SPP: The Forest Has Eyes

Photo credit: Garry Armstrong

“The forest has eyes.” He smiled at the baby beaver. He squatted in the tall grass and snapped photos as the beavers went in and out of their den underneath the waterfall.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Armstrong

As he gazed at the scene, he noticed a narrow opening in the wall of the ancient temple that stood beside the dam. It looked like the opening to some sort of crypt? Or secret passageway?

Photo Credit: Marilyn Armstrong

He took a flash photo at the entrance and shuddered with horror when he saw the image. A hand reached out from behind him and grabbed the camera, shattering it on the rocks. More hands taped his mouth with duct tape, and he was shoved forward by the muzzle of a rifle into the opening.

The beavers watched the men escort him into the cache. They knew he’d never come out again.

==140 words==

Thank you to Marilyn Armstrong for sponsoring Serendipitous Photo Prompt #9 . We are asked to write a story without boundaries to her prompt(s) (or anything else of our own fancy) and post a link to our story here.

SPP: The Forest Has Eyes

20 thoughts on “SPP: The Forest Has Eyes

  1. Wow. That’s a whole novel in 140 words. I totally love it. Garry loved it too and will answer you separately from his computer so it will come from him rather than me. The pictures really worked with the story. I didn’t know there was an ancient Temple at Manchuag. Who’d have thunk it!

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