCO Finally Admits It Lied To The World About #Fukushima Meltdowns

MsMilkytheclown1 2/23/16
Chernobyl on the Hudson (Indian Point #NYC Disaster)

.@ENENews 2/22/16
#Fukushima in crisis mode “No one knows what to do with it”

.@NatCounterPunch 2/22/16
#Fukushima – Deep Trouble


SeattleTimes 2/21/16
Scientists now link massive starfish die-off, warming ocean

2/17/16 Official Report: West Coast hit with 220,000,000 atoms per liter of Iodine-129 in rain after #Fukushima

#Fukushima #USNuclearLeaking #NY
.@o_rips 2/9/16
Indian Point: The Most Dangerous Nuclear Power Plant In the US Leaking Tritium Into The Water

#Fukushima #IndianPoint #NY
.@ENENews 2/7/16
Radiation leak at #IndianPoint #NY — Radioactivity 65,000% above normal

NukePro 2/6/16
Clintons Emails Released Clearly Show Hillary Clinton Knew the Dangers to USA from #Fukushima and Covered It Up

.@ENENews 2/4/16
Scientists: West Coast bird die-off “is biggest ever recorded” — Stomachs completely empty — “Staggering… Alarming… Unheard of… Never seen anything like it” — “Unprecedented in size, scope, duration” — “Deaths could reach many hundreds of thousands” — “A host of other freakish phenomena” (VIDEO)

1/25/16 Babies with Birth Defects due to RADIATION

#Fukushima #PollutionIsKillingAllLifeOnEarth
Dr. Reese Halter 1/19/16
Dying #Whales, Horrific Omen

Here’s an article where they blame microencephaly on Zika, then inject shit into people

1/13/16 Plume Gate and the NRC FOIA documents 5 Years Later

Kevin M. Allan 1/17/16
Plume Gate – #Fukushima is still killing you

#SixthMassExtinction #Fukushima
1/9/16 Mass Death 7800 Dead Birds in 1 Mile Alaska Beach ☠ Wolf Eating Only Hearts of Die Off Victims

12/21/15 “Nuclear Nightmare”: Children with mutations “on almost every street”

12/20/15 #Fukushima cesium-134 and cesium-137 in Japanese green tea samples

.@ENENews 12/17/15
Former Official: Fukushima is “unstoppable”… Huge amounts of radiation are pouring out, “very serious” for Pacific Ocean — Journalists withholding shocking information — Plant Chief: “This is something that has never been experienced”… We must invent new science for unprecedented catastrophe (AUDIO)

#Fukushima 12/14/15 w/ Jeff Rense, Yoichi Shimatsu & Dana Durnford

12/14/15 How #India’s Nuclear Industry Created A River Of Death, According to Court Case Claims


12/7/15 Scientists Detect Highest Levels Of #Fukushima Radiation Off The Coast Of #California Taken To Date

11/29/15 Understanding #Fukushima *Warning GRAPHIC*

.@ENENews 11/16/15
Official Report: Fukushima affecting radiation levels in U.S. — Recent elevated measurements “a direct result” of 2011 nuclear disaster — “Florida is experiencing Cesium-137 deposition” — “Not unusual” to detect Fukushima fallout in citrus fruit

USCNews 9/21/15
#Fukushima disaster was preventable, new study finds

.@ENENews 8/13/15
Giant whales found dead up & down Pacific NW coast, scientists ‘baffled’ over surge — 25+ carcasses reported in past month — Gov’t: “Troubling… Definitely a pulse of deaths” — Experts: “Alarming spike… Exceptionally rare to see a dead humpback” — Concerns about unidentified pathogen (PHOTOS)

.@ENENews 8/8/15
Die-off of birds all over Alaska beaches, floating in Pacific — “They seem to be starving” — Record-breaking spike in rescues, “such a dramatic increase” — Deformed and abnormal animals reported (PHOTOS & AUDIO)

Kevin M. Allan 7/20/15
Radiation from #Fukushima in U.S. Water Supply

.@ENENews 11/24/15
AP: “Alarming signs of oceanic distress” on West Coast — Record number of stranded seal pups, nearly 2,000% of normal levels — “Bags of skin and bones” — “In our 40 year history we’ve never seen this many animals” (VIDEO)

11/24/14 Nuclear Hotseat #165: Soaring Child Leukemia Rates Near Nuclear Reactors

11/14/15 #Fukushima’s Political Fallout Puts Anti-nuke Researcher On Trial

.@DrDurnford 11/5/15
#Fukushima UVic Woods Hole Has The Nuclear Proctologist Arrested

.@ENENews 11/3/15
TV: “Researchers say massive decline of fish is throwing off ecosystem” along California coast — Expert: “Population has truly collapsed”… They’re gone virtually everywhere — Whale numbers dropping significantly, squid disappearing, other major die-offs seen (VIDEO)

10/22/15 #Fukushima: We’re Being Cooked (Rense/Durnford)

.@o_rips 10/21/15
Radiation Sensors in Major U.S. Cities Turned Off By EPA

10/20/15 #Fukushima nuclear disaster: first worker diagnosed with cancer linked to cleanup

.@cynthiamckinney 10/20/15
#Fukushima Fallout: Throwing Radioactive Caution to the Wind – and Sea


BeyondNuclear 10/15
#FUKUSHIMA Every nuclear reactor routinely releases radioactivity without an accident

Newsweek 10/20/15
First Cancer Case Related to #Fukushima Diagnosed in #Japan

Strontium Milks 10/17/15
Mass Death Ocean Update Twitching Otters Experts It’s Strep Throat

10/15/15 Japan restarts second nuclear reactor despite public opposition

10/14/15 #Fukushima Wasteland: Drone Footage Shows Terrifying Abandoned Nuclear Zone

#Fukushima is accelerating #ClimateChange
.@RenseRadio 10/8/15
@DrDurnfors #Fukushima: Tritium Melts Ice Accelerates Glacier Melt

10/6/15 How #Hemp Can Clean Up Radiation From #Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

.@ENENews 10/5/15
@Time: Bizarre die-off along West Coast “an animal emergency”

10/2/15 Scientist anticipates #Fukushima radiation will cause mutations in marine bacteria in U.S.

CBS 9/29/15
Strange spike in fur seal deaths on California coast

.@joinwakeupworld 9/27/15
Cancer, Coverups and Contamination: The Real Cost of Nuclear Energy

9/18/15 #Fukushima~ Radioactive Floods Recontaminate #Japan (by Arnie Gundersen)

9/16/15 Fisherman reels in SUPER-FISH off the coast of Japan


9/18/15 #Fukushima~ Radioactive Floods Recontaminate Japan (by Arnie Gundersen)

The Real Deal 8/29/15
Episode #97 #Fukushima: The End of Mankind with Dennis Cimino

.@ENENews 8/13/15
Giant whales found dead up & down Pacific NW coast, scientists ‘baffled’ over surge — 25+ carcasses reported in past month — Gov’t: “Troubling… Definitely a pulse of deaths” — Experts: “Alarming spike… Exceptionally rare to see a dead humpback” — Concerns about unidentified pathogen (PHOTOS)

.@Wikileaks 7/31/15
#NSA “Target #Tokyo” #Japan


.@ENENews 7/28/15
AP: Unprecedented deaths along U.S. Pacific coast — Scientists: Mass die-offs of mammals, birds, fish… “No one’s sure what happened” — Gov’t wants Unusual Mortality Event declared — Samples “being tested for radionuclides from Fukushima” (PHOTOS & AUDIO)

.@ENENews 7/21/15
Gov’t Official: Chilling report from Pacific Ocean… “Silence on the seas” — “Quite literally, there isn’t any fish” — Japan Professor: Fukushima posing reproduction risk to marine life, ongoing concern over bio-accumulation of radioactive material (VIDEOS)

7/20/15 Radiation from #Fukushima in U.S. Water Supply

.@ENENews 7/13/15
Document shows nuclear fuel burned through bottom of containment vessel under Fukushima reactor — Official: Leakage we observed indicates melt-through by ‘shell attack’ — “This is a very big problem… fuel debris in the PCV is doing something bad” (VIDEO)

Nuclear-News 7/10/15
Multiple dangers of MOX fuel used in #Fukushima’s No 3 nuclear reactor


.@RenseRadio 7/9/15
Michael Collins: #Fukushima Radiation In The US

.@ENENews 6/24/15
Fukushima plume model shows 1 Million Bq/m2 over West Coast after reactor explosions — TV: Private emails reveal highest levels of gov’t worried about health impact in US — Nuclear industry tried to bury truth, while UC Berkeley experts told public “there is no plume” (VIDEO)

TheBigPictureRT 6/24/15
Wow! It Appears #Fukushima Is Causing Americans To Get Cancer

.@zerohedge 6/24/15
What’s Really Going On At #Fukushima?

.@ENENews 6/20/15
10 giant whales found dead in Pacific off US coast — Victims of ‘mysterious affliction’ — Mass die-off of walruses and seabirds reported nearby — Experts: “Something out of the ordinary is happening” — “Really perplexing… We’re at a loss… Maybe whales ran into a toxin” (AUDIO)

BBC 6/20/15
Earth ‘entering new extinction phase’

1,000,000 Bq/m3 of Sr-90 detected in seawater of Fukushima plant port / Highest in recorded history


.@AJWasahi 6/19/15
2008 Document shows Tepco recognized risk of huge tsunami at #Fukushima

.@ENENews 6/16/15
Study: Fukushima radiation will cause long-term harm to Pacific salmon population — Efforts needed to protect species from possible extinction — Radiation monitoring is critical to avoid human health problems — “US inland areas also at risk of exposure”

.@ENENews 6/10/15
Japan Scientists: High radiation levels near West Coast after Fukushima disaster — Almost 30 Bq/m3 of cesium offshore — Secret documents reveal US gov’t previously ordered radiation test results in Pacific be hidden to avoid contamination fears

.@ENENews 6/7/15
Gov’t Expert: West Coast will soon be hit by 800 Trillion Bq of Fukushima Cesium-137 — Nearly equal to amount of fallout deposited on Japan — Levels in Pacific “higher than expected” — “Main body of surface plume has reached off coast of US” — Never slowed down while crossing ocean, contrary to prediction

.@ENENews 6/4/15
Scientists reveal details of unprecedented mass mortality on West Coast that began summer 2011 — “Many millions” of deaths before sea star wasting syndrome — Multiple species wiped out in days — Mortality rate of 99.99% over large region — “No documented event has been so severe”

.@ENENews 5/23/15
Nuclear official warns of explosions at Fukushima plant — Gases accumulating in sediment underneath highly contaminated water — Spark caused by static electricity could ignite hydrogen blast

.@ENENews 5/19/15
Officials: 6,000% cancer rate increase in #Fukushima children’s thyroids

MsMilkytheclown1 4/25/15 #Fukushima Impossible to Remove Melted Fuel & More Problems

ExtremeTech 4/23/15
48,000 PCs at #Fukushima plant operator TEPCO still run Windows XP

.@ENENews 4/22/15
Professors: 100s of Millions of animals have died recently along West Coast — Worst mortality event ever known — “Wiped out at least 20 different species” — Marine life also disappearing from Fukushima coast (VIDEO)

.@RT_com 4/17/15
Nuclear Waste: Drone buzzes Fukushima temporary storage facility

.@ENENews 4/3/15
13 baby gray whales and 55 dolphins found dead on West Coast — “Rash of dead humpback whales in Oregon” — “Corpses of sea lions, birds, sea turtles decomposing” — Mysterious deaths probed by gov’t — “Fear for whales encountering ‘radiation hot spots’…Volunteers trained about dangers of radiation” (VIDEO)

3/21/15 Nagoya Uni “Significantly small amount of fuel remaining in Reactor 2″ / No announcement about underground


.@ENENews 3/17/15
Mysterious affliction in Alaska polar bears suffering baldness and lesions; Rate spiked nearly 1,000% after Fukushima began — Gov’t: Ongoing reports of unusual number of ‘hairless seals’ with sores — “Seals continue to be reported with hair loss… it makes us nervous” (PHOTO)

3/17/15 Malibu Big Dume Sealions dying in mass numbers

.@ENENews 3/14/15
Report: Over 30 million permanently affected by Fukushima radiation; Number of people exposed triples Chernobyl — Japan Professor: 14,000 sq. kilometers heavily contaminated; Millions including kids and infants are exposed everyday after being abandoned by gov’t, it is very bizarre (AUDIO)

.@ENENews 3/13/15
Former Official: “40+ areas where extremely contaminated water flows directly into ocean” at Fukushima — Bloomberg: “4 years out, Fukushima reactors still spewing… Fishermen alleging for a while that radioactive water spilling into Pacific… astounding nobody at Tepco has gone to jail” (AUDIO)

InvestmentWatchBlog 3/12/15
After the Fukushima accident, Hillary Clinton signed a deal permitting Japan to continue importing irridated fish and other goods to the US, even while other nations are turning them away.

3/9/15 The Making of “A Body in #Fukushima”: A Journey through an Ongoing Disaster 「福島の身体」の生成過程 進行中の災害を旅する

3/2/15 Alert! Fukushima Fallout Detected In US Fish, Dose Equal to Tests 100 Miles from Plant

RadChick 2/28/15
Wigner10: Tritium & Infrastructure Events

.@ENENews 2/10/15
FOX San Diego: Sardines, crayfish “disappeared from Pacific Ocean… they’ve just vanished” — Marine mammals starving, struggling to survive on West Coast — Strandings in past 5 weeks already exceed what’s normally seen for an entire year — “Much larger” than anything on record (VIDEOS)

2/9/15 #Fukushima Update -The largest mass die offs of Sea Life ever recorded” now underway on West Coast

.@DrDurnford 1/30/15
#Fukushima: Mussels Missing In Canada

.@ENENews 1/18/15
“Sea creatures sick, dying or disappearing at alarming rate all along Pacific coast… Some wonder if it’s fallout from Fukushima” — New York Times: “Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction” — Study: “We may be on precipice of major extinction event” in marine wildlife (VIDEO)

FukushimaDiary 12/5/14
Groundwater level still keeps going up in seaside of Reactor 2

.@ENENews 12/5/14
Japan Gov’t-funded Report: MOX fuel particles found over 100 km from Fukushima — Plutonium-239 levels ‘significantly enhanced’ after Reactor 3 explosion — Nuclear fuel material transported in atmosphere across long distances (MAP)

.@RichieAllenShow 11/24/14
Dr. Rima E. Laibow: Now a crime in #Japan to speak of #Fukushima nuclear disaster effects

“In Japan it has become a crime to speak about any problems associated with the radiation”

.@RealGeoEngWatch 11/21/14
UVB Radiation Is Off The Charts, Metering Proves This Fact

.@ENENews 11/20/14
Twice as much #Fukushima radiation near California coast than originally reported; Highest levels found anywhere in Eastern Pacific — Scientist: Very little we can do… It’s unprecedented… God forbid anything else happens — Gundersen: Multiple plumes now along west coast… Will be coming “for century or more” (AUDIO)

Steven Starr: #Fukushima Lethal at Atomic Level

11/15/14 Thyroid cancer among Fukushima youths unlikely to be linked to nuke accident: study

RadChick 11/14/14
Wigner6: Fukushima “Dust of Death”

FukushimaDiary 11/14/14
Groundwater coming up in seaside of Reactor 2 again / Overflowing up-ground around 18th December

.@ENENews 11/13/14
Fukushima Student: “It seems like we are about to get killed” — “Anyone, please, please save the lives of Fukushima people and children… Gov’t abandoned us… Japan is clearly going insane… Nothing has gotten better” (VIDEO)

10/17/14 #Fukushima in a Nutshell: Here is the Truth

.@ENENews 10/15/14
PBS: Plague along West Coast has biologists fearing extinction of species

.@ENENews 10/2/14
MSNBC: Largest epidemic ever seen in world’s oceans hits West Coast — Emergency legislation proposed in US Congress — Newsweek: Millions dead, researchers have lost count — Experts: It’s beyond anything I ever imagined… Disintegrating before our eyes… Never been an event so dramatic… Shorelines losing biodiversity, blanketed in barnacles (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 9/24/14
Leader of Fukushima plant “started staggering… mumbling ‘It’s all over’” before last reactor melted — Appears to collapse, has visions while motionless on floor — Top official “bursts into tears” at meeting — No way to prevent ‘utter catastrophe’ — ‘Chilling’ sound soon heard, ‘gaping hole’ in reactor suspected

9/19/14 Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket

FolkPhotographer 9/3/14
Most Horrific Sight of Sick Dying Trees in Halifax Since #Fukushima Radiation

8/9/14 NHK admitted pieces of fuel rods and reactor vessels blasted to at least Ibaraki to contain #Uranium & #Zirconium

8/6/14 Meltdown at #Fukushima worse than thought – Radioactive Reality!

.@DrDurnford 8/3/14
#Fukushima Unit 4 Hoax by Main Stream Media Explained

.@ENENews 7/28/14
AP: Marine birds disappearing in Pacific Northwest — Significant ecological shift, crashes in many species — “Something’s happening on a big level, but what is it” — Herring problem may be far worse than revealed… result of contamination? Mexico suddenly bans bluefin tuna fishing, US may be next

7/25/14 Childhood #Leukemias Near #Nuclear Power Stations: 482 downloads

nuclear-news 7/23/14
Radiation Homeostasis (bananas, sunshine, etc) *IS NOT* Manmade Ionizing Radiation

.@AbbyMartin 6/27/14
Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear: #Fukishima: No End in Sight for Nuclear Meltdown

.@ENENews 6/17/14
S. California fishermen ‘skunked… haven’t seen a squid’, usually 10,000+ lbs/day — ‘Complete crashes’ at oyster hatcheries — Sardines, mackerel missing in areas — Pelican sites alarmingly deserted — Record # of sick sea lions — Ultra-rare whales appear after decades — Mammals, birds, fish in odd places

.@RT_com 6/8/14
Japan underreports 80 nuclear bombs-worth of plutonium to IAEA

.@ENENews 6/6/14
Japan TV: Gov’t officials discover nuclear material flowing into ground at Fukushima; Releases thought to be ongoing for months — Expert: “No end” to problems with radioactive waste at plant; Public does not trust what they are being told (VIDEO)

5/30/14 US Radiation Rising – A Lot of People Are In A LOT Of Trouble

.@ENENews 5/16/14
‘Mystery disease’ on Pacific coast of Alaska — Livers ‘crumble’… Hearts enlarged, pale… Yellow lymph nodes… Blood-filled lungs (PHOTOS) — Professor: Worrying there’s no answers, big public health concern — Testing carcasses for Fukushima radioactivity (AUDIO)

.@RT_com 5/8/14
Fukushima worker files historic lawsuit over radiation exposure

#Fukushima’s Cover-up “Killer Points” w/ Karl Grossman (Nuclear Hotseat 5/7/14)

.@ENENews 5/3/14
‘Marine Mystery’ in California: “Toxic outbreak threatening marine life” — Birds falling from sky, sea lions convulsing — “Worst they’ve ever seen” — Toxin hits record level, almost 1,000% above gov’t limit — Heart lesions, severe shrinking in part of brain, nervous system failure (VIDEO)

Kate Ysalys 4/25/14
Understanding #Fukushima *Warning GRAPHIC*

4/25/14 TV: Official in Fukushima during 3/11 now suffering many health problems as consequence of nuclear catastrophe — “There’s no place I could go for help… hospital refused to treat me” — I asked for blood test since I’m exposed, but they denied it (VIDEO)

4/25/14 NY Times Reporter: Untold story of Fukushima is the radiation issue, gov’t doesn’t want us talking about it; A lot going on that’s never reported by media — Afraid of being imprisoned under Japan’s new secrecy law; All officials have to do is say the info is secret (AUDIO)

“The Correspondents’ Table” March Podcast: Talking about post-3.11 Tohoku with Richard Lloyd Parry, Martin Fackler and Bruce Osborn

4/25/14 They’ve Found the Missing #Fukushima Nuclear Cores … Scattered All Over #Japan

.@ENENews 4/24/14
New data shows spike in birth defects around #Hanford #WA

4/11/14 #Fukushima Diary talks “Tepco washing off Plutonium to the #Pacific, huge risk for the least effect”

4/3/14 Groups Demand FDA Respond to Petition to Lower Limit of Radioactivity Allowed in Food; Institute More Robust Testing


4/2/14 #Fukushima: Radioactive Seafood in #Canadian Grocery Stores

3/27/14 Radiation Expert: California #Fukushima Exposure being Covered up – Kevin Kamps

3/20/14 KPFA: Dr. Helen Caldicott threatened with death while in Japan for speaking about nuclear power — Students being charged with disturbing the peace for handing out flyers (AUDIO)

3/19/14 #Fukushima Fallout: Sick U.S. Sailors Sue TEPCO After Exposure to Radiation 30x Above Normal (1/2)

.@ENENews 3/14/14
‘Ultra-Rare’: Up to 70 endangered ‘whales’ by California coast — Seen once in several decades, lives in open ocean — Breached as if performing, rubbing heads on boat — So loud thought it was engine — “Seemed to be speaking to camera” — Also spotted in Western Pacific same day (VIDEO)

3/14/14 #Fukushima Truth!!

NYTimes: Gov’t scientist not allowed to publish findings that Fukushima cesium-137 levels could be 10,000 times higher than after Chernobyl in Pacific surface waters — Japan researchers pressured to downplay disaster’s impact — Professors obstructed when data might cause public concern

3/6/14 The Government Has Engaged In a Series of Nuclear Cover-Ups Ever Since Hiroshima (Nuclear Energy is a cover-up for Nuclear Warfare)


3/3/14 Demand that FDA Create Lower Radiation Limits for Our Food NOW!

.@ENENews 3/2/14
US Gov’t Expert: Large marine animals likely sensed danger of Fukushima plume and fled, “Not going to wait until they start to die off” — Explains unprecedented concentrations of whales and other sea life clustering off West Coast? (VIDEO)

#LegalizeIt #SpreadTheSeeds
Ethan Indigo Smith 2/27/14
Why Governments Promote Deadly #NuclearEnergy and Ban Beneficial #Hemp


Radchick 2/21/14
#Fukushima triggers jump in airline pilot/passenger rad symptoms

Radchick 2/18/14
FAQ – Effect of #Fukushima radiation on flying in commercial airliners

.@ENENews 2/18/14
NBC: ‘Bizarre’ cluster of severe birth defects haunts experts in Pacific Northwest — “I definitely believe something is going on… Maybe it just hit once and blew through” — Officials refused to say how many new cases in 2013 — County on border of most polluted nuclear site in Hemisphere

.@dahboo7 2/17/14
Nuclear Radiation? Mysterious Cluster of Severe Birth Defects in Washington State!

2/8/14 Professor: U.S. personnel destroyed thousands of documents to prepare for evacuation of Japan after 3/11 — Bloomberg: “Near-Chernobyl experience” for Tokyo even though 200+ kilometers from Fukushima

2/6/14 Hatrick Penry exposes the #Fukushima Unit 4 spent fuel offload hoax

Alfred Lambremont Webre 2/6/14
Leuren Moret: #Fukushima radiation has made #Hawaii and #Pacific islands unsafe for humans

Nature 2/6/14
Low blood cell counts in wild Japanese monkeys after the #Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

.@EcoWatch 2/2/14
50 Reasons We Should Fear the Worst from #Fukushima


.@ENENews 1/30/14
County officials in California approve action on Fukushima: “An international crisis of epic proportions” — Monitoring and testing requested for West Coast

.@ENENews 1/29/14
Map shows #Fukushima fallout in U.S. on both coasts and the Lakes

1/26/14 Atomic Suicide: The Tale of the Sailors and the Seals

.@ENENews 1/21/14
Professor: “Reports of radiation in kelp just north of California” — Signs of Fukushima contamination expected to start “really arriving strongly” this year

.@DrDurnford 1/18/14
World Forecast for 2017 , Following 6 yrs of Fukushima Nuclear Fallout

.@ENENews 1/16/14
Radio: #Fukushima cesium found in #Alaska #salmon sample—Radioactive plume is at West Coast—“People dont trust govt”

.@ENENews 1/15/14
Congress wants answers on US sailors #Fukushima exposure—DoD told to reveal all health problems for USS Reagan -VIDEO

.@ENENews 1/14/14
TV: #Fukushima employees beaten, threatened w/death for speaking out—Sickened Worker: Tepco’s God…we r slaves (VIDEO)

Anonymous 1/14/14
#FUKUSHIMA – What the Media & Governments are not telling YOU

1/13/14 .@AbbyMartin: “#Fukushima is the most important issue going on in the world”


.@ENENews 1/11/14
Kyodo: Radiation surged @ #Fukushima—Govt tells Tepco take action—Asahi: Fish w/extremely high levels 40km from plant

.@ENENews 1/10/14
ABC: #Fukushima plume to reach US soon—Expert concerned for food chain w/ unprecedented migrating radiation (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 1/9/14
Scientists: #Fukushima plume is at West Coast—#SF Chronicle: Fukushima radiation on #California coast has “gone down”

.@ENENews 1/8/14
1,400% baseline radiation level on SanFran-area coast —State: Its not from #Fukushima—Expert: Don’t let babies eat it

.@ENENews 1/8/14
New Journal Article: #Fukushima release may already be 90 quadrillion becquerels—Far above Chernobyl’s 70 quadrillion

.@ENENews 1/7/14
First ever? Dead Siamese Baby #Whales on West Coast—HuffPost: Speculation it’s related to #Fukushima (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

.@ENENews 1/7/14
#Tokyo Newspaper: #Fukushima & #IAEA secrecy agreement— “They hid health fx #Chernobyl…same thing could happen now”

1/7/14 Secrecy agreement between Fukushima and IAEA revealed by Tokyo newspaper — They hid health effects in Chernobyl… same thing could happen to Fukushima”

.@ENENews 1/5/14
Audio: #Fukushima radiation is in SoCal soil, especially in desert—High levels in seaweed prevented harvest this year

.@ENENews 1/5/14
TV: Massive radioactive release for almost 3 yrs at #Fukushima—Steam “just tip of the iceberg”—Containments ‘broken’

.@ENENews 1/5/14
TV: Govt/experts baffled by white spots on #Fukushima cows—Farmer: I think it’s radiation…contaminated like Chernobyl

.@ENENews 1/2/14
Russia #Nuclear Official: #Fukushima matched our worst-case scenario—US Govt: Radiation 500X above what we calculated

.@Hatrick_Penry 2013
Proof Millions Will DIE From #Fukushima Plume – NRC Cover-up!

.@ENENews 12/29/13
Newspaper:Unprecedented decline in #Alaska king salmon related to #Fukushima? NOAA Expert: No comment—Also in #Canada

.@ENENews 12/28/13
Navy Times: 71 now report suffering from #Fukushima exposure—Testicle removal, optic nerve removal, leukemias, polyps

.@ENENews 12/28/13
Epidemiologist after #Fukushima: “We’re talking about a sacrifice zone & millions of people live in the area” (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 12/27/13
Experts: Up to 600,000 deaths from #Fukushima disaster, 100,000+ still-births, 100,000+ w/ genetic deformations

12/26/13 NSA concealed #Fukushima meltdown from US military?

Jeff Rense 2013 #Fukushima – is the pacific ocean really dying?

.@ENENews 12/25/13
TV: #Fukushima fish sold in stores—Expert: Most fish in area are radiated—Lab: We’ve never found radiation, it’s safe

.@ENENews 12/23/13
Previously unpublished 2012 #map of #Fukushima plume from govt scientists—Shows #Alaska coast already being impacted

.@ENENews 12/22/13
Experts: “Really an off year” — Pelicans starving in Pacific Northwest since 2011, killing baby birds for food — Breeding success “really poor” since 2011 — “I believe pelicans are responding to large scale changes” — “Sardine crash” persists in Pacific since decline in 2011

12/22/13 #Philippines Carnage Direct Result of #Fukushima Radiation


12/22/13 ☢ US Sailors, Assisting With #Fukushima Clean Up, Crippled By Cancer ☢

.@ENENews 12/21/13
Scientists suspect #Atlantic to be contaminated by #Fukushima plume in #Pacific—Currents carrying it to US East Coast

.@ENENews 12/20/13
Fox Host: I didnt know so many #Navy sailors sick after #Fukushima—Experts say dangerous radiation in air/sea (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 12/19/13
TV: 70 Navy sailors in new #Fukushima lawsuit—2 sick may b coincidence, but 60 people in their 20s off 1 ship? -VIDEO

.@ENENews 12/18/13
Sickened #Navy crew members have lawsuit dismissed—TV: “Sailors say they have cancer”…bodies deteriorating #Fukushima

.@ENENews 12/18/13
Molten core is suspected to have penetrated #Fukushima containment vessel

.@ENENews 12/17/13
#Cancer clearly increasing in #Fukushima #kids, #Crime by Tepco, we’re going to #police

.@ENENews 12/17/13
AP: Tritium #rain from disposal of #Fukushima #waste? Expert: #Radioactive rain occurs around #nuclear plants (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 12/17/13
Hot particle found 400 km from #Fukushima w/ radioactivity at 40 billion Bq/kg—From inside failed fuel rods? (VIDEOS)

.@ENENews 12/17/13
AP: Tritium #rain from disposal of #Fukushima #waste? Expert: #Radioactive rain occurs around #nuclear plants (VIDEO)

.@RenseRadio 12/16/13

12/15/13 Fukushima loses first high school to meltdowns

.@ENENews 12/14/13
Radiation spikes to record level @ #Fukushima groundwater well—Trench failure blamed—Strontium/β at 1,000,000X cesium

.@ENENews 12/13/13
Japan Leader on 311: Unit 1 melted in 5 hrs; Almost lost 1/3 of Japan from #Fukushima—Unit 3 melted before Tepco said

.@ENENews 12/12/13
Large die-off of Alaska seabirds from disease never found before in state history — Official: It’s super, super common… except it’s first time — Hundreds dead per km²; Continued to wash ashore — ‘Relatively’ natural; Witness: Head flopped backward, appeared to have seizure, then dropped dead (AUDIO)

.@DrDurnford 12/12/13
#Fukushima Pacific Ocean 6 yr Countdown To Extinction

How #Fukushima is destroying the planet

12/11/13 General Electric Knew Its Reactor Design Was Unsafe … So Why Isn’t GE Getting Any Heat for #Fukushima?

.@ENENews 12/7/13
California town passes Fukushima resolution: “Urgent international rescue” needed at site — “Poses health and safety concerns to America’s West Coast” — “Much greater contamination is likely”

12/6/13 The #Fukushima Lethal Radiation Triggers #Japan Whistleblower Criminalization Law

12/6/13 Japan enacts state secrets law late Friday night amid revolt — “It criminalizes investigative journalism” — Terrorism defined as “imposing one’s opinions on others”

.@ENENews 12/5/13
#Japan rams through secrets bill, criminalizing investigative journalism

.@SmithsonianMag 12/5/13
Fault That Caused Japan’s 2011 Earthquake Is Thin and Slippery

12/5/13 Japan Official: “This is the way the reign of terror begins!” — Lawmaker is “physically restrained”; Outrage as secrets bill rammed through — Final passage expected within hours (PHOTOS)

.@ENENews 12/4/13
Japan gov’t Orwellian #Fukushima suppression

.@ENENews 12/3/13
Professor: “It’s true that about 70% of Japan’s territory is polluted” by Fukushima radioactive material; Tokyo contaminated with highly toxic radiation — “Experts worry about catastrophic impacts on health”

.@ENENews 11/30/13
Captain: Massive amount of debris off Hawaii, “You had to be there… just kept going & going… so odd it was in straight line” — Japan Expert: It’s accumulated off islands, warns of fish contamination — Rare dolphin washes up with heart problems & stomach lumps, last examined in 1980s

.@ENENews 11/30/13
CBS News: 100s of whales in bay on California coast; It’s never been like this, we just can’t even believe it — Experts: We just aren’t sure what’s going on; “A once-in-a-lifetime chance… unheard of, it’s unbelievable, nobody’s seen this” (VIDEO)

11/29/13 Insiders: State secrets bill meant to suppress Fukushima news — Japan public stunned as citizens could face years in prison — Man’s mouth “stuffed with cloth” after voicing opposition — Toxic leaks into ocean seem unstoppable, gov’t must plug the information instead (PHOTO)

11/26/13 Japan’s secrecy law passes lower house — AP: Prison for ‘inappropriate reporting’ — Official: We’re on path to be fascist state — Fear Fukushima cover-ups to worsen

.@ENENews 11/23/13
Die-offs of mammals, birds, reptiles in Western U.S. — “So many diseases afflicting such a wide variety of animals” — Names out of sci-fi thriller: hemorrhagic disease, sylvatic plague — Studies now underway to find out why (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 11/22/13
Tepco Adviser: Wait until Alaska salmon is found with Fukushima contamination, it’s only a matter of time — US Gov’t Report: “Radiation hot spots may occur… radioactive contaminants could remain a valid concern for years” (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 11/19/13
Nuclear Professor: Yes, worry about what they’re doing at Fukushima, there’s good reason — One mistake from disaster — Gov’t has lost public trust, I don’t believe them either — Another quake to be ‘final blow’ for Japan (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 11/17/13
CBS News: ‘Immense mystery’ as sea stars being wiped out along West Coast, could be gone for generations — Bewildering disease is spreading and “no idea what’s causing it, or how to stop it” — Timelapse shows all legs lost in 7 hours (VIDEOS)

.@ENENews 11/12/13
Magazine: The Fukushima Crisis Comes to the U.S. — Professor: “New and improved version of the original atomic plague is spreading”; The truth is so incomprehensible it’s easier to pretend it doesn’t exist

Scientists ‘Alarmed’ and ‘Puzzled’: Hundreds of sea turtles washing up dead on Pacific coast — Dogs “stopped breathing and died almost instantly” when eating them — Researchers analyzing toxicity — Many with reproductive problems

11/24/13 Ten Most Radioactive Places on Earth Mapped Out [GRAPHIC]

Top Official: Protesting secrecy law is act of terrorism — Japan gov’t promotes idea that you’re racist if avoiding Fukushima produce — Bloomberg: “The entire process has echoes of George Orwell” — Nuclear activists to be constantly spied on?

#Fukushima #GeoEngineering
.@ENENews 12/1/13
US Govt not testing water or fish for radiation

.@ENENews 11/18/13
Alaska: 28% of polar bears with skin lesions & hair loss, thyroids tested by gov’t… like symptoms in seals & walrus — Surprisingly high mortality of musk ox, weak immune system suspected — High rate of embryo deaths & bad eggs for geese

.@ENENews 11/17/13
CBS News: ‘Immense mystery’ as sea stars being wiped out along West Coast, could be gone for generations — Bewildering disease is spreading and “no idea what’s causing it, or how to stop it” — Timelapse shows all legs lost in 7 hours (VIDEOS)

.@ENENews 11/16/13
Columnist: The truth must be told, Fukushima a major global threat to all living flora and fauna… Mainstream media not best source of information — Gundersen: Only thing saving us is the internet (AUDIO)

Scientists ‘Alarmed’ and ‘Puzzled’: Hundreds of sea turtles washing up dead on Pacific coast — Dogs “stopped breathing and died almost instantly” when eating them — Researchers analyzing toxicity — Many with reproductive problems

.@ENENews 11/9/13
Newspaper: “Patronizing silence” from officials about Fukushima contamination in West Coast seafood; It’s downright irresponsible, they are telling us nothing — Expert: “There is a real cause for concern” (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 11/7/13
Mystery: Starfish turn to ‘slime’ along Pacific coast — “We’re talking about a loss of millions and millions” — Compared to medieval ‘Black Death’ — Innards become exposed and fall apart — Cases ballooning in Alaska (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 11/7/13
‘Extraordinary’ string of whale and dolphin encounters off Canada’s Pacific coast “could have a deeper meaning” — Indigenous Academic Adviser: “We see them as our relatives, as ancestors… It’s for the better of all of us to listen” (VIDEO)

11/4/13 Tepco Tore Down the Natural Seawall Which Would Have Protected #Fukushima from the Tsunami


.@ENENews 11/2/13
Top Scientist: “Fukushima is the most terrifying situation I can imagine” — I’ve seen a paper which says it’s bye-bye Japan and to evacuate N. America’s west coast if Unit 4 goes after quake and rods are exposed (VIDEO)

10/30/13 ☢ Fukushima: Beyond Urgent ☢ (Platos Cave Mirror)

10/29/13 NUKED PACIFIC 5: 28 Signs the West Coast is being FRIED

RadChick 10/29/13
NUKED #PACIFIC 6: #Fukushima fires create NEW Nanoparticles

Reuters 10/24/13
Japan secrecy act stirs fears about press freedom, right to know

10/24/13 US: West Coast Fried by Nuclear #Radiation from #Fukushima

10/19/13 #Fukushima And The End Of Humanity

TheBigPictureRT 10/17/13
#Fukushima is collapsing – the worst is coming…

.@ENENews 10/10/13
Professor: California bluefin tuna may have been contaminated by radioactive substances from Fukushima that traveled across Pacific, rather than contamination off coast of Japan — We don’t know exactly what is happening (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 9/29/13
Nuclear Expert in California: They’re dumping huge amounts of Fukushima contamination in Pacific; “We could have large numbers of cancer” from eating fish — Newspaper: Japan Prime Minister ‘put to shame’

9/24/13 #FUKUSHIMA: ‘Worst Case Scenario’

.@ENENews 9/18/13
Professor: New studies show radioactive materials being carried across Pacific relatively intact from Fukushima — On West Coast we need to monitor these pockets of high contamination — Parts of areas may be affected in a significant way (AUDIO)

9/2/13 Fukushima farmers vs Japanese Government: “Our farmland has been seriously contaminated!”

.@ENENews 8/29/13
#Fukushima released 100 quadrillion becquerels of cesium into atmosphere… In just 1 day

.@ENENews 8/26/13
Estimated 276 quadrillion Bq of Cs-137 entered #Fukushima basements

8/26/13 #Fukushima The Coming Global Disaster

.@ENENews 8/23/13
New Scientist: Dump all Fukushima nuclear waste in Pacific, no risk to U.S. — “They have to make people understand low levels of radiation don’t matter” — “None of this is going to do anything health wise”

You can’t “dilute” #Fukushima radiation. Here’s why.

.@ENENews 8/23/13
Nuclear Expert: #Fukushima melted fuel is drifting in ocean and onto land

.@ENENews 8/22/13
Senior Scientist: Chernobyl was nothing with potential of Fukushima right on ocean — No way to contain all this radioactive water — You can’t stop groundwater flow — Every bit of news we’re getting is radioactivity numbers are going up

.@ENENews 8/14/13
Bloomberg: Much more than 300 tons of contaminated water a day entering Pacific from Fukushima? Data’s been “cooked” all along — It’s polluting North Asia — Oceans have no boundary

8/14/13 Letting Tepco “Clean Up” #Fukushima Is Like Letting a Murderer Do Brain Surgery On a VIP

.@ENENews 8/10/13
“Japan Gov’t in Chaos”: Completely out of control at Fukushima — Melted reactor cores contaminating Pacific with full range of radioactive material (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 8/7/13
Nuclear Expert: Water now at Fukushima plant has 3 times more cesium than Chernobyl’s total release — “That underscores the scale of this never-ending threat”

.@DrDurnford 7/30/13
The only solution to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster is unspeakable

.@ENENews 7/23/13
BBC: It’s boiling somewhere inside Fukushima Unit No. 3 — Reactor supposed to be in cold shutdown — Situation ‘worrying’

.@ENENews 7/23/13
AFP: Fukushima reactor site engulfed by steam, unknown source, Unit No. 3

.@ENENews 7/22/13
AP: Tepco admits radioactive water is flowing into Pacific from #Fukushima

.@ENENews 7/22/13
Japan Times: ‘Fears marine life is being poisoned’ by nuclear material flowing from Fukushima — Experts warn of ‘festering radioactive sore’ contaminating food chain — Tepco flip-flop ‘shocking’

.@ENENews 7/13/13
TV: Fukushima plant is hemorrhaging radioactivity — “Scariest part of all is they don’t know where it’s coming from” — The big mystery is why contamination is coming out now in such a hurry (VIDEO)

7/11/13 Tainted water suspected of being leaked to sea from nuclear plant

Chernobyl Heart (Documentary)

#Fukushima #GeoEngineering
(peer-reviewed study) Dichloroacetate(DCA) cures cancer

.@collectiveevol 6/26/13
Dichloroacetate: University of Alberta Doctors Discover Cure for Cancer

.@DrDurnford 5/31/17

.@ENENews 5/28/13
Seaweed causes shut down of multiple nuclear reactors

.@ENENews 5/15/13
US nuclear plant vulnerable to ‘Timothy McVeigh type’ of attack?

.@ENENews 4/30/13
Radioactive material spikes in soil at Fukushima plant — 10 times higher than two days prior — Tepco: “We don’t know the cause, we’ll continue to watch carefully”

.@ENENews 4/29/13
@NYTimes: #Fukushima Alarming reality “Tepco clearly just hanging on day by day”

.@ENENews 4/29/13
Fox News: Humans to be affected by what’s killing California sea lions?

.@ENENews 4/23/13
CNN shows diagram of nuclear material leaking from #Fukushima reactor

.@ENENews 4/11/13
@NYTimes: Fukushima plant unstable says official, concern another accident can’t be prevented — “Vulnerable… Very dangerous”

#Fukushima #SanOnofre
Bob Nichols 4/6/13
All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time


.@ENENews 4/2/13
UPI: Shellfish gone near #Fukushima, likely extinct

.@ENENews 4/2/13
TV: Crisis of epic proportions for California sea lions — Suffering abscesses, seizures — Exponentially higher numbers washing up (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 3/30/13
CBS Los Angeles: “Dead sea lions everywhere” — Rescuer: I’ve never seen anything like this… we never would have imagined the numbers — Expert: No oceanographic explanation for what we’re seeing (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 3/29/13
“Manatees Dying in Droves on Both Coasts of Florida” — Deaths of pelicans, turtles, dolphins also increasing — “Scientists fear this is the beginning of a devastating ecosystem collapse”

.@ENENews 3/28/13
NBC: Sea mammal epidemic worsens in So. California — Now almost 1,000 have washed ashore — “Such an alarming rate” — Mostly born last summer

.@ENENews 3/28/13
Federal gov’t declares rare Unusual Mortality Event in So. California — 70% of all newborn sea lions may be dying — Testing for toxins, infectious agents (VIDEO)

.@ENENews 3/27/13
Wildlife vs US nuclear plants: Flies short-out transformer, Pelican starts emergency generator, etc.

.@ENENews 3/25/13
Tepco: Animal caused extended power outage at #Fukushima Daiichi

NTI 3/25/13
White House Supports Rollback of Cleanup Standards for Nuclear Incidents


.@ENENews 3/24/13
Scientist: Physicians report increased cancers around nuclear site — Birth defects, still births, spontaneous abortions on rise

.@ENENews 3/21/13
#Fukushima nuclear materials reported off #China coast near #Taiwan

.@ENENews 3/19/13
U.S. scientists find #Fukushima cesium in turtles, whales, fish

3/17/13 #GeoEngineering: The dying of the trees-Allan Buckman Pt.2

Dr. Ian Fairlie 3/12/13
#Fukushima Radioaction Releases & Health Effects

Kevin Kamps 3/12/13
#Fukushima: A Demonic Chain Reaction

.@msmilkytheclown 3/11/13
#Fukushima Impossible to Decontaminate, #Chernobyl, #TMI w/ A Gundersen

#Fukushima #GeoEngineering
EnviroReporter 2/28/13
Radiation Food Lab

.@ENENews 2/22/13
HuffPost: Alarming that bluefin tuna near California still have #Fukushima contamination

.@ENENews 2/20/13
U.S. bluefin tuna still contaminated with #Fukushima radiation — Study: Cesium found in 100% of small, recently migrated tuna tested

.@ENENews 2/12/13
TV: Record numbers of sickened sea lion pups in So. California — “Something has changed” — “We are prepping in the back of our heads for the worst case scenario” (VIDEOS)

BeforeItsNews 2/12/13
70,000 U.S. Troops Radiation Poisoned due to #Fukushima Nuclear Lies

1/7/13 Nuclear Janitors: Contract Workers at the Fukushima Reactors and Beyond

1/6/13 The #Fukushima Scary Nuclear Cover-up in U.S.A and Japan Says Gundersen

Nuclear Powers, inevitable fail in Solar Flare, #Fukushima Update

10/31/12 Costs and Consequences of the #Fukushima Daiichi Disaster


10/17/13 #Fukushima Protester who was Jailed for 21 days Speaks out

.@ENENews 4/10/13
Extraordinary 35 sq. mile ‘mega-pod’ of dolphins related to sea lion deaths in California?

.@ENENews 3/24/13
Scientist: Birth defects/deaths and increased cancers around nuclear sites

.@ENENews 3/17/13
TV: Historic number of sea lions washing up in S. California — Has reached “epidemic proportions” — Center declares state of emergency — Feds: “There’s something going on oceanographically” (VIDEO)

#Fukushima: A Demonic Chain Reaction (by Kevin Kamps)

How #fukushima cover up and fatalities in american
(Starts with Obama’s promise that we’re safe 🤔)

9/26/12 On #Fukushima Beach – Must See Documentary

9/19/12 Rain with 20,000,000 particles of radioactive iodine-131 per liter fell on US during post-#Fukushima peak (VIDEO)

9/18/12 Kitakyushu city government started internet censorship to begin radioactive debris incineration

.@ENENews 9/19/12
Rain w/20,000,000 particles radioactive iodine-131/liter fell on US during post-#Fukushima peak

9/7/12 #Fukushima was not prepared to explored and melt down.

.@ENENews 7/30/12
57-year-old former chief of Fukushima plant had brain hemorrhage after becoming ill while out last Thursday — “Symptoms are serious” says Tepco — Hemorrhagic syndromes increased 9-fold after Chernobyl

Fukushima: The FINAL REPORT~What Went Wrong? Everything! Update 7/23/12

.@ENENews 6/19/12
Local Official: Visible hot mass floated in air and fell for hours after Reactor 3 exploded — “Top secret images” of black smoke falling — Diluted version may have reached Tokyo

.@ENENews 5/31/12
Forbes: Radiation in California bluefin tuna may be a blessing for conservation

Former head of Japan’s #1 newspaper worked with CIA to promote nuclear power

.@ENENews 5/30/12
California TV: Seafood industry CEO: “stay away from bluefin tuna”

5/29/12 TEPCO Unaware of Hidden Danger of #Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool 4

.@ENENews 5/28/12
Scientists: “Absolutely every one” of bluefin tunas tested from S. California was contaminated with Fukushima radiation — “We were definitely surprised to see it at all – and even more surprised to see it in every one we measured”

.@ENENews 5/8/12
INHALING just *ONE* radioactive hot particle can cause cancer

.@ENENews 4/18/12
Bird Study: “Increases in frequency of selective deaths due to mutations” as consequence of Fukushima — “Results suggest significant mortality costs of low-dose radiation” — 0.05 microSv/h considered contaminated

.@ENENews 3/29/12
Study: Fukushima radiation plume contacted North America at California ‘with greatest exposure in central and southern California’

.@ENENews 3/17/12
Miles O’Brien: Big spike in birth defects after Chernobyl

.@DrDurnford 3/20/17
The difference between #Chernobyl vs #Fukushima

.@ENENews 3/17/12
Professor: Clear that low-level contamination is probably more dangerous than single dose — Grasshoppers with deformed wings, gray eyes not red — Birds with abnormal sperm, strange large tumors (VIDEO)

NYTimes 2/10/12
#Fukushima: A Confused Nuclear Cleanup

1/25/12 Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

mosquitons 1/17/12
A Message to the World from the People of Japan

TEPCO Says It ‘No Longer Owns’ Fukushima Fallout

.@ENENews 12/13/11
“Increased cancer, leukemia, genetic disease in Japan & Northern Hemisphere”

12/11/11 Nuclear Agencies Are Wholly Controlled By (and Serve) the Nuclear Industry … Just Like the Fed Is Owned By (and Serves) Its Member Banks


12/13/11 Radiation Expert: “North America has received quite a large fallout” — “Incredible increase in cancer, leukemia, genetic disease… Not just in Japan but in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly North America” (VIDEO)

12/23/11 “Nuclear Can Be Safe Or It Can Be Cheap … But It Can’t Be Both”


11/12/11 Engineers Knew Fukushima Might Be Unsafe, But Covered It Up … And Now the Extreme Vulnerability of NEW U.S. Plants Is Being Covered Up


Yoichi Shimatsu 10/2/11
Secret US-Israeli Nuke Transfers Led To #Fukushima Blasts

9/10/11 U. of Texas researchers: #Fukushima release “so great” that radioactive aerosols in Washington were up to 100,000 normal

.@ENENews 9/10/11
#Fukushima released more radioactive xenon than #Chernobyl

.@RealGeoEngWatch 9/7/11
#Fukushima Is Continually Blasting All Of Us


NEJM 6/16/11
Short-Term and Long-Term Health Risks of Nuclear-Power-Plant Accidents

.@ENENews 6/5/11
Top #Cancer Doc: Nuclear radiation is the most carcinogenic thing that exists

5/31/11 Fukushima meltdown – Caldicott says Japan may become uninhabitable – media silent–caldicott-says-japan-may-become-uninhabitable–media-silent,3442

5/24/11 The Severity of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster: Comparing Chernobyl and Fukushima

David Donovan 5/31/11
#Fukushima meltdown – Caldicott says Japan may become uninhabitable – media silent–caldicott-says-japan-may-become-uninhabitable–media-silent,3442#.WKJiRMM3Vih.twitter

.@ENENews 4/15/11
Enraged nuclear expert: “I’m personally furious at the government for this misleading information” that downplays ingesting milk with iodine-131


4/15/11 Radiation disease – here are the symptoms and causes


.@DrHCaldicott 4/11/11
How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation


4/9/11 Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown, the Economic Meltdown, and the Gulf Oil Meltdown All Happened for the SAME REASON

The death-streams recorded by Canadian Govt depositing death plumes 9 days later around entire coast BC Canada and it has continued for over 1100 days

4/15/11 Radiation disease – here are the symptoms and causes

.@ENENews 4/6/11
Doctor: Fukushima’s effects may be worse than those suffered in Chernobyl — “Anti-radiation” herbs like turmeric can help

4/5/11 EPA to raise limits for radiation exposure while Canada turns off fallout detectors

Fairewinds 4/3/11
2 Workers Found Dead In #Fukushima Unit & Inadvertent Criticality In Reactor Unit 1

3/30/11 Japanese Seismologist in 2004 on Risk of Nuclear Accident: “It’s Like a Kamikaze Terrorist Wrapped in Bombs Just Waiting to Explode”


3/27/11 More Illegally Dumped Radioactive Waste Found on #Somalia’s Coast

.@ENENews 3/22/11
Comparisons with X-rays and CT scans “meaningless” — Inhaling particles increases radiation exposure by “a factor of a trillion” says expert

.@DrHCaldicott 3/18/11
#Japan’s #Fukushima nuclear power plant update! Millions will die! Real news not being reported

3/18/11 Fukushima Report from United States Nuclear Regulatory Agency Declassified:

3/17/11 #Fukushima nuclear plant owner falsified inspection records


3/17/11 Japanese power companies hid nuclear safety problems: WikiLeaks


NYTimes 3/15/11
Experts Had Long Criticized Potential Weakness in Design of Stricken Reactor


March 2011
#Fukushima And Everything You Want To Know About Radiation

#Fukushima #Chernobyl
Ian Fairlie et al. 6/4/2006
The other Report on Chernobyl (TORCH)

Misc Links

#GeoEngineering .@danieltowsey ➖➖➖
The #Fukushima Radiation Tree Reports

.@OrganicSlant Organic Slant Band 9/30/16
🎶Quest: Song about Dana Durnford (@DrDurnford)

Please sign and RT
No Olympics or Paralympics in Radioactive #Fukushima!

Please sign and RT
Demand #Japan take immediate action to clean up #Fukushima


Erik Behrens1, Franziska U Schwarzkopf1, Joke F Lübbecke2 and Claus W Böning1 7/9/2012
Model simulations on the long-term dispersal of 137Cs released into the Pacific Ocean off #Fukushima;

#Fukushima #NorthAmerica
5/2/14 The Petaku Effect

The Petaku Effect

Arnie Gundersen: The Season of Nuclear Disaster–Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, #Fukushima. Wed. 4/5/17 (Reg)

Chernobyl Heart (Documentary)

Collapse of Pacific Salmon run

.@OrganicSlant 5/28/17
#Fukushima Is Like Driving In The Fog (Poem 👍)

.@The_Insurgent_ 6/6/17
🎶#Fukushima (Global Contamination) – Hypnotized

The Insurgency 3/11/17
🎶Just Another Day

.@KondoToshinori 3/11/17
🎶Toshinori Kondo “Blow The Earth” In Naraha, #Fukushima, Japan.近藤等則 ”地球を吹くin Naraha”

#Fukushima #NoNukes
Every nuclear power reactor dumps radioactive water, particles, and gases

8/9/13 #Fukushima Radiation Leak Update from President #Obama

.@Wikileaks 7/31/15
#NSA “Target #Tokyo” #Japan


Fukushima News

#Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network

Nuclear Information and Resource Center

.@HatrickPenry: “PlumeGate Something Wicked This Way Comes”
(Hatrick Penry disappeared in 2016)

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

Ken Jorgustin 3/18/11
Geiger Counter Numbers, How Bad is Bad?

The Wigner Effect (Videos)

RadChick 3/11/17
#Fukushima 6 Year We Are Power (Ft. John Trudell)

8/26/13 #Fukushima The Coming Global Disaster

3/15/17 Anonymous – Biggest Threat to Humanity and Earth… (#Fukushima LEAK 2017-2018)

2/13/17 #Fukushima: Beyond Urgent

2/3/17 Fukushima: Beyond Urgent (when will we start seeing increased cancer?)

A Time-Lapse Map of Every #Nuclear Explosion 1945-2010 – by Isao Hashimoto

Reuters 2016
Media Coverage of Radioactivity and its Health Implications in the #Fukushima nuclear disaster


There is No Safe Dose of Ionizing Radiation

Dr. Ian Fairlie 7/25/14
Childhood #Leukemias Near #Nuclear Power Stations

Risks to Women and Children from Nuclear Reactors

.@o_rips 10/21/15
Radiation Sensors in Major U.S. Cities Turned Off By EPA

.@o_rips 12/11/15
Declassified U.S. Gov. Report #Fukushima: “100% of Spent Fuel Was Released into Atmosphere Unit 4”

Bob Nichols Said WHAT About Your Radiation This Week !?!

Action for Japan and the Earth

Freeze Our #Fukushimas


#Fukushima #WA #Hanaford
.@TruthOut 3/30/17
“It’s a Cover-Up, Not a Clean-Up”: Nuclear Waste Smolders in Sites Across the US

#Fukushima #USNuclearLeaking #NY
.@o_rips 2/9/16
Indian Point: The Most Dangerous Nuclear Power Plant In the US Leaking Tritium Into The Water

MsMilkytheclown1 2/23/16
Chernobyl on the Hudson (Indian Point #NYC Disaster)

Fairewinds Energy Education

Helen Caldicott

The Nuclear Proctologist (@DrDurnford )

#Fukushima: The Extinction-Level Event That No One Is Talking About

The Japan Times, New York Times announce publishing agreement for Japan (ie be cautious of #FakeNews)


Beyond Nuclear

Karl Grossman 2015
“What you’re not supposed to know about #NuclearPower” (free download)

Fukushima Watch

Radiation Science

Fukushima Exposed


#NuclearPower #Fukushima
.@ChrisLynnHedges et al. 1/23/17
Thirty Seconds To Annihilation – The Final Wake Up Call

#Fukushima – The Untouchable Eco-Apocalypse No One is Talking About

38 Years & 5 Nuclear Meltdowns Later: The REAL Lessons from #ThreeMileIsland

.@zerohedge 10/2/16
#Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire #Pacific Ocean (And It’s Going To Get Worse)


3/14/17 Fate Of #Fukushima No. 2 Nuclear Plant Remains Unknown 🤔


#Fukushima Articles

Articles: Homelessness in America

.@activistpost 5/1/17
Hundreds Suffer As City Shuts Down Church For Helping The #Homeless

4/1/17 As homeless shelter closes for season, guests exit into cold, wet April snow

.@TheDailySheeple 3/13/17
SWAT Team Destroys Innocent Family’s Home Looking for Unarmed Homeless Man

.@MattAgorist 3/13/17
Horrifying Precedent — Court Rules Cops Can Allow Dogs to Maul Innocent People

3/12/17 Depression-Level Unemployment in America. Phony Labor Department Jobs Reports

.@ChrisLynnHedges 3/12/17
On Contact: The Plight of the Underclass with Linh Dinh

Feb 2017 Lanette Homeless #Veteran #California

2/28/17 A Crackdown on the Poor and Hungry

2/27/17 How One Man Spent 575 Days (and $43,000 in Tax Dollars) In Jail For Trespassing

2/27/17 Navy veteran says he’s forced to live in a storage unit

2/24/17 Third Push for Homeless Bill of Rights in #Colorado Legislature

#Tucson #AZ
2/13/17 Student Being Investigated For Giving Free Haircuts to the Homeless

2/6/17 #Portland in a Storm: A Case Study of Confronting the Human Impacts of Abrupt #ClimateChange #Homelessness

1/30/17 Crises Hidden in Plain Sight: #Homelessness and Housing Affordability

1/29/17 Restaurant Charges the Rich, Feeds the #Homeless for Free #Spain

.@TFTProject 1/28/17
‘F**k this Guy, I’m Going to Hit Him’ — Cops Kill Homeless Man on Video, Get No Charges #CA

1/27/17 Bolted Vents Spell Trouble For Homeless People Trying To Stay Warm

.@TFTProject 1/22/17
Cop’s Body Cam Catches Him Sadistically Tase Homeless Man While He Was Surrendering

#Portland #OR
1/19/17 Newborn dies after being born to #homeless mother in freezing cold temperatures

.@TheDailySheeple 1/18/17
#WarOnTheHomeless Continues: College President Fired for Helping Homeless Student

.@TeodroseFikre 1/17/17
Silent Salute: Veterans and Soldiers of Love

1/17/17 Trade school fires president after he let homeless student stay in library during sub-zero weather

1/11/17 Four #homeless people die of exposure in #Portland #OR in first 10 days of 2017

1/10/17 Tiny Houses Are a Big Help for Homeless People in #Seattle

.@MattAgorist 1/9/17
Watch As #FL #Cops Raid Charity, Arrest 7 Volunteers For Feeding The #Homeless

1/9/17 Food Not Bombs Activists Arrested For Feeding #Homeless In Public Park

1/8/17 Record 95,102,000 Americans not in labor force; unemployment rate more like 30%

.@MattAgorist 1/6/17
VIDEO: Cops Take One-Legged Homeless Man’s Stuff — Including His Crutches — And Trash It

12/30/16 To Combat #Homelessness, Cities Install Meters Designed to #KeepMoneyFromTheHomeless

.@Claudia_Stauber 12/29/16
WE can do anything we put our minds to, let’s really help homeless people!

12/28/16 1 in 3 Students in City Next to #SiliconValley #CA Are Homeless

12/27/16 Attack on #StLouis #Homeless Sneaks Under a Dark Cloud

12/25/16 #America has unofficially declared #WarOnTheHomeless

12/24/16 Unhappy Holidays: #Houston, #TX #Police Force #Homeless People to Throw Away Food

12/23/16 America Has Unofficially Declared #War on the #Homeless

12/23/16 #Baltimore County drops $12K fine against church for helping homeless

.@Claudia_Stauber 12/22/16
Homelessness, most of us have no idea what it feels like!

12/16/16 #Denver #CO’s #WarOnHomeless

.@LeeCamp 12/16/16
Breaking Election Fraud Info, Police Take Blankets From Homeless, Trump’s Climate Witch Hunt

12/10/16 VIDEO: What Being Innocent and Homeless Looks Like In a Police State

11/5/16 3,000 Homeless People Denied Food As City Forces Charity to Bleach the Food and Throw it In Dumpster

9/23/16 Bill Clinton’s crime policies left many poor people with only two options: prison, or homelessness.

9/4/16 Homeless Mother Who Sent Six-Year-Old Son To Better School In The Wrong Town Sent To Prison For Five Years

5/19/15 A McDonald’s Bars Customer from Buying Meal for Homeless Person

MotherJones 11/13/14
Is Giving Food to the Homeless Illegal in Your City Too?

Articles: Homelessness in America

#NoWar Articles

Appendix (Veterans and Additional Information) at the bottom

The United States is running at least 7 wars (it could be as much as 9) and has special forces in 130 countries around the world, including drone bases in Africa and droning operations in 33 African countries.  We have staged military coups in countries such as Russia, Libya, Ukraine, and Brazil.  Now Tillerman wants a coup in Venezuela and the Trump administration is hinting of regime change in Cuba.

On 4/6/17 we attacked #Syria with 60 patriot missiles over unproven charges.  This has opened up channels for ISIS and moderate terrorists to continue the war in Syria on our behalf.

We are exchanging bellicose rhetoric with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.  In the meantime, poverty, mass incarceration, and the continued poisoning of the water, food, and air in our country fuel social unrest which is quelled with a sea of diversionary propaganda and militarized police forces. WAR HELPS NOBODY BUT THE GLOBAL 1%.

Christopher Coyne 7/21/12
War Is Still a Racket

“War is man at his lowest denomination.”
— Jesse Ventura (@GovJVentura)

Stop&Think 3/15/17
Why you shouldn’t Trust the Mainstream Media

3/22/17 How the US Bullshits the country into Accepting War

3/17/17 Stop & Think — Corporate MSM Narrative Shifts To Maintain War

A Time-Lapse Map of Every #Nuclear Explosion 1945-2010 – by Isao Hashimoto

12/27/16 Network Movie 1976 – full movie

#WhatWillNuclearAnnihilationBeLike? Watch this:
.@ChrisLynnHedges et al. 1/23/17
Thirty Seconds To Annihilation – The Final Wake Up Call

3/25/16 The Wigner Effect *Full Interview*

.@JasonDitz 3/30/17
Pentagon: You Don’t Need to Know How Many Troops We Have in #Iraq, #Syria

.@MintPressNews 3/28/17
The #Israeli Plan To Capitalize On #Syria’s Civil War


Richard Sisk 4/20/17
Citing Vietnam, Mattis Won’t Do ISIS Body Counts

3/13/17 Trump Gave CIA Secret New Authority to Launch Drone Strikes

.@RonPaul 3/13/17
New Rules Of Engagement: More Authority To The Generals

Learn About HAARP and the Sky Heaters!

.@globalzero 7/9/15
How many nukes would it take to render Earth uninhabitable?:



More Syria and Yemen articles:

.@CRG_CRM 1/30/17
Global Warfare: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”


#SyriaStrikes #WWIII #Syria
StormCloudsGathering 9/11/12
The Road to World War 3

#SyriaStrikes #WWIII
StormCloudsGathering 9/3/13
The #Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told


7/2/17 #Syria is plagued with radioactive contamination Dr Leuren Moret

.@MintPressNews 6/29/17
Israel Strikes Syrian Army in ‘Desperate Attempt’ to Aid Al-Qaeda In Golan Heights

.@SaneProgressive 5/26/17
@VanessaBeeley On White Helmets, #Syria

.@JasonDitz 5/25/17
#Syria: US Airstrikes Kill 16 Civilians, Including 5 Children


.@CRG_CRM 5/24/17
Disturbing #Manchester Blast Aftermath. Draconian Security Measures


.@AntiMedia 5/24/17
The Mainstream Media’s Shamefully Hypocritical Coverage of the #Syria War


.@PaulCraigRobert 5/23/17
Truth Has Become Un-American


.@airwars 5/23/17
International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: April 2017


.@VanessaBeeley 5/23/17
US Rebrands Al Qaeda in #Syria and ‘Omits’ to add to Terror watchlist


.@NatCounterPunch 5/23/17
Can Trump Salvage His Presidency in #Syria’s War? (the ugly and terrifying truth)

.@JasonDitz 5/21/17
Mattis: Escalation of ISIS War Doesn’t Threaten Civilians


.@MintPressNews 5/17/17
NSA To Expand Surveillance Of U.S., Foreign Elections Over “Russian Hacker” Fears


.@telesurenglish 5/17/17
US Has Budgeted $49M for Venezuelan Right-Wing Since 2009


.@chinahand 5/17/17
One Belt One Road and Two Wars? #China Spars with #NorthKorea and #India

.@blkagendareport ‏5/16/17
UNAC and Black Alliance for Peace Blast U.S. Subversion of #Venezuela

.@RonPaul 5/16/17
‘#Russia gate’ — National Security Threat…Or Just Politics?

.@PaulCraigRobert 5/16/17
#Saudi legal expert accuses US Government of 9/11 attack as pretext to perpetual war


.@kurt_nimmo 5/15/17
US Intel Blame Wannacry Ransomware Attack on #NorthKorea


.@RT_com 5/15/17
Cholera in #Yemen: 1,000s infected in outbreak, state of emergency declared in Sanaa

.@21WIRE 5/15/17
Is #SaudiArabia Bombing Its Own Citizens?

.@JasonDitz 5/15/17
US Airstrike Kills 23 #Syrian Civilians Near #Iraq Border

.@NatCounterPunch 5/15/17
As Trump Cozies Up to Saudi Arabia, War With #Iran Becomes More Likely


.@NewsBud_ 5/14/17
If the U.S. Attacks, #Russia Will Support #NorthKorea

.@JasonDitz 5/14/17
In #Turkey, New Demands for US to Be Expelled From Incirlik Air Base


.@Strateg_Culture 5/13/17
President Trump Orders to Arm #Syrian Kurds


.@DefenseOne 5/13/17
CIA Opens a New Office To Watch #NorthKorea

.@AfshinRattansi 5/13/17
#Yemen’s famine of Biblical proportions

Anonymous 5/13/17
You have The Right To Know The Truth! (#WWIII 2017-2018)

Why do #NorthKoreans hate us?

“#NorthKorea is sitting upon the world’s largest deposit of rare earth metals”

.@dahboo7 5/13/17
#NorthKorea Just Test-Fired Another Ballistic Missile

.@ZeroHedge 5/13/17
#NorthKorea Test-Fires Another Ballistic Missile

.@Strateg_Culture 5/12/17
Holier-Than-Thou: How US Mainstream Media Rebuke Foreign Leaders


.@Strateg_Culture 5/12/17
NATO to Boost Military Presence in #Afghanistan Again: Mission Impossible


.@CRG_CRM 5/12/17
#Somalia War Intensifies While Nation on Verge of Famine


.@PaulCraigRobert 5/12/17
F. William Engdahl Says the Elites Plan to Control Us Also by Controlling the Food Supply


.@JasonDitz 5/11/17
#SouthKorea President Wants to Limit US Sanctions on North


.@RonPaul 5/11/17
Arming The Kurds – A Dangerous Idea

.@yournewswire 5/9/17
Marine Le Pen: The #France Election Was Rigged


.@PaulCraigRobert 5/11/17
Are You Ready to Die?


.@CRG_CRM 5/11/17
Theodore Postol: No, the “New” CNN Video of Chemical Incident Does Not Prove that #Syria Gov Did It


.@CRG_CRM 5/11/17
The Silent Slaughter of the US Air War


.@SaneProgressive 5/11/17
Honesty as BASELINE for political support as People’s representation. Radical

.@CRG_CRM 5/10/17
US Sponsored “Regime Change” in #Venezuela is Now Official. US National Security Advisor McMaster Calls for a “Quick, Peaceful Solution”

.@caitoz 5/9/17
Proof That Your Government Is Lying To You And The Media Is Helping Them

.@JasonDitz 5/9/17
Pentagon Wants US Troops in #Afghanistan Closer to Front Lines


.@CRG_CRM 5/9/17
US (Assholes) Says We Fly Where We Want in #Syria

.@CRG_CRM 5/9/17
The 1989 Tiananmen Square “Massacre”. What Happened?


.@joinwakeupworld 5/8/17
Nuclear Experimentation Year 72 – Collectivism Over Common Sense


.@dahboo7 5/8/17
US Military Running Recon Flights Near #NorthKorea’s Southern Border

.@RonPaul 5/8/17
Trump’s First Trip: Will He ‘Stabilize’ The #MiddleEast?

.@GDLGeopolitics 5/8/17
@PaulCraigRobert: USA is Ready to Nuke #China and #Russia

.@CRG_CRM 5/8/17
Netanyahu Government Debates Evicting United Nations from Jerusalem in Wake of Scathing UNESCO Resolution


.@JasonDitz 5/7/17
Pentagon Ramps Up Space Warfare Spending


Roger Simmons 5/7/17
Sonic boom rattles Central #Florida. Secret military space shuttle lands at Kennedy Space Center

.@NewsBud_ 5/7/17
Hot This Week! From Russia vs NATO, The Syria Conflict, To North Korea Escalation Plus Turkey & US

Peter Korzun 5/7/17
US Senate Pushes Through Anti-#Iran Bill


.@NewsBud_ 5/7/17
NATO Gearing up for Regime Change in #Russia with False Flag Operations?

Joseph Thomas 5/7/17
#FakeNews: Asia’s “Autocrats” Vs Asia’s Autocrats


.@CRG_CRM 5/7/17
Macron Claims He Was Hacked, Alleged Macron Involvement in Tax Free Offshore Haven


.@CRG_CRM 5/7/17
Pentagon Intends Continued Aerial Operations in #Syria De-Escalation Zones

.@CRG_CRM 5/7/17
THAAD Rocket Fuel: Likely Ground Water Contamination Coming to Seongju, #SouthKorea


.@MiddleEastEye 5/6/17
Syrian safe zones agreement in full

.@PaulCraigRobert 5/6/17
How Information Is Controlled by Washington, Israel, and Trolls, Leading to Our Destruction


.@PaulCraigRobert 5/5/17
Sauron Rules in Washington


.@JasonDitz 5/5/17
US Carrier Parked Off #Iran Complains #Iranian Surveillance a ‘Nuisance’


.@JasonDitz 5/5/17
US Dismisses Ban on Aircraft Over #Syrian Safe Zones


.@JasonDitz 5/5/17
#SaudiArabia, US in Talks on Billions in Arms Sales


.@MintPressNews 5/5/17
Whitewashing An Extremist Kingdom: Corporate Pundits Shill For #SaudiArabia


.@JasonDitz 5/5/17
.@RonPaul says Pre-emptive War Is a Pandora’s Box


“I am still convinced that the American people, if they know the truth, are not warmongers”
— @RonPaul

Jon Letman 5/4/17
#Kauai #HI Quietly Expanding Military Role

.@RonPaul 5/4/17
#Syria Safe Zones Declared: Will The Killing Finally End?

.@JasonDitz 5/4/17
Pentagon Seeks to Link #Iran, #NorthKorea Citing ‘Similar Looking’ Missiles


#Syria #ClimateWarfare
Dane Wigington 4/5/17
False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack Pushes WWlll, While Global Geoengineering Omnicide Continues


.@21WIRE 5/5/17
#SYRIA: The White Helmet Propaganda Heist – @VanessaBeeley Speaks to Rhymes Media Group

.@VanessaBeeley 5/5/17
#SYRIA: Aleppo Based Journalist, Khaled Iskef, Exposes White Helmets as Nusra Front Civil Defence

.@ZeroHedge 5/4/17
Al-Jazeera Said To Film False Flag Chemical Attack Against #Syrian Civilians


.@PaulCraigRobert 5/4/17
What the #NorthKorean “Crisis” is Really About. Pretext to Nuke Both #Russia and #China?


.@telesurenglish 5/4/17
Maduro – Indestructible Loyalty

.@Strateg_Culture 5/4/17
The Deep History of US, Britain’s Never-Ending Cold War On #Russia


.@chinahand 5/3/17
Plan Trump: If #NorthKorea Doesn’t Give Up Its Nukes…We Screw #China!

.@CRG_CRM 5/3/17
Breaking. #Russia Setting Up Military Installations in Northeastern #Syria, in YPG-Held Area

.@ZeroHedge 5/3/17
In Latest Warning To #NorthKorea, US Releases Video Of Overnight Minuteman III ICBM Launch


.@CRG_CRM 5/3/17
U.S. to Launch Another Provocative Minuteman III ICBM Test, Amidst Accusations Directed against #NorthKorea


.@ZeroHedge 5/3/17
#NorthKorea Threatens #China With “Grave Consequences” Over “Betrayal”


.@MattAgorist 5/3/17
US Launches ICBM and Releases Video Of It Amid Rising N. Korea Tensions


.@FifthColumnNews 5/3/17
Senior UN Official warns of destabilizing consequences in increasingly overlooked crisis in #Mali


.@21WIRE 5/3/17
#Syrian Crisis: Western Military Intervention Compromised After White Helmets ‘Sarin’ Scam


.@FifthColumnNews 5/3/17
Surging Corruption in #Afghanistan


.@activistpost 5/3/17
New Developments Suggest Potential False Flag Coming In #Syria


.@JasonDitz 5/2/17
#NorthKorea Says US Bomber Flights Risk Nuclear War


.@JasonDitz 5/2/17
#SouthKorea’s Likely Next President Warns US Not to Meddle in Nation’s Democracy


.@FifthColumnNews 5/2/17
Erdogan tests Trump with attack on #Syrian Kurds


.@FifthColumnNews 5/2/17
Al-Qaeda Admits to Being a US Ally in #Yemen

.@RonPaul 5/2/17
Liberty Report: US To Slap #Iran With New Sanctions


.@JasonDitz 5/2/17
Alarm Grows in Washington as Saudi Coalition Attack on #Yemen Port Appears Imminent


.@21WIRE 5/2/17
Live from #Syria: ‘Everything we’ve been told by MSM is a LIE’

.@JasonDitz 5/2/17
Survivors Describe US Airstrike That Killed Hundreds in Mosul


.@JasonDitz 5/2/17
Saudi Land Push in #Yemen Would Cause Heavy Casualties: DM


.@EricZuesse 5/2/17
America’s Rapacious Aristocracy and #WorldWarIII


.@GowansStephen “Washington’s Long War on #Syria” 5/2/17
Real Defenders of Democracy: #Syria & Struggle against Wall Street’s International Despotism


.@CRG_CRM 5/2/17
Selected Articles: US-NATO Attacks against #Syria Geared Towards “Regime Change”

.@CRG_CRM 5/2/17
The Existential Question of Whom to Trust: “The Looming Threat of #WorldWarIII”


.@CRG_CRM 5/2/17
NATO Terrorism in #Syria


.@CRG_CRM 5/2/17
Let’s Call Western Media Coverage of #Syria by Its Real Name: Propaganda


.@RT_com 5/2/17
‘US has repeatedly rejected #NorthKorean offers to make de-nuclearization deal’

.@RT_com 5/2/17
WaPo, State Paper, admits protesters are paid, doesn’t care.

.@RT_com 5/2/17
#Saudis now fully own America’s biggest oil refinery

.@ZeroHedge 5/2/17
Senate Quietly Drops #Russian Sanctions Bill, Focuses On #Iran Crackdown #ExitRussiaEnterIran

.@NewsBud_ 5/2/17
Newsbud Exclusive- Western Kremlinoia & the Rise of Eurasia

Andrew Cheetham 5/2/17
Al-Qaida leader says group fought alongside US-backed forces in #Yemen

.@RT_com 5/2/17
China demands ‘immediate’ halt to #THAAD deployment in South #Korea

Peter Van Buren 5/1/17
Nooooooooooooooo! #Iraq Asks US for Marshall Plan Reconstruction Funds


.@RT_com 5/1/17
US-#Turkey relations deteriorate over Kurdish question

.@EricZuesse 5/1/17
Bigoted Americans Far More Supportive of War Against #Syria


.@TheDailySheeple 5/1/17
Photos from #Syria show White Helmets and Nusra/Qaeda Are the Same Organization

.@CRG_CRM 5/1/17
Responsible Actions Needed to Ensure Peace on the #Korean Peninsula


.@RussiaInsider 5/1/17
Lavrov Dismantles UK-Led Sarin ‘Investigation’ in 30 Seconds


.@kurt_nimmo 5/1/17
Geopolitical Report: #Iran in the Crosshairs

.@CRG_CRM 5/1/17
Video: U.S. Crimes of Genocide against #NorthKorea


.@CRG_CRM 5/1/17
US Deploys Troops and Armored Vehicles “Inside #Syria”, Close to Turkish Border

.@SputnikInt 5/1/17
Off to a Good Start: Fake Tickets and Other Scandals Around #Ukraine’s Eurovision


.@dahboo7 5/1/17
#NorthKorea Warns of More Atomic Tests, Will Boost Nuke Arsenal at ‘Maximum Speed’

SputnikNews 5/1/17
‘Underwater Ghost’: Pyongyang Threatens to Sink US Navy Submarine

.@JasonDitz 4/30/17
McMaster: US Will Pay for South Korea Missile Defense System


.@kurt_nimmo 4/30/17
#SaudiArabia is the Top Sponsor of Terrorism, Not #Iran

.@dahboo7 4/30/17
What Did #Russia Do While Over US? Officials Say They Violated Open Skies Treaty, Silent On Details

.@GowansStephen 4/30/17
The Real Defenders of Democracy: #Syria and the Struggle against the International Despotism of Wall Street

.@telesurenglish 4/30/17
#Russia Invites Media to Tour Military Expansion in #Arctic


.@telesurenglish 4/30/17
#Bolivia’s Evo Morales Criticizes How the OAS is Manipulated


.@PressTV 4/30/17
Trump ‘built up conditions for aggressive war’ with #NorthKorea


.@dahboo7 4/30/17
#Arctic Battle Heats Up After Trump Signs Executive Order

.@CRG_CRM 4/30/17
35 Million-Strong Strike Against Temer’s Neoliberal Reforms Brings #Brazil to a Halt


.@CRG_CRM 4/30/17
America’s War Crimes against the People of #Korea

.@kurt_nimmo 4/30/17
Trump is Running out of Bombs


SputnikNews 4/29/17
According to the #Russian Foreign Ministry, the US accuses Russia of alleged non-compliance with the Treaty on Open Skies but keeps silence on its own violations.

.@JournalNEO 4/29/17
#Yemen – the New Graveyard Where Empires Come to Die


.@dahboo7 4/29/17
#NorthKorea Threatens #Israel with ‘Merciless, Thousand-Fold Punishment’

.@dahboo7 4/29/17
All Hell Breaks Loose In #Brazil As First General Strike In 21 Years Paralyzes Nation

.@ConsortiumNews 4/29/17
Team Trump Lines Up with #Israel

.@RT_com 4/29/17
US troops deployed at #Syrian border to prevent Turkish & Kurdish forces clashes

.@RT_com 4/29/17
US Marines return to #Afghanistan’s Helmand province for first time since 2014

.@RT_com 4/30/17
Pope Francis warns ‘future of humanity’ depends on diplomatic resolution of #NorthKorean crisis


.@RT_com 4/29/17
Hundreds protest US base construction in #Japan, year after woman killed by US marine (VIDEO)


.@RT_com 4/29/17
Joint US-S. #Korea naval drills start in Sea of #Japan amid tensions around Korean peninsula


.@EricMargolis 4/29/17
Prez Trump: You can’t fight the whole world


.@dahboo7 4/29/17
Trump Slams Lil Kim’s Failed Test Launch, Warns Situation Is Bad

.@CRG_CRM 4/29/17
Mass Movement in #SouthKorea against #THAAD Missile Deployment

.@21WIRE 4/29/17
38 Dead Fighters So Far from Terrorist Infighting Around East Ghouta, Damascus


.@samueloakford 4/28/17
U.S. signals possible airstrikes in #Somalia by asking aid groups for their locations


.@RT_com 4/28/17
Trump wants S. #Korea to foot $1bn #THAAD bill, Seoul says no

Ulson Gunnar 4/28/17
#French “Investigation” in #Syria Neither Impartial nor Independent


.@PaulCraigRobert 4/28/17
Washington Plans to Nuke #Russia and #China


Jeremiah Jones 4/28/17
USS Mahan Fires Warning Flare At #Iranian Ship Off Iranian Coast


.@JasonDitz 4/28/17
US Deploys Troops in NE #Syria as ‘Buffer’ Between Kurds, #Turkey


.@Subversive_Pen 4/28/17
In One Year, Opiates Killed Ten Times as Many Americans as ALL Terror Attacks in Last 20 Years


.@McClatchyDC 4/28/17
Here’s the sad news of what ‘mother of all bombs’ did for U.S. fight in #Afghanistan


.@ZeroHedge 4/28/17
Sec Tillerson Makes Case to UN for Action Against #NorthKorea : “The United States Cannot Stand Idly By”


.@ZeroHedge 4/28/17
Here’s Who NATO Will Probably Be Fighting If There’s A #WorldWarIII


.@CRG_CRM 4/28/17
Endless Atrocities: The US Role in Creating the #NorthKorean Fortress-State


.@CRG_CRM 4/28/17
Pentagon Uses Illicit Arms Trafficking to Channel Weapons into #Syria Terrorists


.@CRG_CRM 4/28/17
America’s Hype over WMD: Five Invasion Plots, Three Continents, Identical Lies

.@FifthColumnNews 4/28/17
#Venezuela Unrest Caused by US Hybrid Warfare – Defense Minister


.@FAIRMediaWatch 4/28/17
WaPo’s David Ignatius’ 15 Years of Running Spin for #Saudi Regime

.@caitoz 4/28/17
Say Hello To The Best Parody Account On Twitter @AmenaShaladi 🤗

.@telesurenglish 4/28/17
#Venezuela Delivers Letter Formalizing Exit from ‘Coercive’ OAS


.@ConsortiumNews 4/28/17
More @NYTimes ‘Spin’ on the #Syria-Sarin Case


.@dahboo7 4/28/17
#NorthKorea Launches Ballistic Missile Test, Fails Shortly After Launch

.@dahboo7 4/28/17
Trump Warns There Is A Chance Of “A Major, Major Conflict” with #NorthKorea

.@dahboo7 4/28/17
#NorthKorea Seeks ASEAN’s Help to Avert ‘Nuclear Holocaust’

.@dahboo7 4/28/17
Trump Warns There Is A Chance Of “A Major, Major Conflict” with #NorthKorea

.@CRG_CRM 4/28/17
Trump Warns There is a Chance of “A Major, Major Conflict” with #NorthKorea


.@telesurenglish 4/27/17
Who Is Behind the State Department’s Coup Plot in #Venezuela?

.@DefenseOne 4/27/17
Normalizing Illegal Action May Be the Only Lasting Effect of Trump’s #Syria Strike


.@RonPaul 4/27/17
@JulianAssange Speaks Out: The War On The Truth

Tsvetana Paraskova 4/27/17
#Russia’s Power Plant Plans In #Crimea Hit Sanction Snag


.@PaulCraigRobert 4/27/17
Washington Plans to Nuke #Russia and #China